The 10 Best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras With Night Vision

Outdoor security cameras are not only for recording, they can prevent insecurity incidences. Mounted with an alarm, these cameras can scare away trespassers. And by so doing, they reinforce your home security 24/7. The key thing here is that the cameras are hidden. Some disguised to appear like normal security bulbs or decorations in the compound, these cameras are tiny but packed with powerful features.

Some of them have inbuilt motion detectors and live feeds capabilities. However, not all hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision have similar features. They differ in terms of waterproof ratings, night vision range among other aspects.

That’s why you need to pay close attention to the model you pick. To get the best hidden outdoor cameras with night vision, you must focus on certain features. In this guide, we provide you with everything you need to know before heading to the store. We have also curated 10 top hidden outdoor cameras with night vision. 

How Do Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras With Night Vision Work

The operations of these cameras vary depending on the technology used. Most of these work by coordinating specialized beams of light and sensors. A camera that uses infrared light emits infrared LED light for the infrared sensors to “see”. 

They also rely on the internet connection to record and transmit footages. It can be wireless or wired internet depending on how you want it. Such a connection allows you to access them remotely through a mobile application. Certain models also use Bluetooth, Z-Wave and other technologies to enable remote access. It’s up to you to decide which technology works best for you.

The 10 Best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras With Night Vision Reviews


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This camera is super amazing and comes with reliable features to provide maximum security all through even when absent. To begin with, it boasts of a 1080p full HD live streaming, allowing the owner to monitor his home and stream from anywhere through the phone.

However, you must download the Wyze app on your gadget. You can also use a two-way audio function when they are live streaming. Therefore, you can speak to both your friends and family through the Wyze app.

On top of that, it allows motion and sound recording with free cloud storage. This means, in case it detects motion or sound, it records a 12-second video clip. After recording, it saves that video for free on the cloud. The video is then stored there for 14 days.

It also allows mobile push notifications. This is to ensure that you get a notification each time it detects around the house. Besides, it works very well with voice control. So, in case you are using Alexa or Google assistant, it is compatible with them.

Getting this camera is a super reliable investment as it keeps you alert at all through even at night. This is thanks to its night vision feature that allows it to see up to 30 feet through the dark. You can also share the streaming access with the people that care. To do this, just download the Wyze app and invite them to your account.


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This is another reliable smart home camera that completely leaves your house secured all through. It has an excellent recording style that records up to certain degrees based on how it’s placed. When in horizontal position, it records up to 360° and up to 93° when it is in a vertical position. Its recording speed is also quite amazing. This is 110°per second rotation speed. Therefore, this allows it to deliver 360 degree coverage in less than three seconds. 

Besides that, it supports voice control. It is very compatible with Amazon’s Alexa as well as google assistant. As if not enough, this camera comes with 6 different infrared LEDs that functions to improve its clarity. Meaning, it has an enhanced night vision that ensures complete night security. Additionally, it allows two ways audio where users can listen talk with their loved ones. Also, it has 1080p full HD live streaming feature to help you see the situation at home from anywhere.

All you need is to do is to download the Wyze app on your phone and you are good to go. In case the camera detects any motion or sound, it records a 12 seconds clip and saves it. The clip is saved on cloud or on its external microSD card storage. Users can also invite friends and loved ones to their account for joint streaming.


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Most people tend to avoid buying home cameras as they think it’s expensive. Although some are expensive, not all as YI security is extremely cheap and reliable. It works by sending an activity alert to the owner’s installed YI home app after detecting any motion around his home.

The alert frequencies are very advanced as they are AI powered and eliminate all false motions caused by flying insects or changes in light. More also, it works with voice control and compatible with Alexa and google assistant. Therefore, you can use Alexa to turn on and switch off the camera for you. 

 On top of that, it records a motion triggered vide whenever there is a foreign motion present. However, when compared to other cameras, its motion triggered clips are shortened to 6 seconds. It also has infrared LEDs that enable it to see during low light conditions.


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Even though this camera retails at a higher price than its counterparts, it has advanced features thus worth every penny. First and foremost, it has a motion recording feature that records a 15-second clip anytime it detects foreign motions. Besides, you can customize motion detection in specific areas for tighter security. This includes places like windows or doors. The videos are then saved on the cloud and users are given 1-month free cloud service.

After buying this camera and installing it, you can now stream everything from your phone. This is through 1080p Full HD nonstop monitoring. Important to note, its installation process is very easy and takes a few minutes to connect the camera to your phone through Zmodo App. Also, it comes with an advanced night vision feature that detects objects that are up to 65 feet away while in the dark.

It’s very ideal for outdoor purposes as it exhibits a weather-resistant nature. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to 50 degrees. Also, it supports voice control. Therefore, you can control it through Alexa or google assistant.


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This is a small compact camera that can secretly be applied anywhere. Besides, it exhibits 1080P Full HD video quality and infrared LEDs for quality night vision. It also allows two ways audio with a built-in speaker and microphone.

In addition, it supports motion-triggered videos. Here it records videos that are ten seconds long whenever it senses foreign motions. Then, it sends an alert message to inform you about the recording. More also, it has a microSD card and iCloud for storage purposes. Its external memory space is expandable up to 128 GB.


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Do you still worry over intruders breaking into your house at night? If so, here is the camera that will rid you off such worries. First off, it has well advanced night vision to see objects in the dark. In precise, 8 infrared LEDs to detect objects up to 32 feet away even in darkness. Apart from that, this camera records crisp videos that are 1080p full HD. Further, its design gives it 110° field of view. Hence, they very suitable for offices, homes and entrances.

In case of any foreign motion, the latter automatically records a 6 seconds clip and saves it up for you. Last but not the least; it is suitable for outdoor purposes with reliable weatherproof nature. Therefore, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -10° to 45° degrees.


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If you are looking for an outdoor wireless security camera that allows you to get vivid pictures of your home, look no further. This model is the best option for you. Unlike other models, this one allows you to see what is around your home at any time. Besides this, it allows you to see up to 65ft at night. Since it comes with an adjustable night vision, you will be able to distinguish colors even when you are in an area with low-light intensity.

The above security camera is weatherproof. Therefore, it will not get damaged even when there are heavy rains. Even if your home experiences winter, this camera will still work well as it supports temperatures as low as -10°C. Besides this, it is imperative to note that this camera works well with Alexa. Here, you will be able to control this camera by word of mouth. For instance, you can tell it ‘Alexa show me the back door,’ and it will exactly do that.

Once the camera is installed, you will not only get live pictures but also video clips in case the camera detects some motion in your home. All the video clips are usually saved in the cloud. You can then view them later once you are free. Generally, this camera system can help optimize the security of your home and give you some peace of mind.

8) YI Security Camera Outdoor

YI Security Camera Outdoor
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To start with, this camera can be very helpful during emergency situations as it can help alert the emergency response team of any imminent danger in your home. This is because all the motion alerts and live video feeds recorded will be sent to this team for immediate action.

Besides this, all the video clips recorded by this camera are Full HD quality. In fact, the images collected here have a high resolution, thereby allowing you to see everything vividly therefore, you can install it outside your home, and it will work well despite the weather conditions. When the camera is in use, you will get motion-activated alerts on your mobile device from time to time. This further allows you to enjoy more convenience.

Since the camera comes with 12-infrared LED Beads, you will be able to see what is happening 50 feet away, even under low-light intensity. Apart from this, the camera comes with a 2-way audio 360° noise-cancelling microphone that helps reduce environmental noise. This way, you will be able to interact with the guest in your home even when you are away. Apart from this, all the video clips recorded by this camera are usually stored safely for future reference.

Finally, the camera comes with a 1-month free trial, where you will have the chance to test its effectiveness. If it does not meet your needs, you can always return it to the manufacturer and get a replacement.


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The security camera mentioned above is equipped with a 2 MP HD lens that allows you to see clear images and videos both day and night. This makes it one of the best security cameras to invest in out there. Besides this, the camera works with Alexa. This feature allows you to instruct it to do several things. For instance, you can instruct it to show you the front door, back door, and so on.

When it comes to night vision, this camera does not disappoint. This is because it comes with 24pcs built-in infrared LED. This feature enables the user to see up to 20 meters at night. Apart from this, the security camera can work well in areas that experience extreme temperatures.

This is because it is made with aluminum alloy, which is both weatherproof and vandal-proof. In fact, it supports temperatures as low as -10°C. Therefore, this camera can work well even in snowy and stormy weather.

Unlike other models, this camera allows you to get real-time notifications in case it detects some motion in your home. All you need to do is to install the Wansview cloud app, and you will be able to get these notifications in real-time. Finally, this camera supports cloud storage. As a result, all the data collected will remain safe as no one can steal or corrupt it.


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First and foremost, this model comes with a rechargeable battery whose capacity is 10400 mAh. This battery can last between 3 to 6 months when it is fully charged. Therefore, it is reliable to use. Apart from this camera is wireless and comes with enhanced antennas. This feature sets it apart from other models out there.

Besides this, the camera comes with an improved PIR motion detection feature that allows it to capture what really matters. As a result, it will not capture the movements of small creatures of moths or even houseflies. Once the camera captures these images and videos, they are usually stored in a micro SD card. If you do not have a micro SD card, this data can be stored in paid cloud storage.

When it comes to night vision, this security camera works wonders. Since it is equipped with 4 infrared lights, it allows you to see clearly in the dark. It is important to note that you can adjust the night vision sensitivity the way you please.

Apart from this, the camera is both vandal-resistant and weatherproof. Therefore, it can withstand harsh weather conditions out there. Finally, the camera comes with an integrated mic and a powerful speaker. With these features, you will be able to speak well with your guests and family members regardless of your location.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras

1) Video Resolution

The quality of your camera recording is very important. Your camera is the eye in your compound when you are away. So, without clear footage, you won’t be able to know what happens or is happening. Hidden cameras are small and their location sometimes can further interfere with clarity. Their quality is lower than the standard cameras. So, you should try and get a camera with at least 720 resolutions.

2) Footage Recording

Different hidden cameras use different methods to capture and store footages. Some cameras are designed to capture only motion-activated footages. Others will record everything continuously. 

The modes of storages are also different. Some cameras use memory cards for storage while others upload their footage to the cloud. You should make sure that you are conversant with the mode of storage used by the camera you intent to buy. Some models also tend to erase the old footages when they run out of space. So, you need to keep a tab on your camera mode of storage.

3) Location

Where do you want to install your camera in the compound? How hidden will it be from the general eyes? You also need to consider factors like the angle of view needed to capture the area you want it to cover.

Compare the installation area and the camera features. For instance, if the camera is motion activated, what do you do to avoid false alarms? This should narrow down your search to a limited number of cameras. Then you can pick the best from the select few.

4) Installation

How easy will it be to install your outdoor security camera? This is an important question you shouldn’t forget to ask yourself. Do you want to install the camera yourself or want to call a professional? It feels good knowing that you are the only person who knows the location of your hidden camera.

Therefore, always consider easy to install wireless outdoor security cameras. These cameras are the best as they require no complicated wiring process.

There are several DIY cameras. Again, there are also very complicated models that need professionals. So, whichever method you choose, you should be sure it’ll work. 

5) Special Features

If you are to get the best from a security camera, you need to get the most feature-rich model. This way, you’ll enjoy all the benefits you can get. There are several special features that you can get in a hidden outdoor security camera. The night vision itself is a special addition to the normal security cameras. Cameras with infrared night vision are the best compared with color night vision.

Other Special Features You Should Look Out For Include

  • A mobile application: A camera mobile App gives you a remote control advantage. Using each camera app, you can stream live footage, rewind, and receive notifications. Also, you may be able to hold conversations with your visitors via two-way audio. 
  • AI detection feature: AI is taking the world by storm. Through AI, your outdoor cameras can differentiate between trespassers and less harmful things. That ability is crucial as it helps to curb false alarms. AI learns common faces and classifies them differently from new ones. This way, it becomes easy and convenient to watch your home.
  • Pan and tilt: This feature allows you to redirect the camera towards the side you want. Unlike static cameras, a pan and tilt camera rotates to cover a larger area. So, you won’t need as many cameras to cover your compound with these types of cameras.
  • Two-way audio: This feature converts your home security cameras into an intercom. It enables you to communicate with people on the outside. You can also talk to visitors remotely if you have the camera mobile app.

Final Recap

There are many hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision. The search for the one that serves you best can be tiring. That’s why we’ve brought you this review with all the necessary information you need.

We’ve also answered several key questions that you may have had about these gadgets. If you want to burglarproof your home, you got to get these simple tiny but very powerful gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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