Honeywell Thermostat Screen Not Responding: How To Fix

When it comes to the world of smart thermostats, Honeywell takes this lead. Unlike other brands, this one is known to offer reliable and high quality smart thermostats to all customers out there. By investing in a Honeywell thermostat, you will be able to regulate the temperatures of your house the way you please.

Whether you want the temperatures high or low, you will be able to regulate them remotely through a voice command or a touch of a button. Besides this, the thermostat is very energy efficient. Consequently, you will be able to save more on your monthly energy bills. Although your device might be working optimally in the past, it is not immune to some diagnostic issues every now and then.

For instance, you may discover that your Honeywell thermostat screen not responding. If you are first-time owner, you may freak out as you might think that your device is damaged for good. However, this is not the case as such issues are very common with these devices. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how to fix a Honeywell thermostat screen not responding, alongside other related ideas.

Reasons Why Your Honeywell Thermostat Screen Is Not Responding And How To Troubleshoot

To start with, most Honeywell thermostats normally come with a built-in screen. With this screen in place, be sure that you will be able to do a myriad of operations on it. Besides this, you will be able to know the status of your thermostat, such as the battery charge status, among other details. However, this screen might stop responding due to one reason or another. In the subsequent sections, we shall take an in-depth look at the various reasons that might lead to this problem and how to trouble shoot them on the go.

1) Its batteries are running out or are dead

If you notice that your Honeywell thermostat’s screen has stopped responding, you should be quick to check it batteries. This is because the batteries might be dead or running low. As a result, you might see fading digits on your thermostat’s screen.

Other times, the screen might be blank. If this is the case, consider replacing the batteries on the go. All you need to do is to purchase a new set of batteries sand then insert them. Once you insert them, switch on your device and see if the problem will persist or not. In case the problem persists, chances are that there is another underlying issue that needs urgent attention.

2) The circuit breaker has tripped off

Besides having dead batteries, your thermostat’s screen might not respond if the circuit breaker has tripped. Such incidences are imminent whenever there is a power outage in your home. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on the circuit breaker of the HVAC system. If it has tripped, flip it off manually and see if the device’s screen will start responding.

3) Presence of a loose wire

Apart from the above-mentioned 2 issues, your Honeywell thermostat screen may fail to respond as a result of loose connections. Perhaps, there might be a loose wire at the back of your device and you hardly know about it. Ideally, all wires should be well-connected so that your thermostat’s screen can respond.

In case you suspect that there is some loose connection, open the back of the thermostat and then unscrew the system from the wall. Once you open the back of this device, you will be able to see a bundle of thin wires. Examine them and in case you notice that there is any loose wires, put them back in place and see if the device’s screen will start working optimally again.

4) Power disruption

Sometimes, there might be a power outage in your home and you hardly know about it. In case your device does not have a set of batteries to power it, its screen will not be responsive if at all there is a power outage in your home.

Therefore, it is important that you establish whether there is a blackout in your home or not, before you can consider other options. Here, you can check whether other appliances are working or not.

In case all of them are off, chances are that there is a power outage in your home and you have to wait for power to be restored. Once power is restored, check if the device’s screen will start working again.

5) The touchscreen cable is not seated well

Apart from the above-mentioned 4 issues, your device’s touchscreen cable might have issues and thus need to be reset well. To perform this undertaking you should first remove the unit from the wall and then remove the casing that covers the device’s screen. Once you are done, move the tabs that you will see on either side simultaneously, and then remove the circuit board.

With the circuit board out, you will be able to see two small ribbon cables. Since these cables are very fragile, be very careful not to mess up with them. Typically, one of these cables is marked for the LCD and the other one for the touchscreen.

On either side of the cable, you will see two tabs. Pull up the touch screen cable and then put it back carefully. More importantly, ensure that it is fully seated. By doing so, your device’s screen will start working. Besides this, be careful not to break the cables as they are very delicate.

6) Malicious bug

Just like any other smart device you may have at home, the Honeywell thermostat is not immune to bugs. The bad news is that these bugs can interfere with the overall functionality of your device. For instance, it might start hanging or fail to respond to certain commands. Its screen might be unresponsive too. To keep such issues at bay, there is a need for you to reset your device.

When resetting your Honeywell thermostat, you should first switch it off and then remove the batteries from the device. Thereafter, put the batteries back, but in the opposite direction. Let the batteries to remain like this for a while before removing them from the chambers.

After that, you can then return them back into the chambers and then see if the screen will turn on. When inserting the batteries in the second step, ensure that you do it correctly. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate the malicious bug that might be making your device’s screen not to be responsive.

7) Your Honeywell thermostat is old

If you have tried all the above-mentioned steps and nothing has borne fruits, time is ripe for you to purchase a new model. This can be attributed to the fact that these models also wear out after being in use for many years.

By getting a newer model, you will enjoy more convenience as new models come with better features. You can consider looking for these devices from the nearest brick-and-mortar store near you or even from online stores. More importantly, purchase from reputable dealers so that you can get value for your hard-earned money.

Supposing You Cannot Troubleshoot Honeywell Thermostat Screen Not Responding, What Should You Do

Before you purchase a new model, you might have tried to troubleshoot the above-mentioned problem to no avail. Sometimes, you may not be a guru when it comes to wiring and you cannot find a technician who can help you fix this issue on the go. If this is the case, you need to contact Honeywell’s customer support team.

Once you contact the agent online or on phone, narrate your story so that they can help out. From allowing you to get a free replacement to sending a technician to your home, there is an array of solutions that this team can offer to you. Either way, your device’s screen unresponsiveness issue will be solved promptly.

How Much Does Fixing An Unresponsive Thermostat Cost

When it comes to the costs associated with repairing a thermostat whose screen is unresponsive, it will generally depend on what caused the problem in the first place. For instance, if the problem was caused by some loose connection, you may not have to part with any dime. In addition, if the problem as a result of the circuit breaker tripping off, chances are that you will not incur any extra costs.

However, if the batteries are running low or are dead, you may have to replace them immediately. Typically, these batteries go for about $12 or thereabout. If the device is defective or has outlived its usefulness, you may have to replace it so that you can control your home’s temperatures with precision. To replace a Honeywell thermostat, brace yourself to spend between $20 and $160. However, this will depend on your preferred model.

By hiring a technician to help you fix this problem, you will also incur a certain fee. When it comes to the amount you may spend on such endeavors, be sure that it will vary as different technicians will charge different prices. Finally, if your home has a wiring issue, you may have to dig deeper into your pocket as repair costs can range between $500 and $20000.By making such an investment, your home will have a safe grid and such thermostat issues will be a thing of the past.

Final Words

The last thing you would wish to have is a Honeywell thermostat that has an unresponsive screen. However, such issues are prevalent due to a number of issues. From power disruption to malicious bugs, there are any factors that might contribute to this problem. The good news is that this issue can be remedied using the ideas we have mentioned above.

If the worst comes to the worst, feel free to contact the Honeywell thermostat customer support team. From accepting to replace the device for you free of charge to sending a professional technician near you to fix your device’s issue, there are is an array of solutions this team can offer you. Consequently, you will be able to regulate your home’s temperatures and thus enjoy more comfort.

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