How Does Kwikset Smart Key Work? Complete Solution in 2022

With the advancement in technology, the popularity of smart locks has increased. As we speak, there is a proliferation of smart locks in the market based on diverse approaches.

Unlike other locks, this one usually comes with a user-rekeyable wafer lock. Besides this, these locks come with attractive designs that make them ideal for the front door of your house, business premise, office, and so forth.

So many companies manufacturing these smart locks, one of the most reputable companies known for making these locks is Kwikset.

This company is known not only to make residential door locks but also commercial door locks. For over 75 years, this company has taken the lead in innovating and designing security products for both commercial and residential properties.

Since many homeowners have been asking how does Kwikset Smart key works, we shall take a closer look at how it functions, alongside other related ideas.

What is a Kwikset Smart Key?

To start with, the thought of a Smart Key lock may sound like you are talking about an electric lock that is powered by batteries and has incredible features such as a keypad, touchscreen, remote control, and so forth.

However, this is no longer the case. Typically, a Smart Key door lock functions like a traditional or conventional door lock built with a keyhole. The only distinguishing feature here is the Smart Key technology.

The good news is that the Smart Key technology makes re-keying an easy undertaking. Besides this, it offers the much-needed protection from forced entry such as lock bumping.

In 2007, Kwikset revolutionized the locksmith industry after it released Smart Key door locks into the market. With the Kwikset Smart Key in place, it would be easy for homeowners to rekey their own locks with utmost precision.

This means that they would not require to hire a locksmith to rekey the locks for them. Since the rental industry was booming at that period, it embraced the products quite fast. If you owned an Airbnb, it would be easy for you to rekey the locks of your premise with minimal effort.

Besides alleviating the stress and cost associated with re-keying a door lock, Kwikset Smart Key’s advanced design offers the much-needed security to your valuables and loved one as it is hard for anyone to access your home even when using bump keys.

Features of the Kwikset Smart Key

Kwikset comes with a plethora of features that make it a better option for homeowners and business owners who want to optimize the security of their homes, offices, businesses premises, and so forth. Some of the features of Kwikset Smart Key that make it an industry leader in key control security include:

1) Optimal Drill Resistance

Unlike other locks, this one usually uses two steel balls located at the front side of the key face. This makes it difficult for any intruder to attack or even drill it.

2) Superior Pick Resistance

The above-mentioned lock is worth the money as it has passed all the lock-picking standards, such as the UL 437, par.11.6. As a result, it will offer the much-needed protection to your property as they can hardly be manipulated in any way.

3) Resistant to Bumping

To start with, bump keys are normally used by burglars to open doors of various premises and homes. Typically, these are not the actual keys that ought to unlock a certain door lock. Instead, they usually have features of a conventional lock in terms of locks and depth.

They are not standard per se and thus can be used to defeat a lock that is not easy to unlock. To avert the problem of lock bumping, Kwikset comes with a patented technology that comprises of a side-locking bar that offers the much-needed protection against lock bumping.

4) ANSI Grading

The lock mentioned above is certified as one of the highest security locks for homes and business premises, thanks to ANSI grading. Thus, you do not have to worry that anyone will break into your home even when you are away at work.

How Does Kwikset Smart Key Work?

Since we have discussed the various features of the Kwikset Smart key, time is ripe for you to know how these locks work. To start with, the Kwikset Smart Key usually uses 5 wafers. Unlike other locks, you are at liberty to further set them to 6 positions each.

Consequently, this gives the locks a 6×5 different key combinations. Simply put, this makes the key to have a 7776 key differs. This modification makes the lock unique from other conventional locks.

With this modification in place, it will be very difficult for burglars to bump or lock-pick it. When it comes to the creation of a new key, you will not have to involve the services of a locksmith as you can readily rekey the lock on your own.

Consequently, users such as landlords do not have to dig deeper into their pockets anytime they want to replace the various locks of their properties whenever a tenant chooses to relocate.

It is imperative to note that the key in a Kwikset smart lock system does not interact with the wafers directly. Instead, it usually interacts with a myriad of guide pins that are placed in a serial order.

Typically, these guide pins usually hook into the 5 wafers at different levels and thus put them in the correct position. Consequently, it will be hard for someone to break the lock as the key will seal and block the mails from opening.

Besides this, wafers usually prevent lock-picking as it does not rely on the traditional pin tumbler. Therefore, bumping attacks will be kept at bay.

If you want to rekey the Kwikset Smart Key door lock, you just have to use the working key, and then rotate it in a clockwise at 90 degrees.

Besides this, you will require an essential tool commonly known as Smart Key, which is the hole on the left side of the keyway. Here, you should insert a key in it and then wait to hear a small click and then remove the key.

After that, you can insert the new key after removing the working key. The new key should now be rotated inside the lock at 90 degrees in an anti-clockwise direction.

As you do this, the sidebar and wafers usually disengage from the serial guide pins. The new key should now be rotated inside the lock at 90 degrees in an anti-clockwise direction and have the plug rotated back to its initial default position.

Once you rekey the lock, the sidebar will move back to the guide pin’s new position. After that, you will have managed to rekey the lock, and thus only you or those with whom you share the key will be able to lock or unlock the door of your home or business premise.

Benefits Of Investing In A Kwikset Smart Key Door Lock

Unlike the ordinary locks, Kwikset Smart Key door lock comes with a number of benefits. These include:

1) No panicking in case the key is lost

Losing your key is normal and can happen in many places. Whether you are at work or in town with friends, chances of losing your key are very highs.

However, if you misplace your key, you should not panic as this key will not be reusable for the same lock.

This can be attributed to the fact that Kwikset Smart Key usually has a self-installed system that plays a key role during the rekeying process. Therefore, no one will be able to unlock your door after he or she obtains the lost key.

2) Presence of two deadbolts

With these two deadbolts in place, be sure that your lock will work optimally throughout the day. In case you want to rekey the lock, you will not have to evacuate your door as you will be able to undertake that task within minutes.

3) No lock bumping

When it comes to lock bumping, be sure that you will not be a victim of burglary as this key cannot be used as a bump key. Consequently, your home valuables and loved ones will remain safe even if you are away at work.

4) It is very versatile

Unlike other locks, this one is very versatile as it can be used in a number of applications. Whether you want to secure your home or office, be sure that you install this lock in several places and thus optimize the security of your home, business premise, store, office, and so forth.

5) It is very stylish

If you are looking for a stylish lock that can never be out of fashion anytime soon, choose the Kwikset Smart Key door lock.

It can even match your furniture, and this offers the much-needed classy and stylish looks with their polished satin nickel and chrome.

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Final Words

From allowing you to rekey the lock on your own to offering the much-needed security to your home, there are many benefits of investing in a Kwikset Smart Key lock.

Besides this, the lock can be used in many places. With its Smart technology in place, it has dramatically reduced the need to hire a locksmith for rekeying services.

The good news is that the Kwikset Smart key is available in both brick-and-mortar hardware near you as well as online stores such as Amazon.

Invest in a Kwikset Smart Key today, and you will enjoy unparalleled security in both your home and business premise.