How Much Does It Cost To Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Would you like to protect your home from potential fires? You should consider installing a smoke detector today. The good news is that this device will help detect the presence of smoke in your home through photoelectric or ionization systems. In case the device detects smoke, it will ring an alarm so as to notify the occupants of your house that they should run for their safety.

In most cases, these devices are usually installed on walls and ceilings of different rooms. When it comes to these models, there are those ones that are battery-powered and those that are hardwired. Both of them are ideal when it comes to home protection.

If you want to install a hardwired model, you should set a budget for it. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how much does it cost to install hardwired smoke detectors so that you can know what to expect once you go to the market.

What Is The Cost Of Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors

How much does it cost to install hardwired smoke detectors? Well, this is a question that linger the minds of many homeowners who intend to secure their home. On average, the cost of installing hardwired smoke detectors ranges between $150 and $200. However, this will depend on where you live, the number of detectors you choose to install and the kind of detector you prefer installed in your home. Other factors that can contribute to this include the ease of installation and so forth. 

Remember that the cost of installation is usually calculated by the amount of time a licensed electrician spends to complete the entire task. In this category, we shall take a closer look at the factors that can affect the overall installation of these devices:

1) The features present in your preferred model

To start with, you will note that hardwired models usually come with different features. Some of these features are ordinary ones, while others are fancy by nature. Some of the common features present in most models include the voice alert, visual alerts, smart sensors and so forth. 

If your preferred model comes with fancy features, be sure that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, if it comes with ordinary features, you may not essentially have to strain your budget. This means that it will be more affordable for you to install such models.

2) Number of hardwired smoke detectors you want to be installed in your home

Different homeowners usually have different needs. Some may prefer to have each room to have a hardwired smoke detector. However, there are others who may opt to have a handful of these models in their homes. Generally, the number of models you can install in your home will depend on the size of your home as well as the number of floors and bedrooms in your house. Besides this, the overall cost of installation will depend on your local building codes. For instance, if you reside in New York, the local codes here demand that one smoke detector to be installed;

  • On every floor of your house, including the basement
  • In every bedroom
  • Outside each sleeping area.

This means that you need to install more models if you have a larger home. Consequently, the costs may escalate due to such factors.

3) Ease of installation

If you choose to install these detectors during the construction phase, be sure that the electrician will have an easier time. This is because the walls and ceilings are open when it comes to wire installation and so forth. 

However, if you choose to install these models in a complete building, you may have to cut holes in the walls and ceilings of the house so that you can make the wires through those areas. As a result, the electrician may have a harder time and thus charge higher costs.

4) The need for a dedicated circuit

There are some building codes that need the smoke detectors to be installed on a separate, dedicated circuit. Therefore, a new feed needs to be run from the electrical panel to the hardwired smoke detectors. This further increases the overall cost of installation.

5) Your preferred electrician

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the kind of electrician you choose to work with will influence the overall cost of installing these devices. For instance, if you choose to work with a high-quality electrician, you will likely pay more money as they usually charge higher prices than their peers. 

After all, they are experienced and skilled in installing different kinds of hardwired smoke detectors out there. However, if you go for electricians who started their practices a few years ago, you may save more as they usually charge relatively lower prices.

If you want to hire an electrician, ensure that he or she meets the following qualifications:

  • Is insured and licensed by his state
  • Has a wealth of experience in installing hardwired smoke detectors.
  • Can offer referrals who have come back to hire his or her services, over and over again.
  • Has good reviews online
  • Works in a reputable company.

By considering these factors, you can trust that this professional will do a good job, offer value for money and even allow you to have some peace of mind.

Besides an Electrician, Who Else Installs Hardwired Detectors and How Much do they Charge

If you do not have reliable electricians in your locality, you can still hire other professionals to work for you. However, you should set a budget for them as they usually charge different prices. Some of the options that you can consider include:

1) Alarm companies

You can now hire an alarm company to install a hardwired smoke detector for you. The good news is that the company will monitor this device for you even after finishing the installation process. In case the detector rings an alarm, the alarm company will dispatch the fire department to your home so as to mitigate the problem. 

In most cases, alarm companies usually charge a fixed price for installing hardwired smoke detectors. Depending on the company you choose to work with, you can expect to pay an average of $150 per smoke detector.

2) Your local fire department

Besides hiring an alarm company, you can opt to work with your local fire department. In most cases, these departments usually offer smoke detector installation at a subsidized price. You can now contact them and hire their services.

3) Handyman

If you cannot access an electrician, you can hire a handyman to work for you. The good news is that most of these professionals charge affordable prices. For instance, the average hourly rate of a handyman can range between $40 and $95.

Final Words

Installing hardwired smoke detectors will not only optimize the safety of your home but the lives of your loved ones. This is because these devices can help detect smoke and alert you immediately.

If you want to install these devices in your home, you just need to hire a professional to help you out. However, if you want to hire one, be ready to pay the charges we have mentioned above.

More importantly, hire a qualified personnel to work for you so that you can get the value for your hard-earned money.

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