How To Change Code On Kwikset Lock

Gone and never to come are those days when one used to freak out as a result of losing his or her keys. This is because you had to look for locksmith rekeying services so that you can replace the lost key. With the advancement of modern technology, Kwikset has now introduced keyless technology in the locksmith industry. As we speak, there is a proliferation of Kwikset SmartCode locksets in the market. With these locks in place, you can readily change the codes of these locks so that only authorized individuals can access a given house, room, or store. Whether you have a new tenant or you want to optimize the security of your house or business premise, be sure that you can now change the code on the Kwikset locks with utmost precision. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how to change code on Kwikset lock, alongside other related ideas.

Reasons To Change The Code On Your Kwikset Locks

Before we outline the procedure of changing the code of your Kwikset lock, it is imperative that you know some of the reasons why you may be prompted to take this drastic action. Some of these reasons include:

1) You have moved to a new property

If you have purchased or moved to a new home or house, it is always advisable that you change the code on the Kwikset lock that you find there. By changing the code, the previous homeowner or tenant will not have access to your home when you are away. This is because the old code will no longer work on the same lock.

2) When your roommate has moved out

With the high cost of living imminent in many places of the country, most people choose to live together and share the rent expenses. This can continue for months or even years, depending on what you agree on.

However, once your roommate moves out to live elsewhere out there, he or she should no longer have access to your room like he used to. To make this possible, you ought to change the code of your Kwikset lock. Once you do so, they will no longer access or be able to enter your room without your consent.

3) After a divorce or breakup

Although you may live together with your partner for years in love, there are instances when you may have to break up due to a number of reasons. If you break up or sign divorce papers, the next thing is to change the code of your Kwikset lock. 

Remember that some partners can be vindictive and vengeful after their feelings are hurt or feel that they were abused, humiliated, or even misused. To optimize the security of your belongings, there is a need for you to change the code of your Kwikset locks.

4) If your valuables start disappearing without signs of forced entry

Sometimes, your valuable items may start disappearing without essentially any signs of a forced entry. Such incidences can make you freak out as you may not have adequate justification that someone gained access to your home or house. Whether someone knows the code of your Kwikset lock or not, there is a need for you to change the current code of your locks so that you can avert such problems.

5) If you reside in an area that is prone to insecurity

Some areas are very insecure to live in. Those who opt to live there have to always ensure that their belongings remain secure all the time. One way to do this is to change the current code of your Kwikset lock. By doing so, no one will have access to your home without your express permission. Consequently, your belongings will remain safe for longer.

How To Change Code On Kwikset Lock

Since we have outlined the reasons that can prompt you to change the code of your Kwikset, time is ripe for you to know the right procedure that can help you get started. Although you may get a few insights from the instruction manual that come with the Kwikset lock, it does not hurt to learn a few steps on how to change the codes so that your valuables can remain safe. Some of the steps that you should follow include:

1) Ensure that your door is open and unlocked

Before you kickstart the reprogramming process, you should ensure that your preferred door is open and unlocked. This is because you can make a terrible mistake in the process and make the door to get stuck. Since you may require to access your house, you may have to evacuate your door or even break it, thereby causing more damage. Typically, you should do this if you only have one exit or entry door.

2) Remove the interior cover window

Once you have ensure that the door is open, you can now go to the panel located at the back of the lock and then remove the interior cover window. If there are some screws present, loosen them gently. However, if there is none, you can lift the cover upwards and then remove it.

3) Press the ‘Program’ button

After opening the interior cover window at the back of the panel, the next step is ti press the ‘Program’ button. For optimal results, you should only press this button once. Depending on the model you have, you may find this button labeled or not. If you have installed the Kwikset Smart Key lock 955 or 917, you will require a paperclip or a Smart Key tool in order to press the program button.

4) Key in the new access code

Once you have pressed the ‘program’ button, you are at liberty to change the code of your Kwikset lock. For optimal results, enter a code you can recall so that you can avoid getting inconvenienced. Ideally, your access code of choice should be 4 to 8 digits long. In addition, it should be hard to guess.

As you key in the new access code, remember that the keypad usually locks out if it is inactive for about 5 seconds. Therefore, you should key in your code fast. You can even prepare the new code minutes before you start the programming process.

5) Press the ‘Lock’ keypad button

After keying in the new code, you can now go ahead and locate the ‘Lock button on the keypad. Once you locate it, press it only once. Unlike other buttons, this one is wider or bigger in size. It also has a ‘Lock’ label on it. In case you do not locate it, look for the button labeled ‘Kwikset’. Once you press it, you will hear 2 short beeps.

6) Try the new code

Since you have already reprogrammed your lock, you can now try the new code and determine if it is effective or not. As you make these trials, ensure that the door is both open and locked. Here, the deadbolt should be extending outwards.

Key in the new access code and see if the bolt will retract or not. In case the latch bolt retracts, the process has borne fruits. On the other hand, if the door remains unlocked, be sure that the process was unsuccessful.

Chances are that you may have keyed in the wrong code combination. Better still, you may have failed to press the ‘Program’ or ‘Lock’ button well. If this is the case, you have no other option than to repeat the steps illustrated above.

7) Secure the interior cover window

If the new access code is working, you can now secure the interior cover window. After that, return the back cover. If there were some screws, ensure that you screw them back and start utilizing the new code.

Vital Tips with Kwikset Access Codes

If you have installed a Kwikset smart lock in your home, there are a number of tips that should be at your fingertips so that you can optimize the security of your belongings. These include:

1) Only disclose the access code to the people you trust

Although your home may be accessible to many people, it is important that you limit their access using a code. Just like a physical key to your home, you should treat the access code with the same privacy so as to avoid unauthorized entry to your home.

Therefore, you should only disclose the access code to only a few individuals. This could be family members and those friends whom you truly trust. Anyone else can wait until you are at home so that he or she can pay you a visit.

2) Change the access code at least two times in a year

As far as your home’s security protocol is concerned, it is imperative that you keep it up-to-date all the time. If you had programmed your locks several months ago, time is ripe for you to reprogram it so as to secure your belongings. Here, you can slightly alter the previous code and swap a digit or two so that no one can easily guess it. If you have a good memory, you can create a new code altogether and use it to lock and unlock your door.

3) Utilize the maximum allowable digits whenever you are changing or creating new codes

Like we have illustrated above, you are at liberty to set a 4 to 8 digit code for your Kwikset lock. As far as these codes are concerned, it is important to toe that a longer digit code always works magic. This is because a burglar will have a difficult time guessing a 7 digit code than a 4 digit code. If you want to maximize the security of your valuables, you should purpose to create a longer digit code.

To make the code easier to recall, you can utilize the power of association. For instance, you can use the numbers present on the telephone keypad as a point of reference. Here, each number is associated with a number from 2 to 9. A good example of a numerical code would be 72334663, which stands for the phrase ‘Safe Home’.

4) Do not use your personal identification number or information as your access code

When it comes to access codes, there a plethora of digits that you can combine and make them to be your new code. For many homeowners, they may opt to use their telephone numbers, birthday dates, ZIP codes, and so forth.

Although this might seem like a lucrative idea, it may be detrimental as your home’s security may be compromised. To be on the safe side, you should use a combination that is not related in any way to your personal identification information. Typically, your code should be difficult for anyone to figure out with precision.

Final Words

Since the inception of Kwikset smart locks, homeowners and business owners no longer panic as their belonging can remain safe for longer. By just entering the right access code, you will be able to access your house or business premise on the go. In case you want to change the code, just follow the procedure discussed above. Besides this, consider the vital tips mentioned above, and your home’s security protocol will not be compromised at all.