The 5 Best Loudest Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Cell phone laws for drivers were tightened across America. As a result, technology inventions are also on the rise to favor the use of hands-free devices for motorcycle riders/drivers on the road. One of these inventions is a loudest motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth speakers to help riders communicate or listen to music hands-free while riding.

However, not all Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers are effective. Some are frustrated and not audible enough. Choosing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with quality speakers is essential. Loudspeakers help you to hear calls or music loud and clear even while riding your bike at a high speed. There are many available options for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers in the market.

Therefore, getting the loudest among them can be tedious. Luckily, we made the search easier for you by compiling a list of the 5 best loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers. Without further ado, let’s ride on!

Benefits Of Loudest Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

  • They are convenient to answer calls on a ride: Hand-picking of calls while riding has been illegalized in the USA. Therefore, with the loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker, you won’t miss important or urgent calls when riding as it allows you to pick the call hands-free. Another great benefit is that these speakers are loud and clear for soft communication.
  • They are ideal to listen to music or radio: Listening to music while riding is considered destruction and unsafe by some riders. The truth is, it’s a good idea. This is because music keeps you awake and active during the ride. With the loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers, you will enjoy loud but smooth music despite the wind or engine noise.
  • You can listen to GPS: The Loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are not only useful in receiving calls or listening to music but also used to listen to GPS. You can wirelessly connect these speakers to your smartphone using Bluetooth and receive GPS navigation audio for direction guidelines.
  • They block external destruction: The Loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers help to block external noise that can be a bother or disturbance while riding. For instance, too much noise from the wind, road or engine noise.
  • They have special features: These helmets speakers are inscribed with additional features that give them value for money. For instance, some have inbuilt FM radio and a universal intercom feature that allows you to connect and communicate with other riders within your range.

The 5 Best Loudest Bluetooth Helmet Speakers Reviews


With this motorcycle helmet speaker, be guaranteed to enjoy an ultimate sound experience. First off, this latter is versatile and designed to fit in all types of helmets. It is inscribed with the following features:

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Special Features

  • It is sounded by the greatest JBL brand that is known to produce high quality sound with zero hiccups. This audio clarity is perfect for streamed music, intercom, and GPS navigation and make calls.
  • It is universally designed to fit in all types of helmets. This includes half helmets but with the help of a cardo half helmet kit.
  • It has SIRI and google voice command for voice control. This makes it easy and safe to use why reducing the need of hands control on the road.
  • It has intercom capability that supports conference communication of up to 4 riders within 1.2 km range.
it has an effective noise filtration technology
it has a multiple language voice command technology
has a universal fit
its light in weight
lasting battery life
It’s not effective for sharing music with your passage

2) CARDO PT00101-PACKTALK bold motorcycle Bluetooth communication system headset

You can also consider this model of motorcycle headset and enjoy your ride. Sounded by JBL, this speaker guarantees quality, clear and loud sound experience. The latter is super reliable and designed with these features;

CARDO PT00101-PACKTALK bold motorcycle Bluetooth communication system headset
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Special Features

  • A 40mm compact speaker that is powered by JBL. This size makes it comfortable and perfect to fit in helmets.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, mud and snow proof materials that makes it less prone to damage regardless of riding under rain.
  • A long lasting battery that allows you to ride for 13 hrs. with a single charge.
  • A universal fit desire that makes it compatible with different types and models of helmets.
  • An automatic volume control feature to increase and decrease volume at ease even when riding.
Comes with 2-3 years warranty
Its waterproof and built to last
Lasting batteries
Has an audio sharing feature
Complains of poor customer services

3) JZAQ motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset

Suitable for all types of helmets, this headset is manufactured to connect to two mobile phones at the same time. It connects with mobile phones to listen to music or indicate its power on the mobile display screen. It features the following:

JZAQ motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset
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Special Features

  • Waterproof and dustproof exteriors that makes it safe from rain, water drops or snow.
  • A lasting 900mAh battery that avails with 500 hours of standby time and 50 hours of continuous charging. This is with only 2 hours of charging time.
  • Universal compatibility that makes it compatible with several smartphones.
  • High quality sound with top-notch voice cancellation technology.
  • Clear and loud call volume and music sound.
  • An easy to install design with detachable Velcro that makes it easy to attach firmly to your helmet.
Has a battery display feature on the screen
Strong Bluetooth connectivity that connects two devices at a go
Safety outdoor protection
Compatible with all types of smartphones
Its bulkier in helmets

4) Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

Sena is another great brand of helmet headsets that produce amazing speakers for making calls or listening to music while riding. The latter has a wide intercom range with other amazing features below;

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom
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Special Features

  • 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to share music, make phone calls, have a 4 way intercom conversation and also listen to music.
  • It also features a quality sound with advanced noise cancellation technology to filter out excess background noise during a call.
  • A lasting battery that allows 10 days of stand by time and 12 hours of talk time with a single charge.
Built with quality to last
Have a universal intercom compatibility
A wide range of music sharing
It’s easy to use
Its loud enough
Complain of poor response from the manufacturer

5) SENA SMH10-11 Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit

With this amazing speaker, be sure that you will get the value for your money. The latter was designed to help you stay connected with other riders that are within 980 yards. It boasts of the following features that make your riding experience enjoyable.

SENA SMH10-11 Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit
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Special Features

  • A wide range of music and intercom sharing. Precisely, 980 yards range.
  • A strong Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to make calls, share music or have a seamless intercom communication.
  • A lasting battery with 12 hours of talk time and a ten day of standby time.
  • 3.01 oz weight and a compact size that makes it to fit comfortably in your helmet.
Has a two year warranty duration
Comes with extra accessories like USB cable, speaker pads, audio jack cable and data cable among others
Its versatile and fits into different types of helmets
Has an easy to control volume system
It’s easy to install and use
Its microphone is not the best

Loudest Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speaker Buyer’s Guide

With the following tricks and tips, you can get the best and loudest Bluetooth helmet speakers that meet your expectations.

1) Invest on the volume of the speakers

Your motorcycle helmet speaker should be audible enough. Since you are riding on the wind, with a notorious motorcycle engine sound, you should always ensure that your speaker of choice has the loudest volume level. Also, the speaker should be designed with a simple single-button press design to easily increase the volume.

2) Invest on sound quality

Note that your speakers can be loud but not audible. That’s is why you should invest in high-quality sound motorcycle helmet speakers. Quality sound speakers produce the loudest yet clear audio. This will help you listen to music or answer calls with no sound distortion or crispness. Quality sound speakers also have the ability to filter out background noise from the wind, engine or exhaust for a clear and loud sound.

3) Consider your Type of helmet

Your type of helmet plays a key role when buying the loudest Bluetooth helmet speaker. This is because some helmet types are tighter on the head than others. Therefore, you should ensure that the speaker’s thickness and diameter fit comfortably on your helmet.

4) Ensure its easy to use and control

Bluetooth helmet speakers come with different control methods. Some are controlled manually while others use voice control technology. For optimal safety, chose a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker with an in-built microphone for voice control. This eliminates distraction and the struggle to control your speaker, receive calls or regulate volume on the road.

5) Check durability

Motorcycle helmet speakers should be made of quality materials that are built to last. It’s obvious that motorcycle riders are subject to wind, dust or rain. This mostly applies to free-standing helmet speakers. Therefore, make sure your helmet speaker is also built to withstand water, dust, wind or sweat.

6) Comfort

Discomfort causes distraction on the road which is obviously dangerous. Consequently, your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers should feel comfortable on your ears. Your ideal speaker of choice should comfortably fit in your helmet, have a sleek design and also be padded to promote comfort on your ears.

7) Check on brand and price

Price is an important factor to consider when buying your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker. To get the best quality speaker, be ready to part with a number of dollars. Although there is a cheap brand of speakers, these speakers are not always the best. In most cases, they are prone to damage or breakage with poor sound quality. Therefore, always go high-end brands of helmet speakers with reliable features that are worth the price tag.

Final Recap

The Loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers are reliable with value for money. These speakers eliminate the risk of answering calls on the road, filter out external destruction noise and keep you active on the road by listening to your favorite radio station or music. Get the best speaker from our guide above and enjoy your ride.

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