The 5 Best NEXILLUMI 50ft LED Strip Lights With IR Remote Ultra

Technology is advancing, so do human lifestyle. As a result, users are yearning for cinematic experience in their homes, offices or entertainment places. This is through installing LED strip lights with IR remote. There are several brands in the market that produces these gadgets. Among them NEXILLUMI is a perfect brand. In fact, it is very popular and highly recommended to develop reliable lighting system. Therefore, NEXILLUMI strip lights are popularizing as they avail with a bunch of splendid features.

In our guide today, we discuss The 5 best NEXILLUMI 50ft LED strip lights with IR remote ultra, their features and other facets around it.

The 5 Best Nexillumi 50ft LED Strip Lights With IR Remote Ultra Reviews

It can be tedious to move across stores in search of the best nexillumi 50ft LED strip lights. Consequently, we have created a shortcut for you by providing the best 5 products that will give you an efficient choice. These are:

1) Nexillumi 50FT LED strip lights music sync color changing RGB

For some reasons outlined below, this is the top priority in our list. First of all, we were impressed by the fact that it has a 44-key 4 music code IR remote that aids in controlling its LED lighting. It also boasts of a 3 buttoned power cord switch to adjust brightness, change music code, colors and switch the lights on/off.

Nexillumi 50FT LED strip lights are also inspiring and good to consider as they are inbuilt with a sensitive MIC at the controller switch. This helps to pulsate and change colors of the lighting as it plays music. In return, this creates a very relaxing atmosphere as you listen to your favorite beats.

With your android or iPhone app, you can control the light strips seamlessly. The app is normally upgraded from ‘’ehome’’ light to ‘’illumi’’ home. Not to forget an alarm clock to set a timer to turn on or off the LED strip light. Finally, this LED strip light is perfect for decorating your house, bedroom, kitchen, office, TV, projectors, shops and bars among many.

Nexillumi 50FT LED strip lights music sync color changing RGB
Check Price on Amazon
It three distinct ways of controlling the light strip IR remote, phone app and a 3 button switch
It has a 50ft strip length that can be customized to your ideal length
With the alarm clock, you won’t forget to control your LED strip light
It’s perfect for Christmas decorations or birthday party’s
Its app is so easy to install from app store or play store
Has a warranty
Has three lighting color options, red green and blue
Easy to hang
Not the best quality
Complains that the lights have a strong chemical odor
Complains that the lighting stops working after sometime

2) Nexillumi 20FT LED lights for bedroom with remote color changing LED strip lights

Are you in search of the best color changing LED strip lights with ir remote control? Then, this is the ideal gadget for you. It is among the finest quality LED strip lights in the market that is made of durable copper materials for prolonged lifespan. Besides, it has customized LED chips that helps to conserve power.

The kit comes with a timer that helps to turn off the lights one hour on 30 mins later. Moreover, it contains a single push button to adjust the lighting color, turn on or off the lights. It also has an inbuilt mic to detect your music beats and automatically changes the color of the LED strip lights as per the music.

In addition, this strip light has a 44-key IR remote to adjust the microphone sensitivity. It has 20 distinct colors with a DIY feature to program your favorite color. Lastly, it has a 12V power adaptor and meets the UL safety standards.

Nexillumi 20FT LED lights for bedroom with remote color changing LED strip lights
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Has infinite color options
It’s a great option for restaurants, bars, shops and home décor
Has a schedule timer to turn off automatically in case you fall asleep
It’s so easy to hang
Easily fragile
The sensitivity of the MIC is not the best

3) Nexillumi 50FT LED strip lights with IR remote ultra-long LED lights

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself this amazing model of nexillumi strip lights that is extra-long and suitable for dorm rooms, restaurants, kitchen, makeup table, projectors, bars and event decoration among others. The latter avails with 3 ways of controlling the lighting that include, 3 button switch, IR remote and phone app. The app is available both in play store and app store.

With the phone app controller, you can switch on/ off the lighting, adjust brightness and change the lighting colors. Additionally, you will get an inbuilt mic to pulsate the light and automatically change colors according to your music. Not to forget its 3 buttoned switch that is available on the power cord to change colors, music mode and brightness of the lights.

Inside the kit, you will get three rolls of 16.4 FT LED and a connector. This makes it easy to connect the lighting across different locations or form a decorative line. Lastly, it features a 12V power adopter that is fireproof and meets the UL safety standards.

Nexillumi 50FT LED strip lights
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Has a 18 months warranty
Has passes safety standards
Suitable for event and party’s decoration
Has up to 20 color options
It’s easy to switch on and off
Easy to install and control
They are not waterproof

4) Nexillumi 16.4 foot LED strip with remote music sync

This is yet another reliable nexillumi LED strip model to consider. It boasts of the following amazing features. An inbuilt mic that aids in detecting music beats, change and adjusting the color brightness automatically depending with the music.

It also features an IR remote to control the lighting and adjust the mic’s sensitivity. In addition, it has a single push button as the second control option to switch the lights on/off and change its colors.

Additionally, it is easy to install and comes with an upgraded high adhesive double sided tape to ease the installation process. The strips are made of durable copper materials and boasts of an inbuilt 150 LED light beads for sparkling the room as well as changing its atmosphere. The latter is safe to use, has an inbuilt protective circuit that shuts down automatically in case of an overloaded current.

Nexillumi 16.4 foot LED strip with remote music sync
Check Price on Amazon
It’s easy to install
It is safety guaranteed
Adjusting the strip lights brightness is easy
Has an alarm clock to automatically control the lighting after leaving the house or taking a sudden nap
You can DIY your preferred colors
Complains that it easily malfunctions

5) 50FT LED strip lights phone app control with IR remote built-in mic music sync

We end our list with this great nexillumi model of LED strip lights that are suitable for your bedroom, kitchen, dorm rooms, entertainment and living rooms.

The model is appealing to consider as it features a 3 buttoned switch that helps to change the lighting color, switch the lights on or off and set the music. It also features an IR remote with 44 dial keys giving it more functionality as compared to normal remotes. With the remote, you can control the music and the LED lighting.

It also has a phone app as the third control option that allows you to control the RGB LED strip, change colors as well as adjust the brightness. In addition, it has an inbuilt mic to pulsate the lighting and change its colors as per the environmental music sound.

Its 50FT LED strip is adjustable and easy to customize to your desired length. Each LED unit has infinite colors to change to different ambiance according to your moods. Lastly, it has a lighting turn on/off timer and 18 months warranty.

50FT LED strip lights phone app control with IR remote built-in mic music sync
Check Price on Amazon
Has a warranty
Great customer service
Easy to use IR remote with great customization options
Comes with an installation adhesive tape that makes it easy to install
The lights are amazingly bright
Complains of strong chemical smells

How To Select The Best Nexillumi 50ft LED Strip Lights With IR Remote Ultra

Nexillumi LED strip lights are becoming popular thus flooded in the market. As a result, selecting your favorite among many can be confusing. This section of our guide has factors to consider and ensure you select the best among many. These factors are:

1) Materials

One of the most important factor to consider while selecting your LED strip lights is the quality of material. Nexillumi LED strip lights is made of different types of materials. While some are made of plastic materials, these are not the best to select as they easily damage. Such materials are also poorly constructed and consumes a lot of power. Therefore, select strip lights that are made of strong and durable materials that are capable of tolerating extreme conditions. For instance, the double sided copper materials.

2) Waterproof and shockproof

Always go for an LED strip that has waterproofing technology. This helps your selected gadget to withstand rain or any possible water splash.

Shockproof LED strips are also ideal to select. Such a strip is well protected from any falling threat. This will prolong its lifespan.

3) Wattage and powering

This is another important factor to consider when selecting the best nexillumi 50ft LED strip lights. Some nexillumi LED strip lights are battery powered while most of them are electrical powered. The total wattage of your selected electrical powered LED strip lights should match the power supply of your house, bar, restaurant or shop. Therefore, you should keenly check the total wattage displayed on your strip lights to ensure they are compatible with your house electrical current.

4) LED strip colors

There are several models of nexillumi LED strip lights that come with different options of colors. For instance, some come with different shades of white, either warm or neutral white while others avail with multi-colors. The multi-colored option is the best to select. This gives your LED strips a wide selection of color modes to change as per your music and moods.

5) Strip length

Your ideal strip length should be long enough to easily mount on your surface. This also gives you a room to direct your lighting to different directions. A 50ft nexillumi LED strip is definitely a good selection.

6) Place of usage

What’s your purpose of buying Nexillumi LED strip lights? Is it for outdoors or indoors intent? If your gadget is meant for outdoor garden or activities, weatherproof and weatherproof strips lights are the best. This allows you to enjoy parties, outdoor events or cultural programs with no worry of possible damage.


Nexillumi is a famous high end LED lighting company that is known worldwide to manufacture reliable and quality LED strip lights. This is evident from the models of products described above. These strip lights are not only quality but also safety guaranteed, have affordable pricing with manufacturer’s warranty. These strips also utilize minimum power with ability to switch to multiple colors. Choose your best product above and decorate your home, shop or event.

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