Does SimpliSafe work with Apple Homekit: How to connect

Simplisafe is a great brand that offers the best home security systems. After hearing of how impressive their security systems are, I decided to invest it in my home. True to reviews, I was greatly impressed by the integrations and capabilities of these products. Before indulging, I definitely had questions on whether the system would fit or connect with my apple homekit. 

Fortunately, I realized that simplisafe plays so well with apple homekit. However, to have an effective simplisafe apple homekit, you must use a home-bridge device to act as an intermediary between the two. This is because simplisafe products can’t compact directly with apple homekit. To understand better, home-bridge is a unit used to make smart home appliances compatible with IOS that don’t support homekit.

Basically, it’s known as a solution made to emulate Apple API by acting like a bridge between Homekit and non-homekit devices like simplisafe. If you are in search of knowledge on simplisafe apple homekit and how to use home-bridge to connect the two, read our guide to the end.

How Does Simplisafe Work With Apple Homekit

To make Simplisafe work with apple Homekit, you have to integrate the two allowing Simplisafe to dispose a wide variety of smart devices. Once they integrate, you will be able to access smart services like doorbell, camera, smoke detectors and smart locks among others. As mentioned, to make Simplisafe work with apple Homekit, you have to connect them through the help of a Homebridge.

As of now, the only convenient remedy for getting SimpliSafe accessories appear on your apple home is the use of HOOBS. This is an out of box system Homebridge that connects your Homekit IOS hardware to a server app or user friendly interface for easy installation of your preferred plug-ins.

Basically, HOOBS makes is simple to configure all your accessories plug-ins that you will use to integrate with the Homekit. Using HOOBS to integrate Simplisafe with Homekit comes with the following benefits:

  • HOOBS makes it easy to configure plug-ins to shorten the process of setting up Homebridge. 
  • HOOBS is constantly in contact with your plug-in developers. This is to make sure you get all the updates, support and turnkey additions early enough.
  • It is a multi-functional unit that can be used to integrate other products apart from Simplisafe.
  • HOOBS is very effective in consolidating security systems with smart Ecosystems. 
  • HOOBS is so easy and less tedious to integrate with your Apple Homekit.

That said, let’s now discuss ways on how to connect Simplisafe with Apple Homekit.

Connecting Simplisafe Apple Homekit

To integrate these two systems, you can choose to use Homebridge on a computer or Homebridge on a hub.

1) Homebridge On A Computer

Integrating Simplisafe with apple Homekit using a computer is so easy. This is through installing your homebridge in a computer. However, have in mind that this method has its own drawbacks. First of all, in requires to have your computer switched on the all-day to keep the Homekit active throughout. This is so inconveniencing and likely to increase your electricity bills.

2) Use home bridge hub

Use of Homebridge hub is more effective and reliable. As opposed to energy consumption, this method integrates your Homekit with Simplisafe with less efforts, less consumption of power and less cost. Here is a well explained process of how to use HOOBS homebridge Hub to connect Simplisafe with Homekit.

Setting Up HOOBS For Simplisafe Homekit Integration

HOOBS acts as a plug-in that uses a very famous Config Ul X to change setting and manage installation. To set up:

1) Connect your network

Before connecting your simplisafe with Homekit, you should first connect your HOOBS to network. This is either through your home WIFI or setting a wireless connection with HOOBS. The other alternative is using an Ethernet cable to directly connect your rooter to the HOOBS. The good thing is that the process is instant and takes around 5 minutes.

2) Create HOOBS account

The second step is creating an account with HOOBS. To do this, visit HOOBS official website and select your credentials. After setting an account, install simplisafe plugin with HOOBS.

3) Connect your HOOBS to Homekit

Once you are done installing the plugin, open the public configuration page, enter your created credentials, username and password, save all the changes and restart your HOOBS network.

Final Say

Connecting SimpliSafe to Homekit comes with several advantages. Upon integration, these two units makes a perfect alarm system among other advantages. Most importantly, the process of connecting these two units is easy and instant. As stated, using the HOOBS Hub to connect your Simplisafe to Homekit is cheaper, saves on time and energy. Through the simple procedure explained above, get your Simplisafe apple Homekit combination today and enjoy the conveniences that come with it.

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