Braeburn Thermostat Not Working: How to Fix

Gone and never to come are those days when one used to control the temperatures of his or her home manually. With the advent of modern technology, smart home devices such as the Braeburn thermostat have revolutionized the way homeowners heat or cool their home. In fact, most people can now control these devices either by a voice command or by a touch of a button. With all these benefits at hand, these devices have become indispensable devices for those who live in areas that experience extreme temperatures. Although your Braeburn thermostat might be working flawlessly, there are instances when you might discover that the Braeburn thermostat not heating. Other times, the Braeburn AC may not be cooling as desired. Since these are typical problems with such devices, we shall take a closer look at why Braeburn thermostat not working, alongside other related ideas.

Troubleshooting Braeburn Thermostat Not Working

To start with, Braeburn is one of the most reputable companies that is known to make smart home devices such as thermostats among other devices. Just like any other smart device you may have at home, the Braeburn thermostat is not immune to some diagnostic issues such as the device not working as expected. If this happens, you should not freak out as there are some DIY ideas that can help you get started. Some of the common issues that can hinder your Braeburn thermostat from working include:

1) Dead batteries

One of the main reasons why your Braeburn thermostat may not be working is due to dead or dying batteries. This can be attributed to the fact that most of these device are battery powered. Although some rely on the main power supply, some come with batteries that enable them to work even when there is a blackout in your home.

Typically, most of these models need 2 AA batteries. If these batteries are running out or are dead, be sure that your device will start malfunctioning on the go. In this case, it may not prompt the HVAC system to either cool or heat your home. To avert this problem, you should consider purchasing a new set of batteries. More importantly, purchase these batteries from a reputable company so that they can last for several months.

2) Blown fuse

Besides having dead or dying batteries, a blown fuse can also make you to experience this problem. If your thermostat has a blown fuse, it will have a blank display. In fact, you will not be able to operate the device. Since the device needs to have a good fuse for it to work optimally, you have no other alternative other than to replace it.

3) The circuit breaker has tripped

Whenever there is a swell of electrical current, most circuit breakers normally trip. To put this into perspective, the circuit breaker can trip whenever there is a heavy winds or an intense storm.

Better still, the circuit breaker can trip whenever you have connected several electrical appliances to the same circuit. By doing so, you will be overwhelming it with a strong current and thus prompt it to trip.

Besides being overloaded, short circuits within the wiring system of your home can make your circuit breaker to trip. Consequently, all the electrical appliances in your home will no longer function.

To determine that the circuit breaker has tripped, check and see if other appliances are working. If they are all switched off, be sure that the circuit breaker has tripped and have to be switched on again.

4) Presence of a malicious bug

Apart from the issues we have outlined above, a malicious bug can hamper the performance of your Braeburn thermostat. Although there are many ways to get rid of this bug, one of the surest ways of keeping this bug at bay is by resetting your thermostat.

Once you reset your Braeburn thermostat, all the setting you had customized your device with, will be lost on the go. Therefore, you have to program it afresh so that you can easily control it using other devices such as your mobile phone and so forth.

As far as resetting your device is concerned, be sure that you will have to utilize the rest button on your thermostat. Typically, this button is normally located on the front or on the side of the device. However, the location of this button depends on the model you have at hand.

For most models, this button is usually set in a place such that it will be very difficult for you to push it in. Therefore, you will have to utilize a special tool such as a safety pin or even a pencil for you to push the button in.

When resetting the thermostat, you should push the button in for about 5 seconds. Once the device has been reset, you can try to program it afresh and then see if it will work or not. The good news is that resetting helps eliminate any glitch or malicious bug that might be causing the device not to work as desired.

5) Your Braeburn thermostat is not getting sufficient power supply

Just like any other appliance you have at home, your thermostat needs power for it to work. For most people, they normally establish this problem by just checking the LEDs. However, this is not right as the device usually have a battery that is used as a power source whenever there is a blackout in your home.

Therefore, if your device has a good battery and there is no power in your home, the LEDs and the programming unit will still work normally. To determine if your thermostat is connected to the power supply, consider following performing these tests:

  • First and foremost, lower the temperature of your room to the minimum value possible. Thereafter, turn the fan switch from ‘Auto’ to ‘On’. Ideally, you should experience a change in temperature after undertaking the above-mentioned procedure. Better still, you should hear the sound of your device’s blower. In case none of these is evident, be sure that your thermostat is not powered.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned test, you can consider doing a bypass test on your device. Here, you will need to remove the cover of your device as well as the mounting plate that has held your thermostat in place. Once you remove the mounting plate and the cover of your device, you will be able to find a green wire (G) and a red wire(R).Disconnect these wires, swap them and then plug them in. In case your fan stats, know that your thermostat is now powered on.
  • Although the disconnecting the wires can work for you, chances of getting electrocuted are quite high. Therefore, you should be very careful with that procedure. To keep such incidence at bay, consider using a multi-meter instead. Here, you should turn the dial that measures 24V AC. Thereafter, connect one problem to the red wire and the other one should touch the green or white wire. If the reading is between 22 and 26, then your thermostat is getting the much-needed power. However, if the multi-meter reads 0, be sure that the device is no longer getting power.

6) Your AC’s filters may be clogged

Over time, your AC’s filters can get clogged. Such is imminent during the summer months. The problem of Braeburn AC not cooling is bound to there if at all these components are clogged with debris, dust, grime and other elements.

Once the AC’s filter is blocked, air will not flow to the furnace effectively and thus may not create the much-needed heat or cold air. To keep this problem at bay, you should replace the filter. As far as AC’s filter replacement is concerned, it is important to note that you should do so after every month.

Better still, you can do the replacement after every two months. It all depends on the timelines that work well for you. Once you replace these components, be sure that your Braeburn AC will start cooling as needed.

Its efficiency will be rejuvenated and thus allow you to enjoy more comfort in your home. Besides being efficient, this device will be economical when it comes to energy consumption and thus allow you to save more bucks.

7) Check for coolant leaks

Besides clogged AC’s filters, leaking coolant can make your Braeburn AC not to cool the way you please. When it comes to coolant leaks, there are many thing that can lead to this problem.

For instance, if your AC is new, chances are that its coolant may leak if at all the installation process was not done correctly. Other times, the AC itself might have issues which are largely manufacturing defects. 

Age is also another reason why your coolant might be leaking. For instance, if your unit has been in operation for ages, chances of its coolant leaking might be high. Apart from this, your unit might be damaged by external causes and thus its coolant might start leaking. Finally, corrosion can lead this problem. 

To put this into perspective, formaldehyde corrosion the metal of your unit can be unit, thereby releasing the coolant into to the atmosphere. If you have a Braeburn AC, it is imperative that you determine whether your coolant is leaking or not. To establish whether your coolant is leaking or not, keep an eye on the following signs:

  • The coils of your unit have frozen
  • Your system is producing hissing sounds
  • Your system is releasing warm air

If any of these signs is evident, it is important that you have your AC repaired on the go. Since such undertaking need a pro, it is important that you hire a technician to help you out.

8) Your pilot igniter is clogged

If your thermostat’s pilot igniter is clogged or dirty, be sure that your furnace will not ignite well. Since this is another technical component in thermostat, you should consider hiring an expert to clean it for you. However, you can inspect the component by doing the following:

  • First and foremost, switch off your furnace’s power source.
  • Remove the front panel of your thermostat
  • With the front panel aside, you can now inspect the igniter

In case you notice that the pilot igniter is dirty, you can hire a professional technician to clean it for you. The good news is that this expert will not only clean it but also help you establish whether your device has other underlying issues or not.

9) Contact Braeburn customer support team

If you have tried all the above-mentioned ideas and none has worked well for you, consider contacting the customer support team of Braeburn Company. Perhaps, the issue might not be as trivial as you might have thought. Instead the issue might be more deep-rooted and thus might need the services of a technician.

Other times, you might have to replace the entire device altogether. To determine whether you need to replace your device or not, you should not hesitate to contact the tech support team of Braeburn Company.

Once you contact them on phone or via online, narrate your story and let them help you out. From sending a qualified technician to come and assess your device to advising you to buy a better model, there are many solutions you may get once you contact this team for further assistance.

Final Words

With the increased demand for comfort and convenience in most homes, the use of smart devices such as Braeburn thermostats has become the order of the day. Moreso, those residing in areas that experience extreme temperatures, this device can be a lifesaver as it can help them regulate the temperatures of their houses more effectively. In case the Braeburn thermostat is not working, consider the above-mentioned troubleshooting ideas and you will be able to avert this problem on the go. If the problem is not resolved, do not hesitate to contact the Braeburn customer support team for further assistance and guidance.

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