The 10 Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Motorcycle helmet is one of the gears that you must invest in. By wearing a it, you will be able to optimize your safety and thereby reduce the chances of getting hurt in case of an accident. Also, it protects you from strong winds that might affect your visibility when riding your bike.

That said, the motorcycle helmet has come a long way. As we speak, this helmet will not only protect you from head injuries but also allow you to capture awesome shots along the way. All you need to do is to attach a GoPro Helmet chin mount to your motorcycle helmet, and you will be good to go. With this equipment, you can capture great POV shots and create memories in the long run. In this article, we shall take a closer look at some of the best GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mounts you should consider today.

The 10 Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet chin Mount Reviews

1) AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Whether a professional biker or an amateur, you must fall in love with this GoPro helmet mount kit. This is a top flight helmet mount kit full of unique features that will make your ride more interesting. 

One of its marveling characteristics is the presence of chin and J-hooks. These allow you to set your camera in three different locations to capture videos during a ride; on the helmet chin, top or side. With its adhesive nature and compatibility with GoPro cameras, this is your best deal.

You can capture the best POV footages like never before. A swiveling extension arm is another likeable feature. It can swivel up to 1800which allows you to adjust your helmet backwards, forward and on to blind areas.

AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Mount
Check Price on Amazon
It features a swiveling extension arm
Its package comes with several accessories
It’s compatible with GoPro cameras
Depicts excellent workmanship
It is very strong thus durable
It is very affordable
It tends to become wobbly with time
The adhesive characteristic tends to depreciate with time

2) SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kits

If you are well acquainted with protective gear, you’ll know what a government certification means. SUREWO is a US certified manufacturer of several products all of which are sold within America and exported. Wondering why we ranked this kit so highly? We’ll tell you the reason.

First of all, you have the freedom to customize it the way you want. It consists of 4 joints bound together with a screw. You can make the adjustment through the screw or moving the joints up to 1800 . Additionally, the package comes with an s-adapter. On top of that, you can add a safety rope for dual protection. 

Made with adhesive mounts, the kit is perfect in several circumstances. You can use it to accomplish a lot. Considering the fact that its pads are also waterproof, you can install your camera without fear. The J-hook and the chin mount can help you set your cameras to the most preferred positions. With the j-hook buckle, the camera installation is even easier.

SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kits
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It comes with an assortment of specialized accessories
It is made of adhesive mounts
You can mount cameras at various positions for the best video shoot
The helmet is very durable
It is easy to assemble and install the pads
The movable parts become loose over time
Doesn’t come with a user manual

3) Taisioner Bicycle Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit

Looking for comfort, simplicity and excellent functionality? You got them all in one package of Taisioner GoPro helmet mount kit. It is one of the easiest and safest kits. It won’t take minutes to wear. All you need is buckle up the clip and tighten the strap. For the best filming position, you can use the 3 way folding mount.

It gives the most convenient degree to film. You can also adjust the angle of viewing according to your desire. Made of a silicone material, it’s lightweight and sturdy. An anti-slip feature is included for your camera when riding. It’s absolute maverick. It’s compatible with a wide range of cameras including YI Lite, APEMAN, GoPro Hero 3 3+ Hero etc.

Taisioner Bicycle Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit
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The kit is compatible with a wide range of cameras
It is very comfortable due to the thick padding
Uses a clip switch and strap which makes it easy to wear
It’s lightweight
Features adjustable angle and direction
The straps can be a nuisance covering your eyes sometimes
Not the best for high-speed riding

4) QiuNiu Frame Mount Housing Case GoPro Hero Camera

Alongside a good helmet, you need a quality camera casing. This is the only way you’ll successfully film your adventures without destroying your equipment. This camera housing case from QiuNiu has all it takes to be your pick.

First of all, it is compatible with several cameras such as GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7. So, chances are, it is compatible with your current camera. It’s also made of premium materials that are hard to break and light. That means you won’t have to endure the unnecessary weight on your head. 

The casing depicts an excellent design. Made with several openings and expandable coverings, your camera has access to all the light. The indicators and microphones are also well positioned. The side door on the casing allows you to easily open and close your camera.

QiuNiu Frame Mount Housing Case GoPro Hero Camera
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It snugs perfectly on most cameras
The casing is compatible with several cameras
Among its accessories is a lens cover which gives it a fine touch
It’s made of very strong materials
It’s easy to use
It is very affordable
It doesn’t fit all cameras
The use of screws makes it susceptible to breaking

5) GuoYuMotorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit

This is a multifunctional helmet chin Chin Mount Kit specifically for motorcyclists. It consists of 4 joints all joined with a screw. Well, the idea of a screw isn’t welcome to many but it works. The good thing is that you can adjust the screw to rotate the joints to your desired angle. These have an allowance to rotate up to 180 degrees.

If your camera has a matching hole at the bottom, you can use the s-adapter for better mounting. The kit also comes with an assortment of specialized accessories. With it, you can film with your camera on different positions: on top or side.

The sticky pads and adhesive mounts also play a critical role. The mounts are either curved or flat which you use depending on the circumstances. The sticky pads are helpful when installing the camera. This ensures that your camera is firm no matter how bumpy the ride is. 

After installing the camera successfully, you can go ahead and set up a safety rope. This is necessary for dual protection during the ride. You can use the wrench to adjust all the screws except the one at the bottom. With all these features, one thing is sure; you can never go wrong with this Chin Mount Kit.

GuoYuMotorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit
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It is an extremely versatile helmet
The adhesiveness blends so well with other gears
It is easy to use
The 180-degree joint rotation gives you the liberty to customize your helmet
The sticky pads help to hold the camera firmly
The plastic clip breaks easily
Not recommended for high speed and bumpy rides

6) SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet chin mount is another best GoPro mount chin for bikers. It is an updated version of the previous plastic product. The update was as per reviews given by the customers. So, it features nothing but a perfect helmet.

Having an aluminum mount chin makes it resistant to breakage and deformation.  It is flexible when you mount it. This is because of its lightweight nature.  Actually, it only weighs 62g that is 2g heavier than the old plastic version.

The 4 joints connecting the helmet are bound with a screw. So, you can adjust the parts up to 180 degrees. You can also place cameras at any position that you want. 

It comes with other several components that you can use independent such as chest straps, headbands, and bicycle supports. It has a curved base mount that you can place on the helmet better.

SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount
Check Price on Amazon
It is lightweight
Made of Aluminum thus hard to break
It is adjustable up to 180 degrees
Does not easily deform
A sticky pad can fall off the helmet after some days
It is not the best in rainy areas

7) Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Mount

It one of the best GoPro straps mounts in the market with a good rating on Amazon. It is compatible with several cameras like GoPro Hero 9, 8, 7, (2018), 6, 5, 4, and 3. Other compatible cameras include Hero Black, Session, Xiaomi Yi, and SJCAM(Blue). 

The premium plastic used to make it guarantees you durability. Also, the addition of materials like silicone and woven belt strengthens it. The operation of the strap is simple as you can tighten or loosen with a buckle. The strap is strong enough to hold your camera firmly. 

The silicon base is extensible and fits perfectly on most helmets. If you like shooting or filming this is the best for you. This is because it has an anti-shock and ant-slid design. Although it is good for bikers, it is not good for helmets that have a long chin.

Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Mount
Check Price on Amazon
It is durable
It’s well designed
It is easy to install
Can hold on to high speeds
You can easily remove it
Not good for helmets with a long chin
It is too fragile

8) WLPREOE 37in1 Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit

WLPREOE 37in1 is another quality chin mount kit. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 9 8 7, Black Silver White 6 5 4, and Osmo. It has extra camera tethers, Mountain Bases, and Adhesive pads that improve the security of it. 

It is suitable if you like riding with action cameras. The chin mount has 4 joints connected with screws that you can rotate to 180 degrees. This means that you can place the camera at any position that you need it to be. You can also combine the J-hook mount with a curved mount and use it on the top of the helmet. Also, you can combine it with a flat mount and use it on ski, skate, or surfboards. 

The kit has adhesive mount stickers that come in 10 pieces- 5 pieces of curved mounts and 5 pieces of flat mounts. This gives you the flexibility of placing the camera in 10 positions at the same time. If you like shooting quality riding videos, this is your deal.

WLPREOE 37in1 Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit
Check Price on Amazon
Provides double security for your camera
It has 10 pieces of adhesive pads that give you the ability to position your cameras at different places at once
It’s cheap with the parts you get in the package
It comes with several parts
The plastic pad breaks fast according to riders
Clips can easily break when removing

9) TELESIN Upgraded Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

TELESIN Second Generation has a GoPro mount fixed on it. Besides, the new design completely differs from what is available in the market. The mount chin is compatible with several action cameras available in the market. Some of these include GoPro Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 5, Hero 4, Session, and GoPro Max. 

You can adjust it to 180 degrees making it compatible with most of the helmets. This is regardless of normal, circular riding or racing angular. You can as well mount the camera adapter upside down inverted by adjusting the screws at the silicon pad backside and adjust the mount direction.

The chin kit features a fixing tape that you can upgrade at will. It is also easy to install and remove. After successful installation, you can take off with one hand operation. TELESIN chin mount is durable compared to most of the mount chin in the market.

TELESIN Upgraded Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount
Check Price on Amazon
It is adjustable so you can use it with many helmets
It has an adjustable camera mount adapter
The material making it is durable
You can reuse the fixing tape
There is no problem with mouth touching
Gives a great view of the action camera
It can break easily

10) Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Mount with Non-Slip & Shockproof Design

This is another great GoPro motorcycle helmet mount chin available in the market. It has good ratings from the customers who previously used it. When you get this mount chin, there is a guarantee of using it with several action cameras. Some of these cameras include GoPro Hero 9, Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 2018, Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3, and Hero Black. Also, you can use it with Session, Xiaomi Yi, and SJCAM (Black).

The material used to make the mount chin strong and durable. This gives you a guarantee of working with the product for a long period. The mount chin also supports a variety of angle adjustments that does not shake. So, this feature gives the mount chin the ability to use it with several helmets.

The mount chin strap is very easy to install and remove. The silicone material used in the making of the mount chin strap is soft non-slip. This gives the ability to shoot stable videos whilst you are riding. It does not have a lot of belts that can disrupt you whilst you are riding. You can use it when skiing, skating, on bicycles, motorcycles, and even parachuting. Note it is not suitable if you have helmets with long chins.

Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap Mount with Non-Slip & Shockproof Design
Check Price on Amazon
It’s durable
Best POV mount
You can shoot quality when you are at high speeds
It does not have a lot of belts that can make you uncomfortable when riding
Compatible with several cameras
It’s easy to install and remove
It does not shake when riding
Not suitable with helmets with long chins

GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Buying Guide

Since we have already looked at some of the incredible GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mounts, time is ripe for you to choose the right mount for your helmet. After all, it will ensure that your next riding adventure will be as exciting as possible. When looking for a chin mount, chances are that you will find them in various types and styles.

Some might actually be sold in a set or as individual pieces. It all depends on what you want. We shall outline the features that you should be keen to check when buying this equipment so as to get value for your money. They include;

1) Compatibility

One of the critical things that you should pay attention to when buying a helmet chin mount is its compatibility with the GoPro camera you have. This way, you will be able to customize your helmet and capture high-quality photos during your regular rides.

For optimal results, check what the manufacturer of these mounts has said with regard to GoPro cameras. In most instances, they have outlined some of the models of GoPro cameras that will work well with a particular mount. If your mount is compatible with the GoPro camera, you can go ahead and invest in it.

2) Durability

Durability is another concern that most motorcycle enthusiasts have. This is because most of them normally experience accidents from time to time. If you choose a chin mount that is not durable, it might not sustain different levels of impact in case you get an accident. Instead, you should go for the mount that will last for many years. For optimal results, check the mount’s impact rating before buying it. This information will help you make an informed decision.

3) Price

To start with, helmet chin mounts normally come at different prices. Some of them cost more than others. To be specific, high-end models will cost more than their counterparts. If you are operating on a budget, you can go for the relatively affordable ones. However, if you have more resources, you can go for the high-end models.

After all, the high-end models are likely to last longer than the lower-end models. Better still, you can compare the prices charged by different retailers and make an informed decision. A good platform where you can get a variety of these mounts at reasonable prices is Amazon.

4) Warranty

Although some of these mounts can offer incredible services, sometimes they might get faulty when you least expect it. If you had just bought them a few weeks ago, you might be hesitant to replace them as they might not have offered value for money. Besides this, you might not have all the funds one needs to buy another one. In this case, the only life-saver left is the warranty that comes with this equipment.

The good news is that some of them usually have lifetime warranties from their manufacturers. Therefore, when buying a GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mount, you should pay attention to the warranty that comes with it. The longer the warranty, the better the chins mount.

5) Ease of use

Your mount of choice should be easy to set up and utilize. Since you might not have all the time to set up this equipment, it is imperative that you choose one that does not have complex setup necessities. This can assure that you will save more time and enjoy more convenience in the long run.

6) Is it adjustable

Since different people have different needs, your mount of choice should be easy to adjust. In fact, it should come with adjustable joints so that you can adjust it the way you please. It should also have a rotating base that allows for 360-degree movement. This feature can enable you to take pictures from all angles.

7) Is it lightweight

The last thing you would wish to have is a heavy helmet. Therefore, your mount of choice should be lightweight. Consequently, you will not get fatigued even if you ride your motorcycle for many kilometers out there.

Final Thoughts

By buying the right GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mount, you will be able to take photos from all angles as you ride and still produce the best footage. The good news is that the mounts mentioned above will not disappoint as they enable you to do this with utmost precision. Consider these mounts today, and you will get creative with your shots anytime that you are riding the motorcycle. These chin mounts are truly incredible.

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