The 10 Best Keyless Door Lock With Camera

Keys are a thing of the past. A smart lock is the latest invention that transforms a traditional lock into a keyless door lock to your property. It relies on a connected locking system, providing both security and flexibility in one component. You can come and go as you desire without using a key. Plus, you can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in your property when you are away. The latest models simply allow you to use your smartphone to unlock and lock doors.

Some smart locks let you give special privileges to family, friends, or staff. Others can be triggered with voice commands or activated by other devices in your smart home system. Here is a guide for top picks to pick the best keyless door lock with camera for your home. This guide will help you get a handle on what features and functions will fit you.

Understanding Different Types Of Keyless Electronic Door Locks

The smart lock concept is a fairly novel and evolving technology. While some depend on biometric fingerprint entry, others use a digital assistant system like mobile apps. A keyless door lock with camera is an excellent example of a smart lock. Instead of house keys, this smart home security device is Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi enabled. In this way, you can lock and unlock doors with a simple voice command or the tap of a finger. Also, these locks have a camera for security surveillance, and even allow you remote access, such as letting in visitors while at the office.

Smart locks with camera transform the traditional door lock into a keyless electronic entry lock to your office or home. Most camera door locks connect to your Wi-Fi. Besides, they provide a stress-free locking and unlocking experience, often via a touchscreen pin code or an integrated mobile app. You can unlock your door remotely, or when you are away from your property. Remote access is useful when your hands are full or let in guests when you are away.

You can choose from a wide range of keyless door locks with camera. However, all the options that allow you to lock and unlock your door without a key are based on two basic models traditional electronic and smart electronic locks.

Traditional Electronic Lock

Again, all door locks can fall into two main categories, including electronic and mechanical door locks. Most digital locks are installed on mechanical locks. These are simple lock systems such as deadbolts. In so doing, you can physically upgrade ordinary locks.

The traditional electronic lock is the older style of a keyless electronic door lock system. Unlike its mechanical counterpart that uses a physical key to lock and unlock, an electronic lock is powered electrically. You need an electric current for locking and unlocking the device without a key. Note that these locks vary by the specific hardware used to operate them. However, most electronic locks use motors and magnets, often triggered by supplying or cutting off power to the mechanism.

What Can Traditional Electronic Locks Do

Because traditional electronic locks are incompatible with smart technology, they are sometimes called dumb electronic locks. Some of the locks are fitted with a keypad to enter your specific pin or passcode to open the door. Other mechanisms require you to scan or swipe access cards to unlock the door. You can also go for biometrics like voice identification, retinal- or fingerprint scanning to for water-tight security and restricted access. This technology provides keyless entry to your home or business by authenticating users and controlling the locking device. 

In most cases, a traditional electronic lock features a mechanical cylinder key. It lets you lock and unlock the door using a standard key.  

Smart Electronic Locks

Recently, upgraded electronic lock types have emerged that use smart technology like an onboard camera or sync with your doorbell CCTV surveillance while providing keyless door access. Plus, it lets you open the lock remotely and in person using a smartphone. You can also monitor its usage through alerts. 

Therefore, a smart electronic lock is a mechanical and electronic locking component that unlocks wirelessly with authentication from an authorized user. As with traditional electronic locks, smart electronic locks require two main parts to function: the lock and key. For smart locks, however, your smartphone or a unique key fob replaces the physical key. Either mechanism wirelessly executes the necessary validation to automatically unlock or lock the door.

What Can Smart Electronic Locks Do

If a keyless door lock with camera is a top priority, you should shop for smart electronic locks. These digital locks allow you to give access to third parties through a virtual key. And you can use standard messaging like SMS or e-mail to send this key to a visitor’s smartphone. Upon receipt, the recipient can unlock the smart lock during the time you specified.

Consequently, smart locks have resulted in a fresh home security experience. The model packs customization features plus functions engineered to give you full control over what happens to your business or home. They exceed the capabilities of standard locks by far.

Most digital locks are Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-compatible. This boosts the ability for remote functionalities. If your smart lock only had Bluetooth connectivity, you would have connection issues if your smartphone was too far from your front door.

Other essential smart lock features to consider include:

  • Remote Control through Apps – Many smart locks come with an Android or iOS app, giving you remote access from your mobile phone, monitor happenings, and report any unusual activities.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Real-Time Monitoring – Connecting your digital lock over Wi-Fi will allow you to see real-time entry and exit logs. It is an essential offering, especially for parents who want to ensure their children are home and safe.
  • Connecting Through Bluetooth – Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, your smart lock can recognize you by detecting your mobile device and opening the door when you approach.
  • Using Numerous Keyless Entry Options – Some of the keyless entry options include unlocking remotely through your smartphone, proximity opening with your device, create codes for those who need to access your business or home, fingerprint recognition, and voice commands.
  • Customize Temporary or Permanent Entry Codes – The best smart locks will allow you custom temporary or permanent entry codes for visitors and family members or employees.
  • Setting Access Limits – You can set restrictions for every entry code as necessary. These can be specific hours of the day or days of the week. In this way, you will ensure that card holders only access your home during appropriate times.
  • Enable Auto-Lock Settings – With this option, you can set your digital lock to automatically lock the door if it has been left unlocked for a specified timeframe.
  • Trigger Auto-Lock When Beyond A Defined Area – You can use perimeter auto-locking to shut your door automatically once the system detects your smartphone outside a defined area.
  • Sending Alerts To Your Mobile Device – Get alerts on your smartphone in case of forced entries or someone tampers with the lock. Besides, you can set the alarm system to notify a home security provider or the police in such occurrences.
  • Link With Your Existing Smart Home System – Integrate your keyless door lock with camera with your connected smart home security system to activate other smart devices in the home upon unlocking the door. For instance, you can set your smart lighting to turn on if the door is opened.
  • Sync Your Digital Lock With Your Doorbell CCTV – Connect your smart lock with your doorbell camera or other indoor CCTV surveillance for added security. You can see or capture anyone who enters your home.

The smart electronic lock’s locking system works much like its traditional electronic counterpart’s lock. However, the upgraded tech in the latter delivers some extra functions over older electronic locks. You can open most smart locks from anywhere, for instance, using an app on your phone. Also, you can set the smart lock to automatically open the door when someone with an enabled smartphone is within a pre-determined perimeter – and to lock again once the gadget leaves that zone.

As you consider investing in a keyless door lock with camera, there’s one important thing to remember. The features that make these locks smart need:

  • a device enabled with smart technology such as a smartphone to control the extra components
  • some kind of wireless connectivity, usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

The 10 Best Keyless Door Lock With Camera Reviews

Here are the ten best keyless door locks with camera:

1) August Smart Lock AUG-SL04-M01-S04

For top-notch protection, the August Smart Lock is unbeatable. Using 3rd Generation tech, the AUG-SL04-M01-S04 offers secure keyless entry to your smart home. Add the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to unlock, lock, and monitor your door remotely through your smartphone. Plus, the added component allows you to integrate your smart lock with Google Assistant, Home Away Simplisafe, Alexa, Airbnb and other apps.

AUG-SL04-M01-S04 August Smart Lock
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  • Voice control
  • Smartphone app
  • Guest keys
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Door Sense
Auto lock and unlock
Simple DIY installation
Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic
Connects to Alexa and other apps
Attaches to existing deadbolt locks for physical key entry
Integrates with August Doorbell Cam Pro for free, basic video surveillance subscription
The August Doorbell Cam Pro and August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge are sold separately

2) Schlage Connect Smart Lock

If you are looking to go keyless, the Schlage Connect Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door through a touchscreen keypad. Alternatively, you can open and shut the entry to your home using the smartphone-based key app. Available in a neat and toned update to previous models, the Schlage Connect makes duplicate, lost, or misplaced keys a thing of the past.

Schlage Connect Smart Lock
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  • Amazon Cloud Cam
  • 1080-pixel HD video
  • Alexa-enabled
  • Night vision
  • Allows up to 30 access codes
  • Two-way audio
  • Key-compatible lock mechanism
  • Optional In-Home Amazon packages delivery
  • Built-in Schlage BR400 Sense Wi-Fi Adapter
Easy to install
Works with standard deadbolts
Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen
Lock and unlock your door remotely
Live stream for door traffic
Short battery life
On the pricier side

3) Assure Lock SL (YRD256)

Featuring a sleek keyless touchpad, the Yale Assure YRD256 SL lock adds a stylish touch to your front door. It packs plenty of functions available in other smart locks on the market. However, the Amazon Cloud Cam gives it an edge over standard digital lock models.

Assure Lock SL (YRD256)
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  • Backlit touchscreen keypad
  • 1080 pixels HD video
  • 100% key-free system
  • Dual audio
  • Voice control
  • Up to 250 unique access codes
  • Night vision
  • Smartphone key app
Stress-free installation
Optional Amazon delivery notifications
Compatible with standard deadbolt locks
Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen
Lock and unlock your door remotely
Live stream for door traffic
Short battery life
No option for a physical key
On the pricier side

4) Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Smart Deadbolt and Amazon Cloud Cam

As one of the most regarded names in door locks for homes, Kwikset’s Obsidian Keyless lock blends the brand’s conventional keyless electronic deadbolt with Amazon Cloud Cam to deliver high-end functionality.

Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Smart Deadbolt and Amazon Cloud Cam
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  • Touchscreen keypad
  • 1 year electronics warranty
  • 1080p Amazon Cloud Cam
  • Compatible with Alexa and Amazon Key
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Up to 30 unique entry codes
  • Night vision
  • Patented SecureScreen technology
  • Dual audio
  • 9V backup battery
Fingerprint resistant touchpad
24/7 front door monitoring
Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
Illuminated touchscreen
Incompatible with interconnected locksets
Limited number of unique access codes

5) WYZE Smart Lock and Cam Pan

This WLCKG1 Smart Lock by WYZE offers an easy way into home automation. It lets lock and unlock your door remotely through the Wyze app. Plus, the WYXE Cam Pan provides a live video feed of who’s entering and leaving your home.

WYZE Smart Lock and Cam Pan
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  • Built-in Wyze Lock Gateway
  • Auto lock and unlock
  • 1080p Smart home camera
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Dual audio
  • Google Assistant – and Alexa – compatible
It does not require a separate sensor
Compatible with your existing key and deadbolt
Works with or without your smart home system
Free cloud storage
Door position sensor
No Bluetooth support

6) Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Amazon Cloud Cam

If you are looking for high-end protection, you should check the Schlage Encode. Although it is one of the priciest on our list, it delivers on both security and convenience. The keyless door lock with a camera boasts the highest security rating of all the door locks we reviewed. It comes with the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 accreditation, the highest certification rating in the industry.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt Amazon Cloud Cam
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  • Wi-Fi Direct Connect
  • Works with Alexa
  • Up to 100 unique entry codes
  • 24/7 entry/exit video footage
  • Includes a backup key
  • Integrated alarm
Robust build
Voice control
Easy to install
Disappointing battery life
Limited number of unique guest codes

7) Dato Smart Lock Camera

The Dato Smart lock has become a popular addition to people’s front doors and home automation systems. And that’s because of its range of features, easy installation, and price point.

Dato Smart Lock Camera
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  • Auto lock
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Touchpad
  • Remote controlled smartphone app
  • Up to 120 fingerprints
  • HD video recording
  • Dato 2.4 GHz Gateway Wi-Fi
  • Two-way audio
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Up to 128GB Micro SD storage
Up to 4 keyless door unlock options
Allows guest codes
Built-in wireless connection
Easy to install
Integrated motion detection and night vision
Purchase cloud storage separately

8) Smart Biometric Lock

H-GANG has cut a niche in the digital lock market through its revolutionary automatic fingerprint locks. This smart biometric front door lock also packs a surveillance camera for added security.

Hjk Smart Door Lock
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  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor
  • Indoor visual peephole camera
  • Motion detection
  • Up to 200 fingerprints
  • Auto recording
  • Remote lock/unlock
Easy to use
Accurate fingerprint reader
WeChat smartphone app
Video surveillance
No guest codes
May require professional installation

9) HJK Smart Door Lock

The HJK Smart Door Lock is another model in the brand’s digital lock series. It offers the simplest features you’ll want in a smart lock, with the added advantage of fingerprint scanning technology.

Smart Door Lock
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  • Biometric sensor
  • Two-way visual peephole camera
  • 3200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Doorbell trigger auto-recording
  • Fingerprint, password, key, computer, and app-based remote locking/unlocking
Highly durable battery
Multiple unlock methods
Smartphone compatible app
Accurate fingerprint reader
Excellent after-sales service
No voice controls
No guest codes
Not DIY-friendly

10) HJK Automatic Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

The HJK Automatic Fingerprint Smart Door Lock is a fast, discreet, and completely keyless door lock with a camera. Plus, unlike most keypad models, its slim, slick, and zinc housing in a golden finish is stylish.

Hjk Smart Door Lock
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  • Biometric sensor
  • Lock picking alarm
  • Integrated IR night vision technology
  • Programmable guest password
  • Motion detection
  • Lithium battery
  • Auto-recording
  • Up to 100 fingerprints
Easy to use
Includes an anti-theft alarm
Stable, capacitive fingerprint sensor
On the pricey side
No Wi-Fi integration

How To Prevent Your Keyless Smart Lock From Being Hacked

Having a keyless door lock with a camera installed doesn’t make you tamper-proof. Although smart locks are tamper-resistant, they are still hackable. It is similar to how a lock is picked with an experienced thief. But you can do a few things to boost security and reduce the chances of a smart lock being hacked.

  • Install an Independent Local Area Network – Setting up an independent LAN network for your smart home security will lessen the losses if a burglar tried to hack your digital lock.
  • Change Your Passcode Frequently – Remember to update your smart lock pass codes frequently. This will go a long way to limit the wear and tear on your keypad. It is also advisable to wipe your keypad regularly to stop dust buildup on unused keys.
  • Use Alpha-Numeric Passwords – Alpha-numeric passcodes are hard to guess. Do not follow any specific patterns or words for your password. Instead, make it at least eight characters, including symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, plus digits. The same goes for the app, if your smart lock system works with one. To make things even harder for unscrupulous hackers, be sure to use set up a two-factor authentication if available.
  • Secure Your Wireless Network – Homeowners don’t often realize how susceptible to hackers their Wi-Fi connectivity is. Begin by customizing the default SSID and broadcasting SSID of your wireless network. Ensure the connection is encrypted by a strong network encryption such as the WPA2-PSK.


A lock is purposely meant to keep your property or facility secure. If you are thinking of installing a smart lock, you’ll want to understand its advantages in residential and commercial settings. Even so, going keyless and safeguarding your property should not be complicated. Digital locking mechanisms offer the best ways to drop your keys by having a keyless door lock with a camera installed.

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