Kidde Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Keeps Beeping After Replacing Batteries

One way to secure your home from the effects of fire and smoke is by installing Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Besides fire and smoke, these devices can alert you in case it detects any traces of carbon monoxide in your home. Consequently, your valuables, loved ones, and pets will remain safe at home even when you are away at work. Although these devices offer the benefits mentioned above, sometimes, they can get faulty. For instance, your alarm may start beeping even after replacing the batteries. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at why Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm keeps beeping after replacing batteries and other related issues.

Reasons Why Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm keeps beeping after replacing batteries

First and foremost, a Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can start beeping or chirping as an indication that its battery needs to be replaced. After all, this is the only way that you will know that the battery has run out of charge. If you delay replacing the batteries, the device may not be as effective as it was a while ago. 

This can further expose your home to great danger in case there is fire, smoke or carbon monoxide. Once the battery has been replaced, the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm will clear the errors and thus stop beeping. However, if it continues to beep even after replacing the batteries, then there is a problem. Some of the potential causes of this problem include:

1. Battery obstructions

If your Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm keeps beeping after replacing the batteries, you should check inside the device, and see if the battery is obstructed or not. In most cases, people usually forget to remove the ‘Pull tab’ from the battery. As a result, the alarm may stop functioning optimally. 

For optimal results, you should ensure that it is pulled out. If this is not the actual problem, then something else may be stopping the battery from connecting well. For instance, you can check your device to see whether debris or insects got inside and have been there for a while or not. Remember that these devices are usually placed in high places and can be prone to such issues.

Other times, dust may find its way into your device, thereby obstructing the battery from connecting well. Some creatures such as spiders can be the cause of all these problems. They can even dislodge the battery, thereby making your device less effective even after replacing the battery. Once you remove all the obstructions, ensure that the battery drawer is closed completely and then see if the beeping will stop.

2. End of life warning

Just like any other device, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms usually have their own lifespan. In most cases, this period is 10 years or thereabout. If your model has served you for about 10 years, time is ripe for you to replace it. 

After all, the technology that was used 10 years ago is very different from the one being used to make modern models. By replacing the model, you will not only get rid of the beeping sound but also get a better model that is more reliable than the previous one.

3. Your device is dirty

Sometimes, dust can disrupt the internal sensors of your device. This can also make your alarm to start beeping even after replacing the batteries. Therefore, there is a need for you to clean the inner part of the model every now and then. The good news is that a vacuum cleaner can help you to get started. 

Better still, a paintbrush or a duster can help you clean your model to perfection. Besides cleaning the inner part, clean the outer part as well. This will make the external sensors to work optimally as well.

Besides cleaning these areas, you should check the location where you have placed the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. In case you have placed it in a location where it is exposed to dust, debris, you can relocate it and install it in a position where it will be less exposed to these elements.

4. Temperature fluctuations

Apart from the 4 reasons mentioned above, your Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm may still beep even after replacing batteries due to temperature fluctuation in your home. For instance, if you set your thermostat at a very high or low temperature, your smoke alarm may sound an alert.

Another reason that could lead to this problem is when you cook your meals at high temperatures in the kitchen. Better still, if someone opens the bathroom after taking a hot shower, the alarm may start beeping immediately. 

Generally, any sudden fluctuation in temperature may make the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm to start beeping immediately. To avoid these false alarms, you should mount these alarms away from the kitchen or bathroom door. Better still, you can use other methods that will ensure that hot air does not rise high enough to reach the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

5. The silence push button may have been pressed by accident

Some Kidde smoke and carbon alarms usually come with a silence push button. In case this button is pressed by accident, the alarm may start beeping once after every 60 seconds for up to 15 minutes or even more.

6. Other appliances may make the same low battery warnings

Besides the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, there are other appliances that make the same sounds whenever they want to alert you to replace their batteries. You should keep an eye on such appliances and confirm that they are truly the ones needing some attention and not your smoke alarm.

7. Batteries may have lost their charge over time

Although you may have purchased new batteries, they may not be essentially new as you may think. For instance, if these batteries were manufactured several months ago, they may not be as fresh as thus can lose their charge fast. 

If you insert these batteries on your Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, the beeping sound may continue due to low voltage. Therefore, you should always check the freshness date indicated on the package whenever you want to buy new batteries for your model at home.

8. Presence of strong chemicals nearby

Strong-smelling chemicals can release particles in the air that can make your Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm to start beeping. For instance, if you are remodeling your home, or even deep cleaning your home, chances are that you will use some strong chemicals which can make your alarm to sound an alert. Therefore, you should be on the watch out for those chemicals and keep them away from the Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Final Words

A beeping sound may be unpleasant to your ears, especially when you want to have some peace of mind. Although you may have inserted new batteries in your Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, it may still beep due to the reasons that we have mentioned above. Note these reasons today so that you can take appropriate actions moving forward.

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