The 10 Best Selfie Ring Light With Cell Phone Holder

In today’s world where TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter videos and photo challenges are part of everyday life, it is becoming necessary to invest in a good selfie camera and decent lighting. Lighting will have a major influence on the look of your videos and images, determining the likes and followers you will get after posting the recording.

Low light is a major concern for photographers, but you can solve the lighting issues by investing in a quality selfie ring light with cell phone holder. A ring light diffuses light over a wider area reducing glare.

The ring light has a circular design that evenly illuminates the subject, resulting in a perfectly lit photo from all angles. An LED ring light with a dim feature offers more versatility and greater control of color temperature. However, what you can do with a selfie ring light depends on the features available and compatibility with your smartphone.

Finding the best selfie ring light is not easy with the available options, but we have reviewed the best selfie ring lights with a cell phone holder to help you save time and find the most suitable option for your photography needs.

The 10 Best Selfie Ring Light With Cell Phone Holder Reviews

1) Viewow Dimmable Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Shooting a TikTok video in your dark living room or a YouTube how-to guide at your garage will be as easy as shooting outdoors in natural lighting with the Viewow selfie light with a tripod stand. The unit brings versatility to your indoor photography with three color lighting modes that include natural light for daily use, warm light for a party shooting, and cool light for work. It supports ten brightness levels, allowing you to easily switch between 3,200k and 6,500k for all your lighting needs in different circumstances.

The AKL02 Viewow ring light has a 2-in-1 adjustable tripod stand that you can use as a selfie stick or a tripod for your phone or camera. The tripod is extendable from 14.5 inches to 52.5 inches and you can lock it at any desired length. It has rubber mats at the bottom, allowing you to place it safely on a table or floor. The ring light is USB-powered and works with most devices that support a USB port. It further supports wireless remote control for hands-free photography.

Viewow Dimmable Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Key Features

  • Dimmable with three colors lighting modes and ten brightness levels.
  • Stand can work as a tripod or selfie stick.
  • Tripod is extendable from 14.5 to 52.5 inches.
  • Stand is firm with rubber mats at the bottom.
  • USB powered.
  • Wireless control.
It is affordable
It offers hands-free shooting
You can add more lighting
It is bright for dark rooms
It does not have a battery

2) AIXPI Ring Light 10-inch With Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

The AIXPI ring light is super bright with 120 bulbs, providing you with extra light for shooting photos and videos. The tripod stand has an extendable reach of between 14.5 inches to 66.9 inches, allowing you to lock it at any desired length. You can place it on your working table or floor and place a camera or phone on the holder for your preferred use. This AIXPI selfie ring light with cell phone holder supports three-color lighting modes of white, warm white, and warm yellow. Every color lighting mode has ten adjustable levels for greater possibilities.

You can use the pad-tilt phone clip in the middle of the ring light to place your phone vertically or horizontally. It has a 10-inch diameter and supports a 5V USB interface power supply. It is compatible with most smartphones with or without a case. The manufacturer further offers a high-quality after-sales service for 12 months.

AIXPI Ring Light 10-inch With Tripod Stand and Phone Holder

Key Features

  • 10-inch ring light.
  • Stand is extendable from 14.5 to 66.9 inches.
  • Three color modes with ten adjustable levels.
  • Universal phone holder.
  • 12 months after-sale service.
  • Pad-tilt for vertical or horizontal phone hold.
  • 5V USB interface power supply.
It is super bright
It’s affordable
It has a long extendable reach
It does not support wireless control

3) Aduro U-Stream Influencer Selfie Ring Light

Aduro U-stream influencer selfie ring light has a 24-inch gooseneck phone mount that makes it ideal for video zoom conference calls and social media photography. It comes with three distinct lighting modes that include white, warm white, and warm yellow. Each light mode supports 10 different levels of brightness, delivering perfect lighting for all your needs. A 24-inch gooseneck phone holder with a non-slip rubber grip holds your phone safely at a perfect angle for streaming live or taking selfies.

Aduro U-stream JR selfie ring light delivers a better face-time experience with customizable light settings for a perfect photography environment. You can increase brightness in ten levels from 1% to 100%, allowing you to experiment with different light settings. The unit is USB-powered, eliminating the need for a battery. You can use your compatible USB device to power the ring light on the move.

Aduro U-Stream Influencer Selfie Ring Light

Key Features

  • 24-inch gooseneck phone mount
  • Three distinct lighting options with 10 different brightness levels
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • USB-powered
It is portable
It’s easy to mount and use
It delivers decent light
It does not have a remote control

4) AceTaken Webcam Light Stand

Taking a photo in a dark room can be frustrating, but the AceTaken webcam light stand brings functionality and beauty to your photography. It is an easy-to-use unit that helps you capture interesting photos and videos at night. It has a flexible 24.2-inch gooseneck arm that can bend to any shape for your flexibility. A rotating 360-degree lazy bracket clip allows you to use the light at any angle.

You can customize the light to suit your needs. It supports three color modes and ten-level brightness, providing you with multiple hues and brightness levels for all your home uses whether selfie-taking, dark scenery vlogging, or making up. The AceTaken is lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to carry it with you at all times. It is USB-powered and works well with multiple USB-enabled devices like power banks, laptops, and PCs.

AceTaken Webcam Light Stand

Key Features

  • USB powered
  • 24.2-inch gooseneck arm
  • Three color light modes with ten brightness levels
  • 360-degree rotating lazy bracket clip
It has a sturdy design and the clamp is strong
It delivers decent light
It’s affordable
It does not support wireless control

5) Foleto Desktop Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

With a 10.2-inch diameter, this Foleto selfie ring light with a cell phone holder is bigger and powerful than most units in the same budget. It features 120pcs bulbs that offer adequate light when live streaming, taking photos, doing make-ups, or shooting videos.

The dimmable LED ring light supports three color modes that include natural, warm and cold. Irrespective of your color mode, you can choose between 11 adjustable brightness options of between 2300K and 6000K, making it perfect for different occasions.

The unit further comes with a wireless remote shutter that is widely compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones. The remote shutter allows you to take selfies and group photos when you are up to ten meters away. Foleto desktop selfie ring light can rotate 360 degrees, giving you the freedom to take photos from any angle.

Foleto Desktop Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Key Features

  • 10.2-inch ring light with 120pcs bulbs
  • 3 light modes that support 11 brightness levels
  • Highly compatible wireless remote shutter
  • Rotates 360 degrees
It is affordable
It offers many brightness levels
You can take photos wirelessly in up to 10 meters
You can only start or stop remotely

6) Sumcoo Dimmable 10-inch Selfie Ring Light

The 10-inch Sumcoo selfie ring light with cell phone holder features the latest lighting technology, delivering brighter fill-in light with three color temperature modes. Whether you prefer white, warm white, or warm yellow temperature, you can choose between ten brightness levels, making it perfect for different scenarios.

It comes with a 360-degree rotary 3-way pan head that you can freely adjust, pan, or tilt from horizontal to vertical camera direction. The stand has a swivel handle and built-in bubble level, enabling you to span smoothly to capture the wonderful landscape.

The unit has an adjustable tripod stand with a quick-release flip lock system that allows you to lock the height between 16 to 50 inches in seconds. It is easy to assemble and a functional 360-degree rotary gooseneck gives you the freedom to adjust your phone horizontally or vertically to suit your photography needs. It is USB-powered, supporting most USB-enabled devices like laptops, PCs, and power banks.

Sumcoo Dimmable 10-inch Selfie Ring Light

Key Features

  • USB powered
  • 360-degree rotary gooseneck phone holder
  • Adjustable tripod stand with quick-release flip lock system
  • 10-inch ring light with 3 color modes and 10 brightness adjustable
It’s highly adjustable
It offers a stable recording environment
It is easy to assemble and use
It does not support wireless control

7) AIXPI Dimmable 10-inch LED Ring Light

AIXPI dimmable ring light features a tripod stand and a cell phone holder for perfect photographs and videos at home. You can also use it when you need extra light for making up, live streaming, or reading books. It supports three light modes that include cold light, mixed-mode, and warm light with every color mode supporting ten brightness levels. The phone holder is rotatable, allowing you to place your phone vertically or horizontally.

The tripod stand is extendable from 14.5 to 66.9 inches for flexibility. You can easily lock the stand at your desired length for preferred use on the floor or table. A Bluetooth remote shutter allows you to operate the ring light from ten meters, ensuring that you will never fail to capture memorable videos and photos. It is USB-powered, enabling it to work with many devices like laptops, PCs, and power banks.

AIXPI Dimmable 10-inch LED Ring Light

Key Features

  • 10-inch dimmable ring light
  • 3 color modes with 10 brightness levels
  • USB powered
  • Bluetooth remote shutter
  • Long adjustable tripod
It has a long adjustable tripod stand
You can operate remotely
The phone holder is 360-degree rotatable
Assembly instructions are not clear

8) Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig

If you are into videography, you need a unit that offers video stabilization and bright light for a perfect shot. The Ulanzi U Rig Pro comes with three standard shoe mounts and two universal 1/4-inch threads for a perfect hold.

You can easily mount a video microphone and LED lights on the rig, making it a perfect accessory for video makers and iPhone filmmakers. It is compatible with most smartphones and it not only offers a spring clip, but also a secure screw for a firm hold.

Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig

Key Features

  • Rich expandability with 3 cold shoe mounts on top and screws
  • Universal smartphone compatibility
  • Secure and safe hold
It adds functionality to your smartphone
It’s lightweight
It is large to accommodate most phones
It can only hold the slim phones without a case

9) WongPing 5.7-Inch Ring Light With Tripod Stand

WongPing 5.7-inch is one of the best smaller ring lights that can help illuminate dark rooms for perfect images and videos. It comes with 64 professional LED beauty lamp beads, delivering more light than most competing smaller units. It features three color modes of warm light, warm white light, and white light. You can further customize the color temperature with ten adjustable brightness levels to suit your photography needs.

The unit has a lightweight, aluminum alloy tripod for excellent strength and portability. You can adjust the height from 11 to 25.6 inches. WongPing dimmable selfie ring light with cell phone holder is USB powered, allowing you to use it any USB-enabled device like a power bank, laptop, and a PC. It is easy to use with a quick-release cell phone holder.

WongPing 5.7-Inch Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Key Features

  • 5.7-inch dimmable ring light with 64 professional LED lamps
  • 3 color modes with 10 adjustable brightness levels
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy tripod stand
  • USB powered
  • Quick-release cell phone holder
It is lightweight and portable
It is easy to assemble and use
It does not support wireless control

10) Movo iVlogger Vlogging Kit

Movo iVlogger is a complete smartphone video kit that comes with a shotgun microphone, ultra-bright LED 30 light, and an adjustable tabletop tripod for recording videos. The kit makes vlogging easy thanks to a quality microphone that delivers clear, crisp, directional audio.

An adjustable desktop tripod with a phone mount holds your phone securely, allowing you to focus on your content. The unit further comes with a rechargeable LED with three brightness levels. It is also multifunctional with a rail mount bracket that can accommodate any cold shoe or 1/4-inch thread accessories.

Movo iVlogger Vlogging Kit

Key Features

  • A complete smartphone video kit
  • Ultra-bright LED30 light
  • Shotgun microphone
  • Adjustable tabletop tripod
It’s easy to set up and use
It delivers clear audio
It comes with one year warranty
The tripod is for tabletop or handheld use

Selfie Ring Lights Buying Guide – Things You Should Look Before Buying

  • Size –Selfie rings come in different sizes, enabling you to choose the ideal option for your needs. The larger units are usually brighter as they pack many LED bulbs, unlike the smaller units. Most units tend to have a 10-inch diameter, but you can find a unit with 18 or 6 inches. A larger ring light is ideal for indoor photography while a smaller unit will be useful while on the move.
  • Light output – The purpose of ring lights is to illuminate dark rooms for perfect images and videos. The best units tend to have LED bulbs that deliver bright and energy-efficient light. Ring lights distribute light evenly, eliminating over or underexposure. Top ring lights allow you to customize the brightness, intensity, and tone of light. Some units have a dimmable feature enabling you to change the light from softest to the brightest level.
  • Compatibility – A ring light that is not compatible with your smartphone will not be useful. Make sure that the phone holder is ideal for your smartphone. Some units have smaller phone holders while others have larger compartments that would fit almost all phones. However, you should look out for clips that hold firmly and other options like screws.
  • Adjustable tripods – An adjustable tripod brings flexibility and usability. Different units have tripods with varying lengths, making them ideal for various uses. Longer adjustable tripods are best as you can use the light on the floor or desktop. You should also look for additional features like a rotating head and interchangeable rings.
  • Power source – USB-powered units are the best as you can power them with USB-compatible devices like laptops, computers, and power banks.
  • Remote control – Some units allow you to operate them wirelessly. You can take photos, capture videos, change light settings and turn on and off the ring light. However, the functions you can do remotely vary among the LED ring lights. You may also need to look at the ease of use. Buy a unit that is easy to mount and use for enhanced functionality.


Whether you are taking a photo or video for social media, YouTube tutorials, or TikTok fun videos, you need a perfect environment that is well lit. Over or underexposure will negatively impact your video quality. A selfie ring light with cell phone holder is a functional videography accessory that delivers evenly distributed light for perfect images from all angles. They are affordable and come with useful features like remote control, a rotatable head, and dimmable light.