The 10 Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $2000

Electric mountain bikes are extravagant models of bikes that are more costly to acquire and maintain than standard bikes. These types of bikes are booming in the market with their range of models growing steadily. These models also have distinct prices with others expensive than others. As a result, people find it hard to navigate the jungle of this range of products and grab the best of the best that suits their needs.

Therefore, we have put the best buyers guide to help you grab the best electric mountain bike under $2000. We have also explained some of the factors to consider and tips to grab the best bike in order to avoid nasty experiences. However, before diving deep into that, let’s first make you understand what is an electric mountain bike.

What Is An Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike is similar to a normal mountain bike but with an integrated motor and battery that helps riders to pedal. Basically, this motor assists in propulsion. When riding, each of your pedal strokes is powered making you feel like you are riding a normal bike. One of the greatest advantages of this bike is that it allows you to cover a larger distance over a specific amount of time compared to a standard mountain bike. These bikes are also cheaper and healthier to use compared to cars or standard bikes.

Types Of Electric Bikes

While in search of the best electric mountain bike under $2000, have in mind that there are a variety of e-bike types and designs. Therefore, let’s have a closer look at these types.

1) Pedal assist electric bike

This is the most common class of electric bikes that is also referred to as class 1. This type has a motor that helps to increase the power that is directed to the rear wheel. As a result, the rider will pedal his bike normally under less strain. With this bike, you are less likely to strain even on high gear with increased speed and less effort when climbing a steep mountain. This type also features a very concrete setting that helps you to control the amount of assistance you need while peddling.

2) Throttle electric bike

This is a throttle-operated electric bike that propels your bike forward without engaging any peddling. If you engage your bike’s motor by pushing the throttle, a variable power is generated to propel your bike forward without necessarily peddling it.

3) Speed pedelec

This is the 3rd class of electric bike that is normally likened to a motor vehicle with its riders required to have a riding license. This type of electric bike has higher powered motors that generate a very high approximated speed of 28mph.

Benefits Of An Electronic Mountain Bike

Electronic mountain bikes are on the rising popularity and turning out to be the biggest development in the world of cycling. Driven and generated under the latest technology, these types of bikes offer several benefits that are not easy to get from standard types of bikes. Below are several outlined benefits:

1) They offer a free speed

This is one of the top reasons why most riders prefer buying an electric-assisted mountain bike. This is because the bike allows you to travel at a very high speed with less effort, energy or no strain involved. This sensation of speed is the greatest motive of every rider.

2) They have increased range

Yes. E-Mountain bikes are high in speed as mentioned above. As a result, it guarantees a wide ground cover over a specific time. Therefore, with this bike, you will enjoy the fun of covering extra trails over a short time. For instance, you are in a race that means you will cover the given distance over a shorter duration.

3) They have added stability

E- Mountain bikes are inscribed with electric motors beneath the bikes bracket area and batteries along the downtube of your bike. As a result, these bikes are normally heavy with their weight centrally positioned and appearing low on the frames. This gives your bike a very low center of gravity adding substantial stability especially when descending a slope.

4) They are more capable

The electric mountain bike has a motor that adds more power making it more capable. This added power doesn’t just make it more stable and fast, but also makes it stronger to propel even on rocks and rough terrains. This makes it relatively capable of standard bikes.

5) They are versatile in functionality

Electric mountain bikes are strong, stable and fast to navigate all types of terrain. As a result, this type of bike can commute or run any type of errand faster and effortlessly. Therefore, they are versatile in functionality.

6) They are fun and helps to build some skills

Electric mountain bikes are so easy, plain and fun to ride. Also, when riding up and down the terrain, you gain a whole new experience when adjusting your handling style and shifting your body positioning. This helps to build some new skills for the rider.

Considerations When Choosing An Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are flooded in the market with new models arising every new day. As a result, getting the right model can be a workload. The following factors should guide you when choosing the best electric mountain bike. This will make things easier for you.

1) Your bikes Quality

Electric mountain bikes are made to ride through different types of terrains. Just as the name implies, these types of bikes are also meant to navigate through rough and sloppy hills/ mountains. As a result, your ideal electric mountain bike should be made of strong and quality materials to endure and last for long. Also, ensure that your bikes racks, rims and wheels are strong and quality.

2) Your bikes battery

Battery size is very crucial when choosing an electric mountain bike. In most cases, choosing a bigger battery capacity helps a great deal. This is because a large battery capacity keeps your bike on and moving for long over hilly areas with a single charge. Therefore, select a first charging battery with a large capacity to avoid inconveniences.

3) Motor

When choosing an electric mountain bike, consider a powerful motor to power and sustain your bike as it climbs the hills. Also, your bikes motor location matters when selecting an electric mountain bike. Your ideal motor location should be in the vicinity of your bike’s bottom bracket. This provides a smooth ride, the best handling and reliable stability over your bike.

You should also consider the brand of the motor when selecting an electric mountain bike. This is because different brands manufacture distinct motors in terms of power output, weight and torque of your motor.

4) Bikes brand

It’s important to consider the type of brand when selecting an electric mountain bike. There are diversified brands of electric mountain bikes with distinct quality and functionality. Therefore, you should endure that your bike is from a reliable brand. Your selected brand should also have a committed and responsive customer care service. To know more about your bike’s brand, check their customer reviews and ratings.

5) Cost

It’s also crucial to consider your electric mount bike’s cost before buying. More often than not, the price of an item is directly proportional to its quality. Therefore, selecting a very cheap bike might compromise the quality and sturdiness of your bike. On the other hand, your bike should not be extremely expensive to hurt your credit card.

This is because there are relatively cheaper but quality electric mountain bikes. A decent electric mountain bike should have a price below $2000. However, it’s crucial to have a budget and get an E-mountain bike within your range of budget.

6) Intended purpose

This is another crucial consideration when choosing an electric mountain bike. The first question should be how do I intend to use it? Is it for racing, weekend cycling or gym? If your bike is intended for long and rough cycling, you should select an electric mountain bike with strong materials, frames and high battery capacity.

The 10 Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $2000 Reviews

1) DJ Fat bike 750W 48V 13A Power electric bike

This is a multipurpose electric bike that is made of sturdy and quality components for effective functionality. Made from a renowned DJ bikes brand, this bike is made of competitive features that make it stand out among other models. It features.

DJ Fat bike 750W 48V 13A Power electric bike
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Special Features

  • High quality and durable stainless aluminum frames. This makes it sturdy and strong to navigate through rough and sloppy terrains without wear and tear.
  • A strong 48V, 13Ah LG battery that is meant to last for long after a single charge. This battery can be dismounted and charged at any place.
  • A powerful 750W motor to empower the bike and propel it up on long and steep mountains.
  • Heavy duty rims and strong tires that are so versatile and compatible with any type of road.
Made of cushioned saddle for comfort while riding
Made of strong and sturdy frames
Durable and lasting batteries
Easy to ride and fast to assemble
Comes with a one year warranty
Complains of poor customer service

2) ENGWE 750W 500W folding electric bike for adults

This is another incredible electric bike for under $2000. The latter has a lot of features that make it forefront and suitable for many. It features the following.

ENGWE 750W 500W folding electric bike for adults
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Special features

  • A 750 W brushless motor that helps you navigate through terrains at a speed of 28MPH.
  • A long lasting 48V 12.8A lithium removable battery that last for long hours and allows you to cover up to 25 miles with a single charge.
  • Fat tires with wide surface to smoothly navigate through beaches, stony roads and steep mountains.
  • A soft lather seat that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when riding strips.
  • Aluminum foldable frame that makes it easy to pack and travel with for camping or other fun activities.
  • A pedal assistance level and half twist throttle to control your riding speed.
It’s foldable and convenient for travelers
Light in weight and easy to ride and propel
Versatile wheels that can navigate any road condition
Reliable customer care services
Strong and durable materials and frames
Not very easy to assemble

3) Gotrax electric bike

This is another best electric mountain bike under $2000 in the market. There is a lot to like about this bike with incredible features that guarantee optimal joy of cycling. The latter boasts of the following;

Gotrax electric bike
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Special features.

  • A lasting removable 36V 12.5Ah battery that allows you to ride for 50 miles on PAS mode and 25 miles on electric mode per charge. This allows you to ride anywhere you want all day long.
  • Has a light yet strong and durable aluminum alloy frame that makes handling and cornering ability easy and comfortable.
  • A safety and reliable 160mm disc brake that is so effective and instant to stop in case of an emergency.
  • A powerful 350W motor with the ability to power the bike to a speed of 20MPH consistently even on rough roads.
  • A shimano 21 speed gear that give the bike a high climbing power and terrain adaptability.
Has aggressive and comfortable seat
Has a shock absorption suspension for comfortable and smooth riding experience
Has a multi-purpose LCD display
Has an USB port to charge your device
So easy o assemble and disassemble
Weak fenders

4) Ecotric UL certified bike

Being a UL-certified device, this bike guarantees your safety on the roads. Therefore, you can evade traffic jams and avoid crowded buses with this bike with no fear of safety inconveniences. This bike features the following.

Ecotric UL certified bike
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Special features

  • 48V 13 Ah removable battery that allows you to ride for 20 miles without a recharge.
  • Brushless 750W motor to empower the bike giving it a navigation speed of 20MPH.
  • Fat and durable tires that are fast and stable on all road conditions.
  • USB port to connect and charge your device while riding.
  • A disc barking system with walk assist and pedal assist model for optimal security while riding.
Has light reflectors for safety riding in the dark
Its easy to assemble
Comfortable to ride
Perfect customer care services
Its seat is too tall and uncomfortable for short users

5) GS9 PRO Paselec electric mountain bike for adults 2.5’’

With less than $2000, you can also take this bike home and enjoy your riding experience. It is a high-quality E-mountain bike that is inscribed with a variety of incredible features.

GS9 PRO Paselec electric mountain bike for adults 2.5’’ electric bike with hydraulic brakes
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Special features

  • A well located and enclosed 500W powerful motor that empowers your bike up to a speed of 25 to 28 MPH.
  • A large 48V 12Ah battery capacity that gives the bike a strong inclining and acceleration ability up to a distance of 50 miles on a single charge.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes that are fast and responsive when riding.
  • Large wheels with good traction with large rims to ride through obstacles like stones effectively.
Easy to assemble
Made of strong ad durable components
Responsive customer service
The handle bars height can’t be adjusted

6) Ecotric 20’’ folding electric bike

This is another UL certified electric bike to get with less than $2000. Its UL certification proves that the product has been tested and proved suitable and safe to use on roads.

Ecotric 20’’ folding electric bike
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Special features

  • Designed with an aluminum alloy frames that are foldable and easy to carry.
  • Has reliable braking system for optional safety while riding. It features a front V-brake and rear disk brake.
  • It has a removable 36V 12.5 Ah battery that takes 4 to 6 hours to charge and can endure up to 30KM with a single charge.
  • 350W powered motor that enables a factory speed of 20MPH.
Decent with value for money
Light, foldable and easy to transport
Made of quality and strong frames
Easy to assemble and pedal
Lacks lighting
Not waterproof

7) GS9 paselec Electric Mountain bikes for adults

We bring to you this other reliable model of electric mountain bike under $2000. The latter is so effective and comes with three riding modes: human riding mode with zero power and zero gear, electric mode and power-assisted riding mode. Besides, it has other features as explained below.

GS9 paselec Electric Mountain bikes for adults
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Special features

  • A fast charging 13 Ah lithium battery that is well protected and water proof for long life service. This battery offers a powerful riding ability of up to 80 miles per charge.
  • Professional 27.5 inch tires that are compatible with flat, dirt and gravel roads. The tires are 5 layered to absorb ground shock, vibration and comfortably adopt on all terrains.
  • A 500W motor is also installed on the bike to give it a maximum speed to 24MPH and an output torque of 55N.
  • Has a LCD waterproof display and shimano 7-speed gears for effective speed control.
  • Boasts of a rear mechanical disc and alloy front brakes for safety riding.
Has a fast charging battery
Puncture resistant tires
Has a fast riding speed
Its water and dust proof
Complains that front brakes easily loosen

8) W Wallike Ebike folding electric bike for adults

Wallke is a great brand of electric mountain bikes that are well known to create high-performance and excellent quality electric bikes. The same applies to this model of bike. The bike is well configured and features the following:

W Wallike Ebike folding electric bike for adults
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Special features

  • Has a solid aluminum foldable frame that is strong, easy to maintain and rust resistance. This frame makes it easy to fold and carry in your trunk for transportation.
  • It also features 26 inch fat and strong tires that are non-slip, have high grip, low rolling resistance and adapts well to several types of roads.
  • Has full sized rear and front fenders that helps the bike to navigate and plash proof on wet roads.
  • It also features a pneumatic front fork and a thickened outer wall that provide effective shock absorption when riding.
  • In addition, it is inscribed with a 750W high speed rear motor that strengthens the bike enabling it to ride on steep slopes seamlessly.
  • Finally, it features a 14 Ah Samsung large capacity battery that powers the bike to ride for 60 miles per charge.
It’s dust and water proof
It is made of an anti-theft design to make it safe
It has a fast charging battery that can be charged either directly on through unloading charging
Has LED headlights for easier riding
Effective breaks for protection
Not suitable for users that are below 5.6 inches in height

9) Paselec GS9-plus electric mountain bike for adults with 14.5 Ah hidden removable battery 750W

Are you in search of the best electric mountain bike under $2000? This PASELEC model is inscribed with several reliable features that will suit your needs. It has the following intriguing features.

Paselec GS9-plus electric mountain bike for adults with 14.5 Ah hidden removable battery 750W
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Special features

  • Strong and powerful 750W motor that is frame integrated to protect it from dust or water drops. This boasts its longevity. This motor gives you a maximum ride speed of 25 to 28 Mph.
  • Lasting battery capacity of 14.5Ah that assists to ride for 50 miles under a single charge.
  • Wide and fat tires that helps the bike to navigate through rough roads, obstacles and pumps comfortably.
  • Aluminum metal frames to boost its durability.
  • A multi-purpose control button with several functions such as monitoring your speed, mileage, battery power etc.
It’s versatile in functionality
Its waterproof and dustproof
Has three distinct modes of riding
Has anti-theft mode
Not foldable

10) WTVA 26’’ electric bike with 750W motor

We close our guide with this reliable model of electric mountain bike under $2000. Similar to most bikes on our list, WTVA also features 3 riding modes that allow you to choose the most convenient. It has the following additional features.

WTVA 26’’ electric bike with 750W motor
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Special features

  • 750 W rear brushless motor to provide a powerful and consistent riding experience of up to 27MPH maximum speed.
  • Large capacity 13Ah LI-ION battery and a 26 inch tires for easier navigation through all road conditions.
  • A rear and front disc brakes for effective braking even on wet and slippery roads.
  • Unique LED lighting for easier riding and professional 21 speed gears that increases the bike’s ability to climb on hilly slopes.
Easy to install and comes with a manual, relevant accessories and basic installation tools
It has a stunning design
It’s an all-weather bike
Reliable breaks that guarantees your safety
Not available in many colors

Tips And Tricks For Buying Electric Mountain Bike

Below are tips and tricks that should guide you when buying an electric mountain bike:

  • Consider an e-mountain bike with tubeless tires: these tires make any puncture easy and quick to repair. Besides, you don’t have to remove them from the bike every time that you need to repair a puncture.
  • Consider an e-mountain bike with additional accessories: accessories such as helmet, bells, adjustable seats, fenders, USB ports, lighting and reflectors for safety riding in the dark.
  • Consider an e-mountain bike with strong breaking power to put a stop to your bike immediately in case of an accident.
  • Consider strong: big and fat tires to improve friction and stability on the road while riding. This also makes your bike suitable to use on any types of roads.
  • Avoid second hand e-mountain bikes: Although second hand electric mountain bikes are relatively cheaper than brand new bikes, they are better avoided. This is because they are probably misused by the previous owner thus prone to wear and tear. Such bikes can also incur high maintenance fee.


Since electric mountain bikes are so convenient, cozy and reliable, they come with an additional cost. In our guide, we have given you a list of the best electric mountain bike under $2000. All our bikes are quality is proven and worth an investment. They are also easy to find in several retail stores like amazon. Grab one of the best electric mountain bikes under $2000 above and enjoy your weekend rides. All the best!

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