Where Is The Best Place To Store Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s obvious that Carbon monoxide detectors should be stored cautiously. Before exploring further on where is the best place to store carbon monoxide detectors, let’s first understand what these devices are. In our habitual life, coming across carbon monoxide in inevitable. Obviously, this gas is deadly as it limits passage of oxygen into your lungs causing difficulty in breathing, dizziness and sometimes death. Since the gas is colorless, it’s so hard to detect. Therefore, you need carbon monoxide detector which helps to sense and detect the presence of carbon monoxide in a room and alert the owner through different types of alarms.   

When determining where the best place to store carbon monoxide detector, you should consider the actuality that this gas is majorly found in warm and rising air. Therefore, when present in a room, it is more likely to rise and appear slightly above the surface. As a result, carbon monoxide detector should be stored some feet above the ground. To know more on dos and don’ts of carbon monoxide detector storage, read our guide to the latter.

The Best Place To Store Carbon Monoxide Detectors

To protect your family and loved ones from the deadly carbon monoxide gas, you need at least one CO detector in your home. The question is, where is the best place to store carbon monoxide detector? Since these detectors are free standing, they are storable anywhere. What defines the best place to store them, is the risks present in your home. Below are best places to store these gadgets. 

1) Next to a sleeping area

This is the most ideal place to store carbon monoxide detector. Since we are more vulnerable to danger while asleep, placing CO detector near your sleeping area helps to alert and wake you up in case of carbon monoxide dangers. Placing a detector near every bedroom is more effective.

2) Off the ground

This is another ideal place to place your carbon monoxide detector.  More often than not, CO is found in warm, rising air. Therefore, CO detectors should be stored at least 5 feet from the ground. This also ensures your detector is at an average eye level for easy reading.

3) In an open place

Carbon detectors should be stored in an open place to avoid normal air flow interference. You can mount it in a wall, along a pathway or open room away from shelves, furniture, curtains and so on. 

4) In a garage

Yes. A garage is another best place to store your carbon monoxide detector. Running cars easily elevate carbon dioxide levels in a room or home. Therefore, mounting your carbon monoxide detector on the walls of your garage assures protection over your household.

Don’ts when storing your carbon monoxide detector

  • Do not store your detector near pets or kid’s reach. This is because they are most likely to destroy or break the sensor.
  • Do not store your carbon monoxide detector in high temperature areas or direct sunlight. This might trigger your detector to alarm falsely
  • Do not store it near the window, furniture, shelves or any other obstruction. This will hinder air flow to the detector.
  • Do not store your detector near bathrooms or humid areas. 
  • Do not store your detector besides cooking appliances, source of heat or fuel-burning appliances. 

Final word

To determine the best place to store your carbon monoxide detectors, consider risk levels in your home. However, sleeping room is the best place to store your detector. This makes the device not only safe but also effective. However, it should be away from the bed, cabinets or curtains to optimize functionality.

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