Xfinity Upload Speed Slow: How to Troubleshoot

When searching for an internet service provider, you should look at so many factors. Among them, internet speed is the most crucial factor to consider. When we say internet speed, we are referring to download and upload speed. A slow internet speed is the most irritating thing when uploading your assignment, video or attending a serious meeting.

For the longest time, I have been using Xfinity internet to stream, download and upload YouTube videos. From my experience, I would define Xfinity internet as excellent. However, nothing is 100% perfect. Although the best, have experienced slight problems with Comcast Xfinity upload speed. When it comes to uploading my YouTube videos, there are instances that my upload took long that expected.

Is your Xfinity upload speed slow? Worry not because this guide is here for you. To ensure I have the best upload speed in my YouTube, I went out of my way to search for a remedy. As a result, I came up with a detailed guide on what causes Xfinity upload speed slow and how to troubleshoot. Here is the guide! 

What is Xfinity Upload Speed

Xfinity upload speed is basically the amount of megabits of data per second that are used to send information or file from your device to another device or to an internet server. 

Xfinity gigabit internet services are now advanced with their speeds delivered over the hybrid Fiber Coax network. This network uses lines of communication that are already available in massive number of homes. This makes Xfinity download and upload speed faster and reliable with its upload speed extending up to 35 Mbps.

Why You Need To Troubleshoot Xfinity Upload Speed Slow

As stated, slow upload speed is so irritating and inconveniencing. As a result, you need to troubleshoot it in order to attain high upload speed. Without doubt, high upload speed is important and required in many fields. Be in business, content creation, schooling activities, telecommuters and even places of work, high upload speeds are very crucial. First of all, high upload speed makes it so easy to upload videos, photos or audio into the web, cloud storage or backup emails. Below are other reasons as to why you should troubleshoot Xfinity slow upload speed to high upload speed.

1) To attend virtual classes

As COVID 19 limits physical meetings, virtual classes have become popular with students needed to attend classes from various platforms. Here, high upload speed is important for uploading assignments, exams and attending video presentation projects.

2) To work online

Similar to schooling, work activities and projects are conducted online these days. As slow upload speed will delay your work interviews, professional meetings and work meetings, you need to troubleshoot it to a high upload speed.

3) For gaming

If you are familiar with online gaming, you can tell that the activity requires constant updating. Poor or slow internet speed will cause an update lag which will slow your performance. Therefore, you need a high upload speed to make updated data available to the game server in time

Why Your Xfinity Upload Speed Is Slow

If your upload speed is lower than expected, there is a glitch either in your home or on Xfinity’s side. Therefore, before contacting Xfinity for troubleshooting tips, you should first know what the course of Xfinity slow upload speed is. Below are some of the reasons that cause Xfinity upload speed slow?

  • Xfinity’s data cap: Slow upload speed might be as a result of data caps or limit from Xfinity. Sometimes, Xfinity place data caps to restrict downloading or uploading in certain plans. However, the data cap varies depending with the cost of your internet plan. This calls you to change your plan to a better one that has high data cap.
  • Anti-virus: Third-party firewall or antivirus software installed in your connectivity device can slow your upload speed. Mostly, this happens when you use an individual firewall instead of your computers’. This firewall scans to check the file as it uploads thus slowing the upload speed. To correct this, uninstall your current firewall and get a well compatible with your device.
  • Faulty router: A faulty router or modem also lowers your upload speed. Mostly, the firmware that is installed in your router can result to a slower upload speed. Also, when your router wears out, it get outdated which slows your upload speed. If your router is faulty, outdated or has loose wiring, replace it.
  • Connected devices: If you connect too many devices to your internet, your upload speed might be sluggish. This degrades your connection speed leading to a lower upload speed. To rectify this, reduce the number of shared device.

What To Do Before Troubleshooting Xfinity Slow Upload Speed

When you find out that your Xfinity upload speed is sluggish, you should first confirm your upload rate before troubleshooting. Below are ways to confirm your Xfinity upload rate.

  • Confirm from another website: Sometimes, slow upload speed can happen as a result of errors in a particular website. Therefore, before trouble shooting your upload speed, try to upload in other websites and compare their upload rate.
  • Use a speed test tool: Before troubleshooting your slow Xfinity upload speed, it’s advisable to confirm your internet through a speed-test tool. This will confirm that your upload speed is indeed slow.
  • Confirm from neighbors: Before troubleshooting Xfinity slow upload speed, it’s good to first confirm from neighbors or friends that also use Xfinity internet. That way, you will confirm that the problem is not only in your house but the whole region.

How To Troubleshoot Slow Xfinity Upload Speed

How to troubleshoot slow Xfinity upload speed

If you check and confirm that your Xfinity upload speed is slow, you should troubleshoot it. Mostly, troubleshooting can be tedious. Luckily, we have made things easier for you through providing the following tips:

1) Restart your internet device

Restarting your modem or router can be an effective remedy for Xfinity slow upload speed. Doing this gives your router a power nap to refresh and clear unwanted data. You can restart your Xfinity router from your Xfinity account or restart it manually through this process: 

  • Unplug your modem and router
  • Wait for 10 seconds and turn your modem on
  • Give it few minutes to establish its internet connect
  • When the modem is well connected, turn your router on. 

2) Upgrade your device

Sometimes, Xfinity slow upload speed can be as a result of using old, outdated computer and not the internet. Here, you should upgrade to a newer computer that is at least Windows 8, has 2.5 and 5 gigahertz dual core CPU and 8GB RAM. 

Also, you should check whether your router is outdated as old routers also cause slow upload speed. To troubleshoot this, get a newer router that is better in data speed and range.

3) Update your browser

Out of date version of browser can also slow your upload speed. To troubleshoot this, update to the most recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

4) Change your wireless gateway location

Your upload could be slow due to the positioning of your gateway. The perfect remedy for this is placing your wireless gateway in a closer position to your device. Also, avoid placing your gateway near walls, concrete floors, behind big furniture or in crowded areas.

5) Hardwiring

Your wireless connection could be the issue. Sometimes, wired connection can improve your upload speed. In this case, disable wireless connection and connect your device to the modem using an Ethernet cable. The most ideal Ethernet cable for wired connection is Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable.


Is your Xfinity upload speed slow? Try our troubleshooting tips above. If the speed is still not fixed after those tips, contact Xfinity for further help. You can chat with Xfinity assistance anytime and get the help you yearn for.

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