How To Connect CCTV Camera To Computer With Cable

Most people are normally concerned about criminals or staff theft in companies. The same
applies to homes too, because of burglars. The solution that comes to the mind of many is
to install a CCTV camera. CCTV camera installation may give your business increased
security and peace of mind. The same case applies to homes. There are many CCTV camera
systems available. Some are quite complex, while others are quite simple to design and
Our question today is how to connect a CCTV camera to a computer with a cable? In our
page below, we have explained the process step by step. However, note that this process
has a challenge while connecting a CCTV camera to a computer, computer is not usually
near it. For instance, if you wanted to watch activities at your front entrance, you would
definitely install a camera in the corridor. In such a situation, the computer will not be close
to the camera.

Our article is here to help you navigate such problems. Also, we will mainly
focus on how to connect a CCTV camera to a computer with a cable. You will also get to
understand what CCTV is and how it operates. Therefore, read through to the end.

Understanding About CCTV

CCTV is an acronym for closed-circuit television. They send video pictures via a private
network rather than displaying them publicly. CCTV is widely used in businesses, offices and
home security systems. It feeds live pictures to security guards and employees. It can also
record them on VHS cassettes or digital video recording systems. The recording is for later
replay in the event of a crime or other problem.

The question is how to connect the CCTV to a computer with a cable. Nowadays, it is
possible to link a camera to a computer or to loop camera data into a network via a cable.
This enables you to see CCTV on a laptop or desktop computer. Some companies and
residences use cloud-based systems that save video on cloud servers.

There are two common types of cables you will find in CCTV installations. One is the USB
cable and the other is the coaxial cable. You need to consult your manufacturer on how to do the configuration using both of them.

Besides, they do provide a manual on how to install CCTV cameras. With this knowledge about CCTVs, let’s now proceed to explaining

How To Connect a CCTV Camera To a Computer With Cable

It is now feasible to link a security camera to a personal computer with advanced technology. Note that before you buy a CCTV system, check not just the cost or value of the CCTV camera, but also if it has the functions you need. They include functions like digital connection.

You must also take in additional expenses when pricing. Such expenses may include maintenance and the cost of storing media. Some of the media storage includes cassettes, hard drives, or cloud storage space. The following are the steps to connecting a CCTV camera to a computer with a cable:

  • Install CCTV software on your PC: When you buy a CCTV camera, they will supply you with the software on a CD or DVD. Other models may need you to download the software from their website. Insert the CD or DVD software supplied with the CCTV camera into the optical drive of your computer. For the downloaded software, the instructions are well articulated on the website. Carry out the software’s automated installation by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Setup your camera: Choose a position that is not immediately in front of a light source. Ensure that the camera has shade and that the subject area is adequately illuminated. Ensure that the subject—say, a door—is inside the camera’s frame. The user’s handbook will provide the range at which the camera can catch the whole of a 6-foot person’s image. It is often as little as 2.5 meters at night when utilizing a day/night camera. Once you transmit the signal to the computer, you can fine-tune the camera’s exact position. Note that this is one of the important steps when installing a CCTV camera.
  • Connect your camera to your computer: Connect your surveillance camera to your PC. Some of the CCTV systems make use of a coaxial wire, while others make use of a standard USB cable. Consult the handbook to discover the proper kind of cable to use when connecting the CCTV camera to the PC. Also, some CCTV configurations need a router to link many cameras. For you to use this CCTV setup, you must connect each camera to an accessible port on the CCTV router. After this, then connect it to your computer through the router’s Ethernet connection. Keep the user’s manual handy for more information.
  • Connect the power supply to the camera: Take note that CCTV cameras cannot work when they are not powered. So, you need to connect a dedicated power source to the camera (s). Some USB CCTV systems power the cameras directly through the USB cable. This eliminates the need for a separate power source for each camera.
  • Launch and configure the CCTV software: Begin by installing the CCTV camera software on your PC and then configuring the cameras. At this stage, you can accurately aim and adjust the camera. This will definitely guarantee you high-quality footage. You will need one person at the camera and the other at the computer when adjusting these cameras. This is to fine-tune and bring the cameras into fine focus. You will need to identify all the installed cameras in the building.
  • Cloud Based Surveillance Cameras: There is an increase in the use of cameras that digitally send video to remote computers. In other words, it means using the cloud to store the collected data. You can use it in conjunction with your business’s wired internet connection. This will eliminate the need to connect them directly to a computer or server. Also, you will not need to buy specialized equipment for storing and reviewing videos.

Certain systems may even detect and display motion inside the field of view of the camera. This enables you to go through the recorded video without having to pay close attention to each second of idleness.

You will usually have to pay the camera company a monthly or yearly storage charge. However, some businesses give a limited storage which is inclusive in the storage cost. So, you need to look around for a functional camera with good storage plans too. You must ensure they are compatible with your business’s network. This will enable you to have a smooth business security setup.

Final Recap

CCTV cameras help to keep your house or company secure. Other than that, you will have a lot of peace when you want when you remember each event is on record. The CCTV cameras allow you to track your whereabouts 24/7 without personally being there.

You may discover how to connect a CCTV camera to a computer with the advancement of technology. This is a handy way to check in on your family or workers at any time or location. So, we hope by now you know how to connect a CCTV camera to a computer. Note: it is always good to consult your manufacturer if you need more assistance.

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