Honeywell Pro Series Troubleshooting

Thermostats are incredible devices to have at home or in your business. They give a sustained comfort in a room by regulating the temperature either by cooling or warming it. Among many models of thermostats available in the market, Honeywell thermostat is the best and most trusted. In fact, with Honeywell thermostat, you can control your room temperature through your smartphone.

One of the greatest model of Honeywell thermostat is Honeywell pro series. Although Honeywell pro series thermostat is an exceptional and super effective model, it also experiences problems once in a while. It could be damaged sensors, possible corrosion or poor installation among others. In this page today, we have given you an informative guide on Honeywell pro series thermostat troubleshooting tips and other related ideas.

Common Honeywell Pro Series Troubleshooting Tips

As stated, it’s common to experience problems in your Honeywell pro series thermostat. Some of these problems could be so technical thus needing a technician to fix. However, others are minor issues that can be fixed without the need of a technician. Below is a compilation of common problems experienced by Honeywell pro series thermostat users and how to rectify them?

1) Blank display on your device

More often, your Honeywell pro series thermostat could display a blank screen after powering it on. This is where the screen fails to display anything. There are few factors that cause this issue. Maybe, the circuit breaker might have tripped, the HVAC system door isn’t properly closed or the batteries are out of power. To solve this problem:

  • Crosscheck the box and ensure the circuit breaker switch is on.
  • If the HVAC system door isn’t properly closed, it can cut or limit power to your thermostat. To resolve this, just ensure all the access doors are properly closed.
  • Change the batteries. Although batteries are optional in some thermostats, they are essential in thermostats that don’t run on AC power. If the batteries are dead, the only remedy is to replace. To do this, just disconnect your device from the electrical circuit, gently remove your older battery and replace it with a newer battery.

2) Your device is not working

In other incidences, it’s possible to have a perfect screen display but the device isn’t working at all. This is where your unit is on but your home still feels so cold or so hot. That means that your device is not effective. This can be caused by incorrect settings, damaged or loose wires. To solve this issue:

  • Examine the interiors of your device to see if there could be any problem inside. To do this, just stitch the source of power off, carefully remove your unit’s top cover and check if there is any loose, broken or damaged wire. If there is any issue with your wiring, you can call a technician to fix it. Also, look if there is anything dirty and clean it. 
  • If your device is not working, you can also troubleshoot by resetting it. To reset Honeywell pro series thermostat, press the “menu” button and hold in position until an advanced menu opens, using right and left arrows, navigate to “advanced reset” and press “factory”. Finally, confirm your reset by pressing the tick icon.

3) Inaccurate or incorrect temperature readings

This is where you notice your Honeywell pro series thermostat’s temperature readings are inconsistent and doesn’t match with the actual temperature at the moment. That means that your device’s temperature sensors are damaged. If your device is not accurate in temperature reading, take a thermometer and measure the actual temperature outside your thermostat. If the external temperature and that of your thermostat differ, that means your sensors are damaged and should be replaced.

4) The “heat on” or “cool on” is flashing

If you experience this issue with Honeywell pro series thermostat, it’s most likely that the “compressor protection” feature is occupied. Troubleshooting this requires you to give the system at least 5 minutes to restart in a safe way without causing damages to the compressor.

Final words

Honeywell pro series thermostat is a “worth to own” device that comes with numerous benefits. However, depending on how advanced this device is, it can so frustrating and tedious to troubleshoot in case of an issue. .Consequently, you might be forced to call for help from a technician. This is to protect you from electrical shock, possible injuries or damaging the system further. However, some issues are so minor and possible to troubleshoot on your own, .Follow our guide and learn techniques on Honeywell pro series thermostat troubleshooting.

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