How To Reset Thermostat Honeywell

Thermostat Honeywell is a famous device used in most homes to make your homestay as comfortable as possible. In most times, this device is left to run constantly to allow cool breeze flow throughout on a summer day or warm air on winter. Among different brands of thermostats available, Honeywell is the most reliable and trusted in the market.

The brand works by sensing temperatures in your house then trigger its HVAC system to cool or warm the house according to the temperatures detected. However, albeit the best, Honeywell thermostats are also subject to default thus needing a reset or if worse, a repair. In case your thermostat Honeywell fails to trigger your cooling or heating system, it might need a reset. Below is a detailed guide on how to reset thermostat Honeywell.

What Is Thermostat Honeywell

Before discussing how to reset thermostat Honeywell, it’s only best to first explain what it is. In simpler terms, thermostat Honeywell is a warming or cooling device that works hand in hand with the HVAC system to regulate the temperature of a room either by warming or cooling it. Below are reasons your thermostat Honeywell might need a reset.

When Should you Reset your Thermostat Honeywell

  • If you notice a fail in your thermostat to trigger the cooling or heating system.
  • If you notice unexpected rise in energy bill.
  • In case of inconsistent temperature readings.

Ways to Reset Thermostat Honeywell

Different models of thermostat Honeywell have different ways to reset. Also, resetting techniques might differ depending on the problem detected in your thermostat. Consequently, there are several ways of resetting a thermostat Honeywell. These are:

  • Factory Reset: This is the most applied type of reset among users. This is basically a software restore whereby you reset the device to its original manufacturer state.
  • WIFI Reset: This type of reset applies only to WIFI enabled thermostat Honeywell. The reset enables the device to remove all WIFI settings including WIFI username and password resetting the device to its offline state.
  • Schedule Reset: This other reset enables you to clear any scheduled program in your Honeywell thermostat to overrule how you control it.

How to Reset Thermostat Honeywell

1) Know your Model

To successfully reset any thermostat Honeywell, it’s prudent to know its model first. This is because there are distinct techniques of restarting a thermostat Honeywell depending on its model number.

You can identify your thermostat Honeywell model through the following ways:

  1. Check the model from the manual that came along with your thermostat.
  2. You can also check the model through a digital interface.
  3. Check the model number on the label that is likely displayed either on the front or back.

To do this:

  • Remove your thermostat Honeywell from its power source by switching off the circuit through the circuit breaker.
  • Carefully remove the circuit by pulling it off from the base plate. Always avoid damaging its pins and clips. 
  • Read the model number found at the back of your device.
  • Carefully put back your thermostat to the base plate.
  • Remove the battery. 

Generally, there are two types of thermostat Honeywell. Thermostat with batteries and thermostat without batteries. Resetting a battery enabled thermostat Honeywell is so easy. All you need to do it remove the battery and follow subsequent procedure as explained below. 

2) Resetting a Battery Enabled Honeywell 1000 and 2000 Series Thermostat

  1. Turn off your thermostat
  2. On the circuit, find the circuit breaker and flip it off.
  3. Carefully remove your thermostat off its mounting plate.
  4. Take off the battery.
  5. Reinsert the battery in a reverse polarity. That is, place negative terminals facing the positive terminals. 
  6. Give it five seconds
  7. Take off the battery and align in the right polarity. That is negative to negative and positive to positive. 
  8. Put back your thermostat to the plate
  9. Flip on the circuit breaker to successfully reset your thermostat.

3) Resetting thermostat Honeywell models without batteries

A) Honeywell 8320WF 

This is a WIFI enables thermostat that comes with three different ways of resetting. You can factory reset, WIFI reset or schedule reset. Below is a detailed guide of each.

Factory reset

  • Press the system
  • At the center, there is a blank box. Press and hold it
  • After, change the right number to 1 and the left number to 0710.
  • Press done and your device is successfully reset to factory mode.

WIFI reset

  • Press the unit button.
  • At the center of display, press the blank box and hold it
  • Change the left number to 0900 and the right number to 0
  • Press done to complete the process.

Schedule reset

  • Press the unit button
  • In its center display, press and hold the blank box
  • Change the left number to 0165 and the right number to 1

B) Honeywell 9000 series thermostats

Similar to the previous model, you can also reset this model of thermostat Honeywell through factory reset, WIFI and schedule setup. This is through the following ways:

Factory reset

  • On your device, press the menu button.
  • Select the preferences section
  • Press ‘’restore factory defaults’’
  • Next, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to factory reset.
  • Select ‘’yes’’ to finalize the process.

WIFI reset

  • Press the system menu button.
  • Choose the preferences section
  • P Select ‘’restore default schedule’’ to finalize your process. 

C) Honeywell T5,T5+, T6 thermostats

These are WIFI enabled models of thermostat Honeywell that have a similar way of reset. You can reset them through the following processes.

Factory reset

  • On each model, press and hold the menu button
  • Scroll down the choices available until you see reset display.
  • Tap to select “reset
  • You will be asked to confirm whether you want to reset. 
  • Click “yes

WIFI reset

You can WIFI reset these three models of thermostat Honeywell through Honeywell app either on your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you can WIFI reset it directly through the following steps.

  • On your device, press and menu button and hold it.
  • Scroll horizontally to the left until you see reset.
  • Tap to select “reset
  • Scroll and select “Wi-Fi

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Final Words

If you are looking forward to learn how to reset thermostat Honeywell, we have compiled all the lessons for you. We have outlined different models for easier understanding. However, if you try to reset your thermostat Honeywell but still fails to work, it’s advisable to call a technician or HVAC contractor to professionally correct the default for you.

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