How To Watch 3D Movies On TV And PC With Polarized Glasses

It is no secret that most people storm malls and cinema theatres in order to watch 3D movies. While this might be a good idea, you may feel inconvenienced if you reside in area where there are no cinema theatres or malls. Other times, you may not have enough money to pay for these movies. The good news is that you can now watch 3D movies from the comfort of your home.

The basic idea behind 3D images is that each of your eyes has to see slightly different image. The technique for creating the above-mentioned illusion of depth in a given image is commonly known as stereoscopy. Whether it is an animated movie or a horror movie, you will be able to do this seamlessly. However, there are a number of items that you need in order to make this experience a reality. If you have a TV or a laptop, you can readily watch these movies with your loved ones.

Besides this, you need a polarized glasses among other vital accessories. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how to watch 3d movies on TV with polarized glasses, among other related facets.

How To Watch 3D Movies On TV and PC With Polarized Glasses

One of the vital things that you need to watch 3D movies at home is a viewing device. In this case, if you have a TV, you will be good to go. When it comes to TVs, some people usually have 3D TVs. However, there are others who have non-3D TVs. Although 3D TVs were popular some years back, they are no longer being manufactured. If you want to purchase one, you may have to buy a secondhand model at a reasonable price.

Basically, a 3D TV usually portrays 2 different images and then sends them to each of your eyes independently. As a result, you need to have a pair of polarized glasses in order to watch a movie on this TV. If you are able to get 3D Blu-ray films, be sure that you will enjoy the much-needed cinema experience from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, if you have a non-3D TV such as a LED, LCD or Smart TV, you can still enjoy the 3D movie experience in your home. If you have this TV model at home, you will need the following items in order to get started:

  • USB pen drive
  • A laptop(This one is optional)
  • Polarized 3D glasses

Here are the steps that you should follow in order to get the best 3D visual experience from the comfort of your home:

1) Download 3D movies

The first step will be to download a 3D movie from the internet. If you know of a reliable website, you can visit and download your preferred 3D movie. As you do this, be careful as some site have malwares that may damage your storage device.

However, if you cannot find a high quality 3D movie, you can consider converting any HD 2D movie you have at home into Anaglyph 3D.The good news is that this process does not need any internet connection. You can even download a 2D movie and then covert it into 3D anaglyph within minutes.

2) Play 3D movie on your TV

Since you already have the 3D anaglyph movie, you can now go on and copy it in USB Pendrive and finally plug the pendrive into your TV and let the movie play. If you have a Smart TV, you will be able to do this within a few minutes.

3) Get 3D polarized glasses

With the non-3D TV and 3D movie in place, time is ripe for you get your 3D polarized glasses and start watching. You can now get 3D polarized glasses in your nearest store or online. If you choose to purchase these glasses online, Amazon is a platform that has plenty of models to choose from.

4) Enjoy 3D movie experience with your loved ones.

If everyone has 3D glasses, you will be able to enjoy the 3D movie experience with your friends or loved ones. In case you have a couple of movies to watch, be sure that you will have unlimited thrill throughout the day.

How To Watch 3D Movies On PC With Polarized Glasses

Besides a TV, you can now use a PC to watch 3D movies on your PC. The procedure for watching a 3D movie is almost the same as the one we have discussed above. However, you need to make a few changes in the VLC media player so that you can readily watch the 3D movie. Besides this, you need to have cinema 3D glasses on computer for you to have the ultimate thrill. Here is the procedure that you should follow:

1) Download a 3D movie

If you have a laptop, you can download a 3D movie from the internet and then watch it using cinema polarized 3D glasses. As we speak, there are many movies of this calibre all over the internet. 

All you need to do is to search for one and then download it immediately.

For optimal results, you should download the movie like any other movie, but ensure that you download it in the highest quality so that you can get the much-needed 3D experience.

2) Use windows VLC media player to open the movie

Once you have downloaded the movie on your laptop, you can now open it using windows VLC player. Once you open the movie, you will see your screen divided into 2 parts. Basically, you will see the same image on two separate screens at the same time. This creates a virtual reality effect. However, you need to convert the movie into Anaglyph 3D.

3) Make some changes in your VLC player

For you to enjoy the ultimate 3D experience, there is need for you to make a few changes in your VLC player. To achieve this goal, you should first click on ‘tools’ and then click ‘effects and filters’. You will see a number of options including the ‘video effects’. Thereafter, click ‘Advanced’ and then enable ‘Anaglyph 3D’.

Finally click ‘close’. By undertaking these steps, your 3D movie will be converted into Anaglyph 3D.Thereafter, you will be at liberty to watch it using cinema 3D polarized glasses. In case you want to watch the movie in 2D, you just need to untick the Anaglyph 3D option in your VLC media setting.

Besides VLC, there are other media players that can help you watch 3D movies on your laptop. These include KM player and 5k player.

4) Purchase cinema 3D polarized glasses

With the viewing media and the viewing file in place, the next thing to get is a pair of cinema 3d polarized glasses. These glasses can easily be purchased either from your local store or online. If you choose to purchase them online, visit site such as Amazon or eBay and you will get the model you want.

5) Watch your movie now

Once you have obtained a pair of cinema 3D glasses, time will be ripe for you to watch the movie in 3D. If you want to have the ultimate experience, try to watch the 3D movie in a dark room. Also, ensure that you have a good sound system. Be sure that you will have the best experience ever.

Final Words

Instead of having to rush to your nearest mall or cinema theatre to watch a movie, you can opt to have this experience from the comfort of your home. Whether you are using a TV or a laptop, be sure that you will be able to watch your favorite 3D movies on the go. You will not only enjoy more convenience but also save more on costs. Finally, you can watch any 3D movie you please as long as you have a pair of cinema 3D glasses. Consider these ideas and you will enjoy a more immersive viewing experience at home.

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