The 10 Best Micro GPS Tracking Chip For Humans

When it comes to tracking items, people, and pets, GPS technology plays a very critical role. Also known as Global Positioning System, this technology can help you know the exact location of a particular person or item from the comfort of your home. Earlier on, we used to have GPS tracking devices. These were mostly installed in vehicles and could help car owners know the exact location of their cars in real-time.

However, we now have micro GPS chips. These chips can be tacked on a person or even a pet unnoticed. Unlike GPS tracking devices, these chips are small and are therefore easy to carry. Although they are small in size, they can deliver accurate data with regard to their location and so on. As we speak, there are micro GPS tracking chips for humans.

They can readily be put on the elderly or any other person whom you would like to keep an eye on. They usually make use of signals from satellites and transmit data to a controlling device through wireless connectivity. Since they are small in size and very accurate, they are a preferred option for many. Let’s understand better.

Why Are Micro GPS Tracking Chips for Humans Important

There are many benefits of investing in a micro GPS tracking chip for humans. Some of these benefits include:

1) They help you keep track of the elderly family members

As the elderly people advance in age, they usually suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, it is said that 1 out of 10 people who are over 65 years normally suffer from this disease. Here, they might forget their current location and even get lost. However, if they have a micro GPS tracking chip, you will be able to establish their whereabouts and even help them. In case of an emergency, you will be able to respond fast and mitigate certain situations. This goes a long way in ensuring that the elderly remain safe all the time.

2) Enable you know the exact location of your loved ones in case of an accident

Accidents normally happens when you least expect them. If any of your loved ones have been involved in an accident, you might get anxious as you might not know their exact location. Assuming that they were traveling, it might take time to establish their whereabouts at a particular time. However, if any of your loved ones have this chip, you can be sure that you will know their exact location in real-time. Consequently, you will be able to take appropriate action in good time.

3) In case your child gets lost or is abducted, you will know his location

Children are adventurous and might get lost when coming back from school. As a parent, you might be anxious and helpless. However, if your kid has this chip, you can trust that you will have an easy time knowing his location. In case he or she is abducted, you will still know the location of the kid and take appropriate action. The good news is that you will receive alerts if your kid takes a different route from the one he or she is used to.

4) Enable you to follow family members whenever they are hiking or on trip

It is no secret that people can get lost when they are in an unfamiliar territory. If you had gone on a cross-country trip with your loved ones, you might want to know their exact location from time to time to avoid getting lost. Also, if you had gone hiking, some might rag behind and get lost. With this chip, you will be able to know their location and take appropriate action. This goes a long way in ensuring that you have an enjoyable and safe trip.

5) Help you monitor the driving speeds of your teen

Although most teens normally like driving cars, most of them usually end up having an accident. To be on the safe side, you should invest in this chip as it will help you know how your teen is driving. You will be able to review their driving speed from time to time. After that, you can warn them and thereby prevent future car accidents.

6) Enables you know if your loved ones made it to his destination during winter

Winter is one of the dreaded seasons as it comes with a lot of challenges. Driving in winter can be very challenging. If you have a teen who has to drive to a particular destination, you might keep wondering about their whereabouts. Instead of calling or texting your teen every now and then, you should instead invest in this chip and then implant it on their bodies. This way, you will be able to verify if they managed to reach their desired destination or not.

7) Helps save time

With a micro GPS tracking chip, you will not have to wonder about the whereabouts of your spouse. Since this device will help you know his or her location, you will be able to make appropriate plans and thereby save time. Generally, you will be able to utilize your time optimally without going around to look for her.

The 10 Best Micro GPS Tracking Chip For Humans Reviews

We understand you are here in search of the best and most reliable micro GPS tracking chip. Therefore, after analyzing the market and asking for reviews from users, we compiled the ten best gadgets in the market. These are:

1) Tile mate 1 pack Bluetooth tracker with keys finder

If you want to track your loved one or cheating partner, this tracker will satisfy your needs. It has a number of reliable features that work together to make the entire process a success. Let’s cover them.

Tile mate 1 pack Bluetooth tracker with keys finder
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Key Features

  • It works with amazon Alexa, Siri, and Xfinity or google assistance voice control for easier voice search. This allows you to talk to any of your smart home device to find the missing person for you. However, he or she should be within the range of 200 ft. from the tracking device.
  • Also, it helps to find far items that are outside the range of your Bluetooth connectivity. This is through the use of Tile app that when installed in your smartphone, it can enlist its anonymous or secure help of its network to aid and ease your search. This app also helps to view the missing person’s recent locations for easier tracking.
  • It has free app that also helps to track objects. Apart from tracking humans, tile mate free app can track objects like phones and bags by directly attaching them to the item you need to track. Also, this tracker has the ability to find a missing phone even while silent.
It helps to track someone when near or even far
It has the ability to track both humans and objects
It’s water resistance
It has a long battery life with a one-year warranty
It is tiny and convenient
For it to work, you must always put location services on your phone. This might overwork your phone’s battery

2) Tracki 2021 model mini real time GPS tracker

This is another amazing GPS service to consider when you want to monitor your kids, spouse, pets or objects like motorcycles. Although it comes with a monthly subscription, this gadget is worth every penny.

Tracki 2021 model mini real time GPS tracker
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Key Features

  • It is so micro and light in weight. This is makes it so convenient thus highly recommended.
  • It boasts of unlimited distance tracking. That means, it can track allover USA and other compatible countries.
  • It comes with both local and international SIM.
  • Has a long lasting rechargeable battery that can last 2-3 days even with real time tracking. If not always active, this battery can last for 30 to 75 days.
  • It gives room for an optional battery extension that can last up to 2 weeks with a magnetic waterproof box.
  • It works well with GPS satellite for reliable services even when outdoor.
  • When indoors, this gadget compacts well with the nearest WIFI routers MAC ID to relay accurate location.
It gives accurate and real-time tracking location
Comes with a reliable battery that can hold on even when out of power reach out
It is a wide range tracker to track someone regardless of how far they are
Convenient to use both indoors and outdoors
It’s not free to use

3) TitTile sticker 4-pack small, adhesive Bluetooth tracker

Suspecting your spouse? Track him down with this reliable tracker and follow him up regardless of how far he goes. The features below help it to work effectively.

TitTile sticker 4-pack small, adhesive Bluetooth tracker
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Key Features

  • It features a special adhesive back that makes it easy to stick to your partner’s clothes for easy tracking. You can also stick them easily to your remote, electronic or any other device that you need to monitor.
  • It’s compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa and google assistance for oral searching. This allows you to speak to your smart home device and command it to search the item for you.
  • Can search devices that are out of your Bluetooth range. This is through the tile app that helps to monitor your tiles recently visited location.
  • It has a special phone monitoring feature that helps you to track your phone even when on silent mode.
  • It’s free to use but comes with special subscription services that helps to upgrade the services for better experience.
Available in 4 packs that allow you to track four items at a go
Can track both humans and objects
Can track both short and long-distance items/ people
It’s easy to stick to the object you want to track
Requires full-time location services that drain your smart device batteries

4) Samsung galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth tracker

Samsung, a well-renowned brand, never disappoints with any of its devices. This includes the above-mentioned tracker that plays its role effectively.

Samsung galaxy Smart Tag Bluetooth tracker
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Key Features

  • It is super easy to attach to the item your need to locate.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled which makes it easier to find a missing object. This connectivity allows you to locate items within 130 yards without destruction.
  • It has a ringtone that eases tracking. You just need to tap a ring button on your smart device and the tracker will ring. Therefore, its eases the entire process.
It’s accurate and reliable
Has an audible ring sound for easy tracking
It’s cheap and affordable
Easy to tag
It cannot work for you if you don’t have a Samsung galaxy phone

5) Cube key finder smart tracker waterproof tracking device

Track your toddler or purse with this reliable tracking device. It uses cube community services to ease your search.

Cube key finder smart tracker waterproof tracking device
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Key Features

  • It uses a reliable Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a smartphone for soft tracking.
  • It is versatile and easy to attach to any object including keys, purse, phone or clothes of the targeted.
  • It is waterproof. Therefore, when you lose it on snow or in water, it will hold on and survive until you find it.
  • When tracking your phone, it makes it ring even though it was on a silent mode.
It works effectively with any smartphone model
With help of an app, it rings on the attached object making it easy to find
It’s easy to attach to any object
It’s so light and micro to tag on someone’s jacket without them noticing
It doesn’t track people/items that are out of Bluetooth range

6) Camlinbo 4 pack smart GPS tracker key finder locator wireless Anti Lost alarm sensor device

We must admit that losing an item these days is so easy. Also, cheating partners are everywhere these days. With this tracker, monitoring them is as easy as A, B, C.

Camlinbo 4 pack smart GPS tracker key finder locator wireless Anti Lost alarm sensor device
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Key Features

  • It uses 4.0 Bluetooth technology to connect to any home smartphone device; IOS, ipad, android, to track and show the location of the missing object/ person from the app.
  • It has “cTracing” free app that is compatible with both android and IOS. This app has a remote button that controls the tracker and commands it to beep anywhere within 75 ft. The beeping sound makes it easy to locate.
  • It features a two way notification that alerts you once the lost person/ item is found. You also get a ring or flash notification once the item is out of range.
  • It is compact, light, easily portable and attachable on your kid’s bag, pet’s collar or someone’s clothes discreetly.
Accurate and shows real-time viewing
Comes in 4 packs
It’s micro and unnoticeable
Shows items that are only within Bluetooth range

7) Jiobit smallest real time GPS location tracker

This is another reliable tracker to buy and track your kids, pets, objects, adults, or elderly. This device is a huge threat to hackers, delivers tight security, and also meets US government safety standards. The latter comes with a number of features that make it outstanding.

Jiobit smallest real time GPS location tracker
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Key Features

  • Its compact, portable and light weight. This makes it compatible with many devices including shoes, clothes or bags unnoticed.
  • It is accurate with the ability to track a wide range of distance.
  • It has accurate and sensitive notification features that notifies you once the target arrives or departs from one place to another.
  • Has advanced tracking technology known as ‘next-gen low-power location tracking’’. This technology uses several connection methods like WIFI, GPS, cellular and Bluetooth. It don’t only track where you are but also who you are talking to.
  • It has a long battery that last up to 20 days.
It’s waterproof and made to last long
It delivers accurate location and real-time tracking
It’s built on a 5G compatible network that is faster and regional nondiscrimination
Uses the latest 2021 tracking technology
To track down something requires a payment plan

8) Invoxia cellular GPS tracker

Unlike most phone Bluetooth trackers described on this page, this latter is exceptional, GPS enabled, stand-alone, and works with no distance limitation. Therefore, it’s so effective in tracking seniors, kids, and other delicate objects like cars.

Invoxia cellular GPS tracker
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Key Features

  • It boasts of an exceptional lasting battery with a standing period of 7 months without recharge.
  • It uses a discreet standalone technology with the help of a mobile app to slip and monitor anything you want to track regardless of how far or near it is.
  • It has a geofencing feature that allows you to customize your alert zone. For instance, ‘; school, home, work or even a certain building and get an alert whenever it enters or leaves there.
  • It has an anti-theft alert hence effective in tracking and securing your vehicle. Even when packed at home, once it suspects any movement around your vehicle, it immediately alerts you.
  • It boasts of an SOS tracker button that when pressed, you will be notified instantly that the target is in danger and needs help.
It both tracks and secure your targeted person or object
It’s very accurate in both timing and location
It has an outstanding battery life
It comes with a one-year free subscription
Costly to acquire

9) Geozilla GPS location tracker

If you have an amnesia senior patient at home, naughty pet, or irresponsible child that you fear might elope any time, rest your mind by buying this amazing tracker.

Geozilla GPS location tracker
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Key Features

  • It has a global coverage ability and comes with a mobile app to track your loved one from anywhere.
  • It allows area custom made alert to inform you once the person in question leaves or enters a specific place.
  • It features a strong rechargeable battery that last for 5 days when fully charged.
  • Light weight and compact size to grip anywhere.
It comes with a one-month free subscription
It has reliable and accurate alerts
It comes with additional accessories like a magnetic USB cable, sturdy case to store and protect it from damage
Unreliable customer care service

10) LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker

Finally, we describe this reliable tracker for you. It comes with a global coverage hence effective to use anywhere.

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker
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Key Features

  • Its super light and portable thus easy to fit or attach anywhere. You can discreetly hide it in your spouse’s jacket or inside a purse.
  • It features a lasting and durable battery that extends to 6 months with no need to recharge.
  • It features 54 GPS tracker with settings customization. This allows you to customize your notification alert through; email, push notification or a text instantly after the tracker’s movement.
  • Features a strong non slip magnetic mount to easily attach onto your targeted object.
So accurate and effective
Made of durable and waterproof exteriors
Easy to attach to an object
So easy to navigate and set geofences
Expensive monthly plans

Key Features To Check When Buying a Micro GPS Tracking Chip For Human

When looking for a micro GPS tracking chip for humans, there are many models that you might find in the market. If you are a first-timer, you might be spoilt for choice. This is because these models come in different sizes, features, and so on. The good news is that we have compiled some of the critical features that you should pay attention to when buying these models. Some of the features you should be keen to check to include:

1) Purpose

One of the critical aspects to consider when buying this chip is the purpose that you want it to fulfill. Are you buying the mini GPS tracking chip to monitor your kids, or would you like to use it to track the elderly back at home? Would you like to buy the chip to monitor your siblings or spouse? These are some of the fundamental questions that you should ask yourself so that you can make a good choice. By determining the purpose that you want to fulfill with this chip, you will be able to identify the features that your GPS tracking chip should possess.

2) Is it affordable

It is no secret that different mini GPS tracking chips usually cost different prices. Some of them are pricey while others are more affordable. Generally, it all depends on the features that a particular chip comes with. If it comes with sophisticated features, be sure that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, if it has ordinary features, it might not be as costly as its peer models. Therefore, you should consider your budget before buying this model. Ideally, you should go for the one that suits your budget.

3) Size

Since you want something more portable and small in nature, you should be keen to check the size of the chip before buying one. Ideally, it should be hard to spot from a distance. In fact, the harder it is to spot from a distance, the better the model. Generally, it should be more compact and small in size since surveillance should always be discreet.

4) Availability of a standalone app

The company from which you have purchased your micro GPS tracking chip should have a standalone app. This way, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of valuable features. Remember that this app helps you to view your account settings, view geofences, and even track other vital aspects of the chip. If you have this app on your phone, you will be able to get notifications in real-time. As a result, you will enjoy a lot of convenience tracking your loved ones or even the elderly back at home.

5) Is it water-resistant

Ideally, your micro GPS tracking chip should be able to withstand occasional water splashed without getting damaged. This is more important if you are buying a chip for your kids or even the elderly. If it is used for outdoor activities, it should be more durable to withstand nearly all the weather conditions. This way, you will be able to get value for money.

6) Does it issue instant alerts

Your micro GPS tracking chip of choice should be able to issue instant alerts so that you can know the whereabouts of a particular person. This can help avert serious problems such as theft, abduction, and so on. For instance, if your kid takes an alternative route that he or she does not use on ordinary days, the chip should be able to alert you in real-time so that you can take appropriate action.

7) Coverage

You will note that most GPS tracking systems usually rely on cellular technology in order to relay data to the main server. After that, the user can get this data on his or her mobile phone or even computer. As you purpose to buy this chip, you should know your device’s cellular network. Does the network have a wider coverage? If it has broader coverage, you will be able to get notifications on the go, regardless of your location.

8) Availability of technical support

Sometimes, you might experience technical issues while using this chip. Since some of these issues might be beyond your control, you need to look for a professional to help you. This is the reason why your GPS tracking provider should offer much-needed technical support. Ideally, you should be able to reach out to the customer team via email or live chat. You can use these platforms to address all your issues. If the technical support team is available 24/7, you will enjoy more convenience.

9) Warranty

Your chip of choice should come with a warranty from the manufacturer. If it has a warranty from the manufacturer, you do not have to worry that it might get damaged any time soon. In fact, if it gets damaged or develops issues a few weeks after purchase, you can always return it to the manufacturer and get a new one. This not only helps you enjoy more convenience but also enables you to save more on costs.

Final Thoughts

From enabling you to know your kid’s whereabouts to allowing you to track the elderly back at home, there are many benefits of investing in a micro GPS tracking chip for humans. These chips have proved to be a game-changer as far as tracking people is concerned. As a result, they have helped avert serious problems such as abduction, theft, and even accidents. Consider investing in the models mentioned above, and you will get value for your hard-earned money.

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