Ring Camera Flashing Blue Light: How To Troubleshoot

Would you like to improve the security of your home? Installing a Ring camera should top the list of your priorities. With this camera in your home, you will secure not only your valuables but also the life of your loved ones and pets.

This is because you will be able to keep an eye on them even when you are away. Besides this, you will get photos and video footage of everything that was happening in your home in real-time. Consequently, they can help improve the surveillance of your home. Although these devices come with tons of benefits, they are also not immune to some diagnostic issues.

Homeowners who have installed these cameras in their homes usually ask, why is my Ring camera flashing blue light? To put this into perspective, we shall take a closer look at why your Ring camera may be flashing blue light alongside other vital ideas.

What Are Ring Cameras

First and foremost, these cameras are a product of Ring Company. Earlier on, this company was formerly known as Doorbot. As we speak, Ring is now owned by the internet giant Amazon. If the Reuters valuation is anything to go by, the deal was worth $1 billion. As we speak, the company now makes tons of products, including video doorbells, security cameras, and so forth.

Whether you want an indoor camera or an outdoor model, be sure that you will not miss a model that suits your needs. These models also come in both wired and wireless designs. They also come with other incredible features such as sirens, motion zones, spotlights, and so forth. Ring cameras can now be integrated with a mobile app so that you can have an easy time managing them.

They can also be integrated with other Ring devices such as the Ring alarm security system, Ring smart lights, and many more. In fact, you can use the digital assistant Alexa to control these cameras. Generally, these cameras can help optimize the security of your home and enable you to have some peace of mind.

Why Is My Ring Camera Flashing Blue Light

Although your Ring camera might be functioning optimally and start blinking in different ways. Other times, it can start flashing blue. As a first-time owner, you may be confused and can even panic. Ideally, the glowing light on your Ring camera always looks very appealing from a distance. Typically, this light shows that the Ring camera is working well. However, when the light is flashing blue, you need to take action.

More importantly, you should first know the reason why the Ring camera flashes blue light and take appropriate action after that. Here are the reasons why your Ring camera can start flashing light:

1) The camera is being set up

If you see your Ring camera blinking or flashing blue light, it shows that it is undergoing the setup process. Once the setup process is over, the light will stop flashing and will change to a solid blue. Typically, this shows that the camera has started functioning normally.

Thereafter, the camera will resume its normal functioning, and the blue light will go off. In fact, if you boot the camera, be sure that you will see it flashing a blue light. However, this does not take long as the LED light stops blinking once the bootup process is over.

2) Your camera is trying to connect to your home’s network

Besides the above-mentioned scenario, your Ring camera can start flashing whenever it is trying to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. In most cases, the flashing pattern will move upwards. If you put the wrong password through your app, the top part of the light will start flashing. Entering the correct password will cease the flashing. Once you complete the setup, be sure that you will see 4 flashes of blue followed by a white circle. This shows that your Ring camera is ready for use.

3) Automatic firmware update

In case there is an automatic firmware update that is in progress, be sure that the light will start flashing blue. Typically, these firmware updates make the camera more efficient for homeowners. If there is an ongoing update, you have to be patient enough and let it be complete. Once the process is over, the flashing will stop.

4) It might be charging

Your Ring camera needs to be charged so that it can work optimally. When this device is charging, chances are that you will see the blue light flashing. However, once the battery is fully charged, the light does not flash anymore. If the blue flash remains visible even after charging the battery, something might be wrong, and as a result, you need to take action.

Troubleshooting Ring Camera Flashing Blue

Since we have already established the reasons why Ring Camera might be flashing blue light, time is ripe for you to know how to solve this issue once and for all. Some of the ideas that can help you get started include:

1) Check your Wi-Fi signal and restart your router

Like we mentioned above, the Ring camera can start flashing blue light whenever it is trying to connect to your home’s network. If you have an active internet connection, you should check the Wi-Fi signal and see if it is strong or not. Since this is a smart device, it is bound to rely more on the internet for it to function optimally. Therefore, your Wi-Fi network should be strong and stable.

However, before you spend more money on a new package, try and establish that your Wi-Fi internet is not lost. If your Wi-Fi internet connection is lost, you will not be able to receive any notifications on the app.

The app will not display events as it ought to. For instance you will not be notified after someone has pushed the doorbell or moved closer to the camera. You can even try to use your phone to connect to the internet and see whether you will be able to establish a good internet connection. If it doesn’t, and your data is yet to be depleted, be sure that your Wi-Fi internet is lost and might be soon.

In such circumstances, you should not panic. However, if the Wi-Fi internet is good and stable, but your camera still flashes blue light, your router might have issues. In this case, you can consider restarting your router. After that, you can initiate the setup once again. By doing so, you will get rid of any bugs that might be present in the router, and the camera will stop flashing the blue light.

2) Restart your app

Sometimes, you might have a good internet connection, but still the Ring camera still flashes blue light. If this happens, the other alternative that can help solve the problem is to restart the app. Restarting the app should only take a few minutes, and you will be good to go. Once you restart the app, the issues will be fixed immediately.

3) Check the power source

Insufficient power can make the Ring camera to start flashing blue light. Therefore, you should be quick to check your power supply and see if it is stable. If the socket has issues, you can consider using another outlet and see if the problem will persist. Ideally, the new outlet should offer the much-needed power supply and thus solve the problem on the go.

4) Replace the unit

If the ideas mentioned above do not work, you can consider contacting the Ring customer support team. In most cases, they will ask you to send a photo or video of your device so that they can be able to determine the cause of the problem. If they establish that bugs are responsible for this problem, be sure that you will get a replacement from the company.

Final Words

When it comes to home security optimization, the Ring camera works magic. This camera not only allows you to know the current happenings in your home but can also store video footage for future use. It can be used to deter crime and thereby give you some peace of mind. If at all it is flashing blue light, consider the above-mentioned diagnostic ideas, and you will be good to go.

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