Why Ring Doorbell Not Connecting To Wi-Fi and How To Fix it

Are you looking for a way to boost the security of your home? Installing a Ring Doorbell wireless camera should top the list of your priorities. By installing this device, be sure that you will be able to safeguard your valuables and loved ones. Besides this, your pets will be safe from any intruder who may want to access your home when you are away.

Since Ring Doorbell wireless camera can be controlled using digital assistants such as Alexa, it has proved to be more convenient for many homeowners. Although this device has become a lifesaver for many homeowners, it is not immune to a number of diagnostic issues. One of the popular problems that you may encounter when using this device is difficulties in connecting to Wi-Fi. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at why ring doorbell not connecting to Wi-Fi, alongside other related facets.

Reasons Why Ring Doorbell Not Connecting To WiFi

First and foremost, the Ring doorbell is a convenient tech-based tool that notifies you whenever someone is at your doorstep. Since this is a smart device, it relies on a Wi-Fi connection for it to work optimally. Although sometimes, it may connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network seamlessly, other times, it may fail to connect to it due to one reason or another. If this happens, you should watch out for the following issues and fix them accordingly.

1) Wrong Wi-Fi Password

One way to optimize the security of your Wi-Fi connection is by setting up a password for it. By doing so, only authorized users will be able to utilize your Wi-Fi connection. When connecting the Ring Doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi internet, you have to key in this password for it to be connected. If you make a mistake as simple as typing the wrong password, be sure that your Ring Doorbell will not connect to your Wi-Fi. Consequently, it will not operate as expected.

To aver this problem, you should check and confirm that you have entered the correct password. If the problem persists, you may have to consult your internet service provider. In case you changed your Wi-Fi password after connecting it with your Ring doorbell, it is imperative that you rest and then try to connect the device to the network again.

2) Your Wi-Fi password has special characters

Sometimes, your Wi-Fi password may have special characters that must be included when connecting the Ring device to your network. Therefore, you should note all these special characters and include them when entering your Wi-Fi password.

Better still, change your Wi-Fi password temporarily and then try to connect your device to it. By doing so, you will be able to establish a connection between the Ring device and the network.

3) Power and battery issues

Besides the Wi-Fi issues mentioned above, the connection issue might be due to battery or power problems. If your model is battery-operated, it can fail to connect to Wi-Fi when its battery is low or dead. To keep this problem at bay, you should ensure that you charge the Ring doorbell to full capacity.

On the other hand, if the device relies on your home’s power supply, then you can check whether there is a blackout or loose connection in your home’s circuit. As far as power and voltage is concerned, this device needs at least 16V for it to operate optimally. If the Ring doorbell’s battery does not get this voltage, chances are that it will not last the typical 6 to 12 months before it prompts you to charge it.

4) Poor WiFi Signal

Sometimes, you may have entered the right password, but still the Ring Doorbell does not connect to your Wi-Fi. If this happens, the Wi-Fi signal might be to blame. This is because the Ring Doorbell needs a strong Wi-Fi connection for it to connect and work optimally.

Such scenarios are imminent if you have installed the Ring doorbell far from the router. To increase the signal strength, you should try to place the router closer to the Ring doorbell. If this does not work, consider purchasing a booster or a repeater for your router so that its range can increase.

5) Presence of hidden Wi-Fi networks

There are some routers that have hidden networks. Unlike other networks, these ones are not made public. If your network is among the hidden networks, be sure that your Ring doorbell will not be able to join the network.

To solve the issue mentioned above, you should key in the name of the network under the ‘Add hidden network’ section during the setup. For optimal results, enter the name of the network as it is so that the connection problem does not persist.

6) Electrical connectivity issues

Apart from the above-mentioned 5 issues, a faulty electrical connection can make the Ring doorbell not to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. It is important to note that this problem can be imminent if you are using a non-battery-powered model.

To solve this problem, you should switch off the power and then check the wires leading to the Ring doorbell and determine if the connection is all right or not. Here, you will establish if there is a broken fuse or a short circuit. If any of these issues exist, be sure that you will have problems connecting your Ring doorbell to Wi-Fi.

7) Wrong network frequency

If you want to connect your Ring doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi, you should ensure that the router is broadcasting on the 2.4GHz band. In case the frequency of your network is 5GHz, be sure that your Ring doorbell will have issues when it comes to connection. It is important to note that 5GHz works well with Ring doorbell 3, Ring doorbell Pro or Ring doorbell 3 Plus. Since most routers usually broadcast on 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, you can adjust it so that it can broadcast a 2.4 GHz signal.

8) Reset your router

If you have tried to diagnose the Wi-Fi connection issues as illustrated above and still have no signs of success, try to reset the router. By resetting the router, you will eliminate some of the bugs that could be responsible for the Wi-Fi connection issue.

To reset your router, you should press and hold the orange button on your router. This button can readily be found at the back of the device. Hold the orange button for about 30 seconds and then release it. Once the router restarts, start the connection process again.

9) Your home’s WiFi is on channel 12 and 13

The router in your home usually broadcasts the Wi-Fi network in one of the 13 channels. It has to broadcast on one of these channels for ease of usage. Besides this, it helps avoid potential interference of other Wi-Fi signals. 

Typically, other devices should be able to connect to other Wi-Fi channels so that they can work efficiently. When it comes to your Ring doorbell, it is important to note that it does not support channels 12 and 13.

To correct this, you should ensure that your home’s Wi-Fi is on channels 1 to 11.You can take a closer look at the user’s manual that came with your router so that you can switch the Wi-Fi channels manually.

You can even try to undo the cellular data on your mobile device as this can prevent the Ring device from setting up as expected. Better still, check and see if you have activated the Android smart network switch on your device. This is because the above-mentioned feature can prevent the Ring doorbell from setting up successfully.

10) Change your Wi-Fi network

If neither of the above-mentioned ideas works, consider changing the Wi-Fi network. To do this, you should open your Ring app and then go to the ‘Device Health’ option and tap’, Change Wi-Fi network’.

Here, you will be able to see an array of networks. Choose the one you want your Ring doorbell to be connected to. Depending on your model, you may get options such as ‘Reconnect to Wi-Fi.’ If this is the case, you will be required to reboot your router. Although this method can be tedious to some, it works magic as it may solve the Wi-Fi connection issue.

11) Perform a hard reset on your Ring doorbell

The above-mentioned action should be the last resort of being unable to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. To hard reset your Ring doorbell, you should press down the setup button for about 15 seconds and then release it. Depending on your model, this button may be located in different places. However, this step can help solve the Wi-Fi connection issue on the go.

Final Words

Gone and never to come are the days when one used to panic due to Ring doorbell failure to connect to the Wi-Fi. With the ideas we have mentioned above, be sure that you will be able to troubleshoot this problem on the go. If these ideas fail, then you will have to replace the Ring doorbell as it may have other technical issues. You can order one from Ring, and all Wi-Fi connection issues will be no more.

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