How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

It’s without doubt that Ring doorbell is one the best technology to invest in your home. This smart device is crucial as it helps to secure your home, see or talk to your guest and monitor activities at home seamlessly. However important it is, it’s not wise to just wake up and buy a ring doorbell. This is because there are a number of factors to know and consider before purchasing your ideal ring doorbell.

One of these factors is to find out how long does ring doorbell battery last. Ring doorbell battery plays a huge role to determine how effective the entire device will function. Therefore, it’s important to know how long your ring doorbell battery is expected to last before purchase. In our Page today, we have given you valid and up-to-date answers on how long does a ring doorbell battery last and tips on how to extend your battery life. 

How Long Does a Ring Doorbell Battery Last

As expected, there is a plethora of online sites and other sources with different answers to this question. This has left consumers confused on what to believe. Luckily, we have done a thorough research and brought to you the most valid and up-to-date guide on ring doorbell battery life span.

To be precise, the duration that a ring doorbell battery last depends with a number of factors. From usage frequency to climate conditions, there are a number of factors that determine how long your ring doorbell battery can last. However, in reference to RING, the battery of a ring doorbell is expected to last for 6 to 12 months. The truth is: your battery can last longer or die faster than expected. Below are factors that cause your ring doorbell battery to die faster. 

What Causes Ring Doorbell Battery To Die Faster? 

1) Wi-Fi strength 

WIFI strength plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of ring doorbell. In fact, the device works best and faster when there is a strong WIFI signal. Therefore, if your WIFI strength is poor, your ring doorbell will struggle to connect. This will drain your battery

2) Cold weather 

Cold weather also deteriorates your ring doorbell battery life. How? If you live in freezing areas, your ring doorbell battery will need a frequent recharge. This might destroy or shorten the battery life. This mostly applies to doorbells that use rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, cold weather will affect such batteries negatively. This will shorten the battery lifespan making it less effective. For instance:

  • At 36 degrees Celsius, your battery will not be able to hold its charge. This will need you to frequently charge it thus shortening its life span.
  • At 32 degrees Celsius, your battery won’t be in a position to charge at all
  • At -5 degrees Celsius, the battery will completely stop working.

3) Hot weather

Surprisingly, extremely hot weather and scorching sunlight also fails or shorten your battery life. In most cases, hot temperature triggers battery overheating thus likely to shut down or stop working completely.

4) Frequency of events

Frequency of events or motions in front of your ring doorbell also drains the battery. This is because the motion will engage the ring doorbell system, trigger it to start recording and send false alert. The more this happens, the more the battery consumption. This takes a toll on your battery’s ability to hold power for long. 

5) Live steaming

Enabling live view feature in your ring doorbell is fun, valuable, accurate and super informative. This feature allows the owner to live stream the situation at home even while away, and talk using your phone, PC or tablet. However, it comes with a cost. Just like live video streaming on another device, live streaming on your ring doorbell drains your battery faster than normal.

How To Improve My Ring Doorbell Battery Life

I know how frustrating it is to deal with a non-reliable battery in a ring doorbell. Although some factors such as climate are natural and impossible to mitigate, there are other factors that can be regulated to improve your ring doorbell battery life. If your battery power is so unreliable, use these remedies:

1) Disable live view feature

While live view is one of the most appealing and fun feature in your doorbell, it really burdens the battery. This limits you battery power and there is a possibility that your doorbell don’t allow going live when the battery is too low. To prolong your ring doorbell, turn off this feature and use only when necessary.

2) Strengthen your WIFI

Strengthening your WIFI signal will conserve and save on battery power. To check your WIFI signal, open your ring app and check its RSSI (received signal indication). If your signals are low, try the following troubleshooting tips;

  • Move your source of WIFI closer to the ring doorbell
  • Get rid of any physical destruction or barrier between the source of WIFI and ring door bell
  • Get a ring chime Pro that helps to strengthen your router’s signal
  • Replace or upgrade your current router to a modern router with a built in amplifier and antennas.

3) Regulate motion events

Most home owners set ring doorbell to detect every motion within their home. Therefore, if your motion detector triggers recording of everything that passes your yard, including passing cars or frying birds, it will drain the battery so fast. To avert this, regulate your motion detector sensitivity to allow it capture only human beings on your door front. This is by going to the settings and lower motion sensitivity or disable some items on specific hours during the day.

Final Say

If you were looking for answers on how long does ring doorbell battery last, find no more. As stated, the average lasting time of a ring doorbell is 6 to 12 months. However. There are exceptional factors that might prolong or lessen the battery below average. These are factors like motion sensitivity, climate and WIFI strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you identify what’s really draining your ring doorbell battery

One of the greatest advantage of a ring doorbell is a ring app with settings to adjust certain features. With this app, you can have a record of how the device is consuming the battery. This will help you identify what’s draining your battery. To identify, open the app, tap “menu icon”, click on “devices” and tap your ring. After, open “power settings” followed by “feature power usage” and check what exact feature is draining your battery. 

How long does ring doorbell battery take to charge

Basically, time taken to charge your battery depends on a number of factors. However, the average time expected to fully charge a ring doorbell battery is 5 to 12 hours depending on source of power. More often than not, recharging directly from the AC power outlet takes 5 to 6 hours while charging using a PC could take up to 12 hrs.

How do you charge a ring doorbell battery

After checking your device’s battery level and noticing its low, you can recharge the battery by taking off the screw that is found at the bottom of doorbell, remove the face plate and take out the battery. Using an USB cable, plug the battery into an outlet through an AC adapter to charge the battery.

How do I know my ring doorbell battery is fully charged

After plugging your latter to a power outlet, keep checking until the battery light terms green. This indicates that the battery is fully charged. Put it (the battery) back to your ring doorbell and start using your device.

Can I charge my ring doorbell battery suing a solar panel

Yes, it’s possible to charge your ring doorbell battery using a solar panel. However, you can’t compare the effectiveness of AC power to that of solar panel. This is because solar panels might take longer to charge your battery compared to AC

What are some of the tips to maintain your ring doorbell battery

To maintain your ring doorbell battery, always use the charger that came packed in the box while buying it. A different charger could be using high voltage that might destroy the battery or device at large. Also, always charge the battery when low on power only. Charging a battery that is full or relatively full limits the battery life.