Ring Doorbell Not Charging: How To Fix

With a ring doorbell in my home, I always feel safe, secure and protected from any intruder. This smart home device comes with several other benefits like conversing with your guest at the door or view activities around your home while away. More often than not, you can experience a minor problem with the charging system of your device.

After having my ring doorbell serving me well for some time, someday I noticed its battery is low and need a recharge. I connected it up for charging only to notice the device is not charging. After doing a research on why my ring doorbell not charging, I found out a number of possible causes.

Some of them are like possible problem with my charging cable, possible issues on house circuitry, low power supply, damaged batteries or ring doorbell loose WIFI connection among others. To help others that are experiencing my problem, I came up with this comprehensive guide on why ring doorbell is not charging and how to fix it. Here’s a quick solution!

Why is My Ring Doorbell Not Charging And How To Fix

As seen above, there are many causes of ring doorbell not charging. Before finding a remedy for this problem, you should first conduct a quick check to know the exact cause of your ring door not charging. To do the test:

  • Open to access your ring doorbell app.
  • Navigate through to “settings
  • Tap on “device healthy

If the device healthy indicate “good” then your ring doorbell charging issues could be as a result of poor power supply or voltage issues. Here, you should contact your source of power supply to rectify your home circuitry. On the other hand, if your device healthy indicate that your device is faulty, you should contact ring doorbell support to replace the device for you. Below are other causes of ring doorbell not charging and how to resolve:

1) Your ring app battery status not refreshed

It’s possible to have your ring doorbell battery charging normally but the battery status still indicates low on the ring app. This can make you believe that your battery is not charging. In most cases, this is as a result of ring app not refreshed. How to fix? To refresh, trigger your device’s motion by ringing your doorbell once or twice. This will update your ring app and revert the error.

Also, it’s possible that your ring app battery status is not refreshed due to poor or loose WIFI connection. How to fix? To avert this, restart your router, remove any barriers between your router and ring doorbell or move the router closer. 

 2) Damaged USB charging cable

This could be another cause of your ring doorbell not charging. Perhaps, your charging cable has a loose wiring thus not functioning effectively. How to fix? The only remedy to this situation is replacing your charging cable. Get a new charging cable to troubleshoot this error. However, before replacing your cable, try charging another appliance to confirm whether the issue is on the cable or on your smart device.

3) Ring charger head not working

Perhaps the problem is not on your USB charging cable but on the charger head. Note that your charger should supply enough power to charge your ring doorbell battery. A proper working 2.1A charger should approximately use 5 to 6 hours to charge your device. If the charger has low power supply, it’s likely to take longer. If the charger is default, it will not charge your device at all. How to fix? In this case, get a new charger or use alternative sources like power bank or laptop to charge your ring doorbell.

4) Damaged ring doorbell battery

Your ring doorbell might not be charging either because the battery is default, has decreased its ability to maintain a charge or has exceeded its lifespan. Ring doorbell batteries are expected to last 6 to 12 months depending on the rate of usage. If exposed to low temperatures, ring doorbell batteries will also decrease its lifespan. Also, overcharging your battery can damage or reduce its lifespan. How to fix? If your battery is damaged, you need to replace it. However, ensure that you preserve and maintain your new attained battery for effectiveness.

 5) Tripped circuit breaker

Is your ring doorbell hardwired? If so then the battery are made to charge on their own. Therefore, if you check your ring app and notice that the battery isn’t charging, there might be issues with the circuit breaker. How to fix? In this case, check and ensure that your circuit breaker has not tripped and is in a proper working condition.

6) Low transformer voltage

If your circuit breaker is in a proper working condition, the cause of your ring doorbell not charging could be: low voltage due to long wired connection between your ring doorbell and transformer or loose transformer wires. If the voltage is lower than 16V, your device battery wont charge properly.  How to fix? To troubleshoot this error, tighten your loose transformer wires. Be cautious, shut off the breaker and ensure the cables are secure before touching your transformer wires. If the problem still persists, consider changing your transformer and get a new one with high power output. Alternatively, you can get a new ring doorbell with lower voltage that your transform. Consider and choose the cheapest and most effective remedy between these two.

7) Improper charging of the battery

Have you tried all the above remedies but your ring doorbell still won’t charge? In this case, there is a possibility that you are charging your device wrongly. Charging a ring door comes with a definite procedure depending with the model of your device. If you are doing it wrong, then your ring doorbell won’t charge properly. To rectify this, use these steps shown below:

  • Remove your doorbell bottom plate to expose the faceplate and get to your device’s actual battery.
  • Lift the faceplate away from ring doorbell unit
  • Use the provided button to release the internal battery
  • Set your ring doorbell battery into the charging unit to start charging.

Final Say

As seen, there are several causes of ring doorbell not working. One of this problems is poor Wi-Fi signal. You can check out how to fix WIFI connection issues here. Also, we have given you other possible causes and ways to troubleshoot. For effectiveness, make sure you maintain your battery to continue keeping your home safe. This is by ensuring that the temperature around your service is optimal. Also, avoid overcharging your battery as this damages and reduces its lifespan. We hope that this guide has been of help to you. 

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