Ring Doorbell Stuck In Boot Loop: How To Fix

Are you looking for a way to increase surveillance in your home? Investing in a Ring Doorbell should top the list of your priorities. With this device in place, you will be able to see who is visiting your home every now and then. Whether you are at your bedroom or at work, be sure that you will be able to get these details on the go.

This can be attributed to the fact that some of these models are smart devices can be controlled remotely. If you are a homeowner who gets many packages every now and then, this device will not only help you know how dropped these packages but also how many packages arrived at your home. Besides this, the device helps deter crime as burglars dread homes with these devices. Although this device might be working optimally for a while, there instances that it might be stuck in a boot loop.

If you are a first-time owner, chances are that you will freak out. However, there a solution for you. In this article, we shall take a closer look at the reasons why Ring Doorbell stuck in boot loop, how to troubleshoot that problem, alongside other related facets.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Stuck In Boot Loop

Typically, this problem is normally imminent when your Ring Doorbell is in the process of setting up. This problem is mostly caused by a malicious software or power related issue. Here, the Ring Doorbell may start flashing blue light, thereby hindering you from operating the device the way you please. If your Ring Doorbell is stuck in boot loop, there are many solutions that can help you get started.

From checking the health report of your device to factory resetting it, there are a myriad of solutions that can help you solve this problem. However, before you initiate any of the above-mentioned processes, you should wait and see if the device will reboot successfully or not.

If it takes longer than usual, or the blue flashes become the order of the day, consider troubleshooting the issue on the go. In our subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at how you can troubleshoot this problem using the solutions mentioned above.

My Ring Doorbell Is Stuck In Boot Loop: How To Troubleshoot The Problem

Since we have established that your Ring Doorbell might get stuck in boot loop every now and then, there is a need for you to know how you can solve this problem so that you can be able to operate the device afresh. To put this into perspective, you should consider pursuing these solutions:

1) Check your Ring Doorbell’s Health report

If your Ring Doorbell is stuck in boot loop, you should first check its health report. The good news is that this feature is always available in your Ring app. Once you open the Ring app, you will be able to establish if something is wrong with your Ring Doorbell or not. All you need to do is to open the Ring app and then go to the ‘Home’ page.

Once you are the ‘Home’ page, you will be able to see 3 lines on the top left corner of the app. Typically, this is the menu section and once you click it, you will be able to see a list of the devices that are controlled by the Ring app. With this list in place, choose the device that you want to know its health report.

Once you have clicked the device you want to know its health report, you will be able to see the ‘Device Health’ option. Click it and then you will be able to find much-needed health details of your device. To put this into perspective, you will be able to see a plethora of details related to your network, power, device details, helpful tools and so forth.

You can now get the Device Health report by looking within the tools. Here, you will be able to find an article that help you remedy the problem independently. However, this only works if the issues will be detected.

Sometimes, you may come across long articles. Therefore, you should brace yourself to read them through. In case reading long articles is not your cup of tea, consider pursuing other alternatives, which we shall discuss in the subsequent sections of the article.

2) Ensure that the batteries of your Ring Doorbell are not dead

Just like any other device, the Ring Doorbell comes with a set of batteries that can be charged once in a while. Typically, these batteries ought to last between 6 and 12 months. In case the batteries you have been in use beyond that stipulated time period, be sure that they might be low and thus might make your device to get stuck in a boot loop.

Therefore, there is a need for you to determine if your batteries are low or not. To determine this, you should open your Ring app and then click on the 3 lines you will see on the top left corner of your screen. Remember that this is the menu section. Click it and then tap on the ‘Devices’ option. Here, you will see an array of devices.

Choose the device that you want to check its battery statures and then look at the battery icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Here, you will be able to see the battery status of your device. In case it is low, you will be able to receive a message that will prompt you to charge the battery soonest possible.

You can try charging the battery and see if the problem will persist or not. In case, the battery is not charging, chances are that your circuit breaker has tripped. However, if you did not get an alert from Ring app to charge your battery promptly, you can view the battery status manually and perhaps charge it so that it can power up your device well. If the device fails to work even after charging its battery, consider disconnecting it and then reconnect it with the app.

3) Establish that the device is getting the right power and voltage

Besides the above-mentioned remedies, you should consider checking whether your Ring Doorbell is getting the right power and voltage. As far as the voltage requirement for your device is concerned, it is important to note that it typically ranges between 16V and 24V.

If you have a multimeter, you can touch the probes of your Ring Doorbell’s terminals and see if it is within the range stipulated above. Better still, you can check these details from the Device Health report. In case the voltage is within 16V and 24V, consider checking the power requirements.

Ideally, your device needs to get 30VA of power for it to work optimally. To get the finer details about the power your device is receiving, consider checking the Device Health Report. If the power is not optimal, it will either show ‘Poor’ OR ‘Very Poor’. Such indications are clear signs that your power source has issues and needs to be checked promptly.

4) Your Firmware needs to be updated

Your Ring Doorbell may get stuck in boot loop if you have not updated its firmware. Just like any other device in your home, the Ring Doorbell needs to be updated once in a while. By updating your device to the latest available firmware, be sure that your device will start functioning flawlessly.

To update your device, you just need to launch your Ring app and then navigate to the Menu section. Thereafter, choose your device from the list of devices that you will see on the Menu section. Once you click it, the ‘Device Health’ option will pop up and you will have an access the ‘Device details’ option. Click this option and you will be able to see the details about your firmware. In case it reads, ‘Up To Date’, be sure that your device has the latest firmware version.

However, if your device’s firmware is not up to date, you can go ahead and download the newest version and then install it automatically on your Ring Doorbell. If you have already updated your device’s firmware and the device is still stuck in boot loop, consider power cycling the device. As far as the download time is concerned, be sure that your device will take 5 minutes to get updated. Therefore, you should be patient enough and restrain yourself from switching off the device.

5) There is a malicious bug or glitch making the device to get stuck in the boot loop

If all the endeavors mentioned above, have failed to bore any fruit, you can consider resetting your device. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate the malicious bug or glitch that is making the device to remain stuck in the boot loop for hours.

However, one you reset your device, be sure that you will erase all the data that you have saved on the devices.In this case, you may have to set it up again as though as if it was a new model. Since this is the last resort, you should not rush to it before considering all the solutions we have mentioned above.

The process of resetting a Ring Doorbell is largely the same, regardless of whether you have the Ring Doorbell 1 or Ring Doorbell 2. To start with, you should first undo the screws that hold the doorbell to its bracket and then press and hold the orange button that you will find on your device.

Do so for about 10 seconds and then release it. Once you are done, the light present on the front side of the device will start flashing for a couple of minutes. Thereafter, it will go off. Once the light goes off, the reset process will be complete.

The moment you reset the Ring Doorbell, it will go back to its basic settings. You need to customize those settings by setting it up again. To set it up afresh, you should go to the Ring app and then tap on the ‘Set Up a Device’ from the options that you will see on your screen.

Select the ‘Doorbells’ option and then scan the QR code you will see at the back of the Ring Doorbell. This process should not take long as you will be able to do it within a couple of seconds. Once it is recognized, key in the location of the Ring Doorbell and the name of the device as per the instructions you will see on the Ring app.

Thereafter, you can now go ahead and connect to the Ring device once the setup process is over. To establish a connection between the Ring app and the Ring doorbell, you should look out for the orange button on your device and then press it for a few seconds. A white light will appear on the front side of the device.

With this light in place, tap the ‘Continue’ option on your mobile device and you will be able to connect the Ring app with the Ring doorbell. Depending on the device that you are using to connect to the Ring device, you may be asked whether to join in Android or iOS. Make your choice accordingly and then establish a connection. 

If this strategy fails, consider contacting Ring’s customer support team. Once you call them, ensure that you narrate your story so that they can help you out. From asking you to return the device to them to sending a professional technician to check the device for you, there are many solutions this team can offer. All you need to do is to contact them and be frank with them.

Final Words

The last thing you would wish to have is a Ring Doorbell stuck in boot loop. If this is the case, you cannot utilize or even operate the device. This makes it harder for you to survey or even monitor who is coming to your home. Since this problem might compromise the security of your home, there is a need for you to solve it on the go. From checking the Device Health report to contacting the customer support team, there are many options that can help you get started. Consider them today and you will be able to handle this problem like a pro.

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