The 10 Best Shower System With Body Spray

The use of body jets in showers creates therapeutic advantages. Advanced systems have components that need to be mounted on the bathroom walls. For you to get the best shower system with body spray there are several factors you need to consider. This eases your process of getting the best out of many available products. 

Whether you are buying a packaged system or components, you need to settle for the best. To simplify your process of choosing here are the reviews of top-rated shower systems. Note the systems come with body sprays.

Features Of The Best Shower Systems With Body Spray Jets

When you are planning to get a brand new shower, you need to be keen on the features of the new system. These features will prepare you for the kind of problems you are likely to get in the future. Here are some of the features that you get in the best showers.

1) Works with your shower’s valves and sizes

The first feature you need to check in a new shower system is if it will work with your installed plumbing system. Also, you can look if it can fit your shower size. As seen above, we have only two designs that shower designs come at. We have single and dual-valve systems. If you have a dual-handle system, then you need to get a dual-handled shower system. If it is a single handle, the same thing should happen.

2) Enough water pressure

This is one of the common features you should look at when you are buying a shower system with body spray. This will help you to get a spray that suits the pressure of your plumbing system. If you are not sure about the pressure of the water at home, get a pressure gauge and measure it. It is good when you are buying the system.

3) Water Efficiency

You should use a shower system that is water efficient. So, before you buy a shower panel, get to know how it uses water. Also, it is good to know how much gas it uses to heat the water. The main focus is to get a gas that suits your home consumption. Note that every commodity in your house should reduce your expenditure.

So, make sure the model that you are choosing will the water and power in your house efficiently. This will help you if you are the sort of person who wants to have low monthly bill expenditures.

4) Adequate adjustability and the number of jets

You will find a handheld showerhead in almost every quality shower panel that has body sprayers. Besides, it should have many different jets that are easily adjusted to suit your body size. If you want to get a high-quality shower, then the nozzle should be adjustable. Also, you should be able to change the water flow direction easily.

5) It has different showerhead and jet features

One feature of a high-quality shower jet is having different programs that you can use. This will give the room to change how the water flows or comes out. So, if you want to get the best experience with your shower, get one that has several settings. This will help you to shuffle through while you are in the shower.

The 10 Best Shower System With Body Spray Reviews

1) Homedec Thermostatic LED Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head System

This is one of the best shower systems worth installing in your bathroom as it comes with an array of excellent features. First off, it’s convenient because its thermostatic design does not need you to keep adjusting temperatures any time you are taking a shower. Below are other excellent features;

Homedec Thermostatic LED Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head System
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Special Features

  • It comes with an overhead rain shower head that is 16 inches in size. Unlike other models, this one has LEDs that change colors as the water temperature changes.
  • It has 6 piece shower massage body spray jet that enables you to enjoy a full-body shower from any angle.
  • The model comes with a brass handheld showerhead, 16-inch LED fixed-top shower head, 6 pieces shower spa body jets and a thermostatic control valve.
The model comes with a thermostatic control valve
The shower system is corrosion-resistant
It comes with a LED that changes color when the water temperature changes
The model features a 6-piece shower massage body spray jet
It comes with a warranty from the manufacturer
Some users find it difficult to install in their bathrooms

2) BST NER19008DL Shower Body Sprays Systems

The above-mentioned shower system comes with components that are made of heavy-duty metal thus making it last longer.

BST NER19008DL Shower Body Sprays Systems
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Special Features

  • It is made of a solid brass shower holder, handheld showerhead, shower mix control valve, and body jets.
  • Boasts a stainless steel 1.5 shower hose and a 10-inch rain shower head.
  • This shower system is worth the money as it has excellent water pressure.
  • It has a handheld set that allows your kids and pets to take a shower. This means that this showerhead is a multipurpose model.
  • It’s easy to use. By switching the knob, you will open the rain shower head and take a shower.
  • The model comes with a pressure balance valve that helps regulate the amount of hot water coming into contact with your body.
  • It has a manual that helps you install it more conveniently. All you need to do is to follow the instructions, and you will be good to go.
  • It comes with inviting after-sale services once you purchase this model that includes a refund or replacement once you are not satisfied with this shower set.
Excellent water pressure
The model is ideal for both adults and kids
Very easy to install
Customers enjoy after-sale services
It comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer
Some users complained about low pressure from the jets of the shower system

3) PULSE ShowerSpas 1021-SSB Aloha System

One great advantage of this model is that once you buy it, you will not need to remodel your bathroom as it can easily fit in. In fact, this shower system only replaces the existing showerhead. This makes a preferable choice for many people.

PULSE ShowerSpas 1021-SSB Aloha System
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Special Features

  • It is made of durable ABS and brass material. Therefore, this shower system will last for many years.
  • Rust-resistant materials will help it remain in pristine condition for many years.
  • Comes with an 8-inch rain shower head and a two-pulsating body spray to make you feel relaxed.
  • It’s easy to install and takes only one hour.
  • It has a brass diverter that is able to switch functions. Here, you will have the freedom to choose one function or, rather both functions simultaneously.
  • The model comes with a spray straight technology to ensure straight rub-clean soft tips all the time.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
The model does not require you to remodel your bathroom in order to install it
It is made from durable ABS and brass material
The shower system comes with a brass diverter
It features 2 pulsating body spray jets
The model comes with a warranty from the manufacturer
Users experience water pressure issues from time to time

4) PULSE ShowerSpas 1089-BN Lanai Shower System

Unlike other models, this one will easily retrofit the existing shower. Therefore, you will not need to remodel the bathroom. Instead, you just need to mount it on the wall surface and connect it to the water supply at your current showerhead location. Therefore, no much modification is needed when using this shower system.

PULSE ShowerSpas 1089-BN Lanai Shower System
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Special Features

  • It comes with an 8-inch rain showerhead with rub-clean soft tips that helps reduce the chances of mineral buildup. As a result, your showerhead is likely to perform optimally for many years.
  • Has a 3 dual-function body spray that offers the user a number of selections such as misting, massaging spray, and so on.
  • It also features an On/Off function that helps redirect the spray to the desired areas.
  • Has an invigorating 5-function hand shower that has a 59-inch double-interlocking stainless steel hose. For convenience purposes, the hand shower allows the user to enjoy different types of water spray patterns such as; bubble, jet, wide, rainfall and jet, and rainfall and bubble, among others.
  • It features a convenient diverter location that allows the user to choose the functions he or she wants.
The model is easy to install
It comes with 3 body spray jets with an on-and-off feature
The model comes with spray straight technology
It comes with a convenient diverter location feature
The shower system comes with a warranty from the manufacturer
Quite expensive

5) Acefy ATF18003 Full Body Spray Shower System

One of the distinctive features of this model is its large 12-inch shower that allows you to enjoy full-body spray. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a chance.

Acefy ATF18003 Full Body Spary Shower System
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Special Features

  • Has a solid brass pressure handheld set that allows the user to have a great shower experience.
  • It comes with an installation sheet and a template to give all the installation insights you need. Therefore, it’s easy to install with no need for an expert.
  • It features a monitor pressure balance valve that helps to regulate the water temperature. As a result, you will not get burnt by hot water.
  • When it comes to durability, this model tops the list as it is made from a brushed nickel and brass combination. You can trust that it will remain in a pristine condition for many years.
  • Finally, the model comes with a 5-warranty from the manufacturer.
Very easy to install
Presence of a full-body spray feature
Comes with a pre-embedded monitor pressure balance valve
Very durable
The model looks very stylish
Some users say that the instructions are not clear

6) Bostingner BST NER 19003DL shower body sprays systems

If you love to shower, invest in this excellent body spray shower system. It comes with a number of quality features that give value to your money.

Bostingner BST NER 19003DL shower body sprays systems
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Special Features

  • It features a 10-inch solid brass rain shower head and tub spout that allows an excellent soft and soothing and excellent flow of water that relaxes both your body and soul after a long day out.
  • Its tub spout releases a high flow of water that takes minutes to fill your bathtub.
  • The system has body spray massage jets that help to relax your muscles while having a bath.
  • Boasts a 3-in-1 valve faucet for effortless control of temperature.
  • Has a handheld set that helps in bathing your kids/pets.
  • Has a detailed installation guide that eliminates the need for a technician.
It’s quality with great value for your money
Brings out a luxurious finish in your bathroom
It is easy to install and use
Great water pressure
Valve cartridge likely to leak

7) Bostingner BST NER19006LS shower body sprays system

This is another great Bostingner BST NER19006LS that decorates your shower experience. This entire package is made of heavy-duty metallic materials that are rust and wear-resistant.

Bostingner BST NER19006LS shower body sprays system
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Special Features

  • Features a solid brass shower head with an excellent flow of water and stainless steel tub spout that gives you a relaxing shower.
  • Packed with body spray massage jets to relax your muscles.
  • Has a solid brass handheld set for kids and pets washing?
  • Inscribed with a 3-in-1 diverter and a control valve faucet to regulate your desired water temperature while bathing.
  • The entire system is easy to install and compatible with a wide range of pipes.
  • Has an advanced safety structure in the interiors of the pressure balance valve to protect you from any possible burn.
Made of non-corrosive materials
Looks classy and elegant in your bathroom
It’s easy to mount and install
Strong and durable
has friendly customer services that include a 5 yrs warranty
Not affordable to all

8) RBROHANT shower faucet system with 4PCS shower body sprayer jets

This excellent model boasts a matte black finish that leaves your bathroom looking all glamorous and modern.

RBROHANT shower faucet system with 4PCS shower body sprayer jets
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Special Features

  • It features high-quality valves that are burst/ leak resistant even when subjected to high temperatures.
  • It is also built of Cupc-certified inlet pipes and ceramic cartilage that keeps you safe from any burn-like accidents.
  • Features a rust-free wall mount rain shower head that is packed with a shower mixer control valve to set in your desired bath temperature.
  • Has a handheld showerhead convenient for kids.
  • 4 PCS brass body jets that easily rotate for all-direction bathing.
Fast and easy to install
Made of durable materials
Modern and stylish design
Safety guaranteed
Its design is not compatible with older buildings

9) Bathroom luxury 16-inch LED rain shower mixer combo set

As its name, this shower set will give you nothing short of a luxurious bath. Also, it has top reviews and a high ranking from users.

Bathroom luxury 16 inch LED rain shower mixer combo set
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Special Features

  • Made of sturdy metal materials that are built to last.
  • 16-inch solid brass rain shower head, shower mixer control, and handheld spray provide a comfortable and soothing waterfall.
  • Anti-scald thermostat valve that supplies water at a desirable temperature.
  • Its rain shower head is available in different sizes to choose from; 12”, 16” 20”.
  • It also has an outstanding mirror-like chrome design that compacts well with your modern bathroom style.
  • Has a ten-year warranty.
Has easy and independent outlet valve control
Safe to use
Excellent water flow that is easily controlled
Made of lasting materials
Not easy to install

10) HOMEDEC LED rain shower with body sprays

With this final shower system model, you can never go wrong. The set is made of durable heavy-duty metals that will keep you off the shop for a couple of years.

HOMEDEC LED rain shower with body sprays
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Special Features

  • Features a brass shower head and sealing shower arm that not only guarantees longevity but also releases an excellent flow of water for a luxurious bath.
  • Has a brass-made spar body jet to relax and massage your muscles.
  • Has a LED shower head that brings out a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.
It is lasting
Effective in both showering and relaxing your body
Features a thermostatic mixing shower valve for safety
Handheld holders for comfortable kid’s washing
The quality value of your money
Its shower rain and jet can’t operate at the same time

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Shower System With Sprays

The factors below will guide you to get the best model of shower system with body spray.

1) Number of valves

There are two categories of showers based on the number of valves they have. They include single-handle and dual-handle shower systems. The single-handle shower systems have only one valve that regulates water flow and temperature. If you prefer these showers, you can opt for the type that has a thermostat. They are safer. 

The dual-handle shower system has two valves. One valve is for regulating the water flow and the other is for temperature regulation. This shower system is the best compared to the single-handle one.

2) Volume control valves

You need to get a shower that has a full independent volume control valve. This will give you full control of the showerheads, on-body sprays, and hand showers. In some other shower systems, you will use the same valve to adjust the water flow. With such systems, you increase the water flow from the off position.

3) Water pressure

Before you go to a shower system, you need to look at the pressure of water in your house. Is it able to support the shower with body spray? You may tend to ignore this factor but it may give you a bad experience if the pressure is not good enough.

For example, if you have more than 3 water outlets, you will need a water pressure of more than 50 psi.

4) Water-saving system

You need to get a shower that can help you save a lot of water in your home. The water jets show allow minimal water outlets to help use the little water as possible. Also, you need to ensure that you have sufficient water before you install the showerheads. You will have to go for the shower that has a low-flow showerhead. This type is more efficient and it will help you save more water.

5) Plumbing considerations

Before you buy a shower system, it is good that you check your curing piping system. If it will work with the current plumbing system installed in your bathroom, the better. Another factor you should consider is the components you have in your bathroom against what you have. You will find after looking for some components, you will need to alter the plumbing system in your bathroom.

6) Cost

When doing upgrades, it may push you to incur some extra costs. If you want to save on the upgrade, you need to buy a system that will cost you more. In addition, the system you are buying should not give you the push to make major modifications in your bathroom. This will incur extra costs for the upgrades. So, most importantly, you need to check if your bathroom has enough outlets for various components in the shower system you have.


Having the best knowledge about the product you want to buy makes you get the best out of the market. We have more than a hundred brands and each has unique features. This can be challenging for one especially if it is your first time shopping. In the above sections, we have highlighted all the features to check before you buy.

Also, there are factors you to check before you buy a shower system with body spray. The provided information above can help you to get the best shower system with body spray. We hope to help you in making the right decision when you are buying your shower system.

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