Does Ring Work With HomeKit: How To Connect

Since their inception, Ring doorbells have become very popular among many homes due to their incredible security benefits. With this device in place, be sure that you will know who is coming to your door, anytime of the door. This is because the device can be connected to your phone through a phone app. Consequently, you will be able to get alerts and notifications on the go.

Besides this, it can service as an excellent visual deterrent and offer the much-needed video footages any time of the day. Therefore, you will be able to have some peace of mind once you install a Ring Doorbell in your home. If you are an iPhone user, chances are that you may be asking, does Ring work with Homekit? Since most homeowners have had this concern, we shall take a closer look at whether it is possible to integrate Ring Doorbell with the Apple Homekit system alongside other related ideas.

What Is Apple Homekit

Since you have an idea of what is a Ring Doorbell, it is essential that you know what an Apple Homekit is so that you can know how can integrate the two. Simply put, this is a framework that is used by Apple devices to control a number of home automation devices.

From your home’s smart lights to your locks, be sure that you will be able to use this platform to control them. Since this platform is integrated with the Siri app, be sure that you can make requests such as ‘turn off the lights’ or ‘turn on the lights’ the way you please. With just a single command or tap on your smartphone, you will be able to control all your smart devices remotely.

Compared to other platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, Apple Homekit is not compatible with many smart home devices. However, the number of compatible devices is on the rise. This is because one can now use lightweight services such as Homebridge in order to integrate the various smart home devices with this platform.

Does Ring Work With Homekit

Users of both Apple and Ring products have always asked whether it is possible to integrate the Ring with Homekit. However, the reality of issues is that it is not easy to integrate or connect Ring devices to Apple Homekit directly. Since Ring devices do not have native compatibility with this platform, users of these devices are now looking for options that can help integrate the two.

The good news is that third-party applications such as HOOBS work magic. This is because HOOBs usually acts as a bridge that allows users of Ring devices to operate their devices through the Apple Homekit system.

What Is Homebridge

Also known as the HOOBS or Homebridge Out of the Box, this is simply a software application that helps to unify all your smart home devices under one simplified control system such as Apple Homekit. Like we mentioned above, this lightweight server has become a lifesaver as far as integrating Ring, and Apple Homekit is concerned.

It is important to note that this software usually works by emulating the Apple HomeKit API. Besides this, the software comes with functionalities such as mobile connectivity, wireless connectivity, and cloud connectivity. To put it into perspective, this software comes with incredible features that make it great for bridging all your third-party applications with Homekit. Some of these features include:

1. Modular versatility

As we speak, this lightweight server contains over 2000 plugins that offer the much-needed versatility to set up all your smart home devices on one single platform.

2. It comes with encrypted security

Although this is a third-party open-source software, it comes with a closed network that makes it difficult to be accessible outside your home system. With encrypted security in place, be sure that hackers will not be able to take control of your security systems.

3. It is user-friendly

Besides being safe and versatile, it is very easy to use. Since it comes with a simple plug-and-play format, be sure that you will not experience any difficulties utilizing it. Whether you want to hook your smart locks or smart lights to the Apple Homekit, be sure that you will be able to do this seamlessly on your own.

4. It allows you to see all the connected smart devices on one easy dashboard

Once you start using this software, you will have an opportunity to see all the smart devices that have been connected to your ecosystem on one single dashboard. After that, you will be able to control them from one single platform.

How To Set Up Homebridge So That It Can Connect All Your Ring Products To Apple Homekit

Since we have outlined some of the noticeable features of Homebridge, time is ripe for you to know you can set up this platform so that you can connect all your Ring products with Homekit. Some of the methods that can help you get started include:

1) Set up Homebridge on your computer

Although this method works magic, you have to keep your computer on 24/7 so that you can control all the smart accessories of your home. Unless you have a computer that you hardly use and is always on for the better part of the day, this method can work well for you. 

Otherwise, it can inconvenience many people who do not have computers that remain on throughout the day and even at night. If this method proves difficult, you can consider the next method.

2) Purchase a Homebridge hub

If the first option is not lucrative for you, you can consider buying a Homebridge hub. Essentially, this is a pre-packaged software and hardware solution that comes with the Homebridge set up already.

With this device in place, you will be able to connect nearly every 3rd party accessory you have at home with Homekit. All you need to do is to install a plugin for the smart home device you want to connect to HomeKit, and you will be good to go.

How To Connect Ring Devices With Homekit Using HOOBS Homebridge Hub

Since we have established that the HOOBS Homebridge is a lifesaver, time is ripe for you to know how you can integrate the various Ring devices you may have at home with Homekit. As the name suggests, this device works out of the box to integrate hundreds of 3rd parties with HomeKit. The good news is that the setup process only takes a few minutes, and you will be good to go. Here are the steps that can help you get started:

1) Connect HOOBS to your Home network

Before you start integrating the various Ring devices you have at home with Apple Homekit, the first step here is to connect the Homebridge hub with your home network. To do this, you can either connect the HOOBS hub wirelessly using your home’s Wi-Fi. Better still, you can connect it to your router directly using an Ethernet cable.

2) Open the HOOBS interface on your browser

With the HOOBS connected to your home network, you can now go ahead to set up your HOOB account. To get started, you should visit and then create an account by entering your name, username, and password.

3) Install the Ring Plugin for HOOBS

Although HOOBS can work with nearly all Homebridge plugins, it is important that you install your Ring plugins so that it can work seamlessly with HOOBS. Consequently, you will not have issues integrating any Ring accessory you have at home with Apple HomeKit.

Since you have already set up your account, you can now go to your dashboard and then click on the tab that has plugins. Typically, this tab is usually located on the left side of your screen. Look out for the Ring plugin and then click on the ‘Install’ button.

4) Configure the Ring Plugin

With the Ring plugin installed, the HOOBS system will restart and then you will have a chance to configure the Ring plugin the way you want. On your screen, you will see 3 blank spaces where you can fill in vital details such as your email, password and a refresh token.

For optimal results, you should not key in your details. Rather, you should generate the refresh token using your Ring’s email and password. Therefore, you should enter your Ring’s email and password in those blank spaces.

5) Open the HOOBS terminal so as to generate refresh token

Here, you can open the terminal by clicking on the 3 dots you will find on the right side of the screen. Once you have launched the terminal, copy this command npx -p ring-client-api ring-auth-cli and then press enter.

Once you run the above-mentioned command, HOOBs will be able to download a command-line program that works as a setup wizard. Here, you will be promoted to enter your Ring’s email, password, and 2FA code. By entering these details as requested, the program will generate a refresh token for you.

6) Paste the refresh token in the Ring Plugin configuration screen

With the refresh token in place, you can now click the Plugins menu on your screen and then copy and paste it in the blank spaces you will find on the Ring plugin configuration page. Here, you should copy-paste the refresh token on the field called ‘Refresh Token’. After that, save the changes.

By following the above-mentioned procedure, you will have managed to connect your Ring accessory with Apple Homekit. Since you will are not operating all these devices on a single platform, be sure that all the Ring devices will feature inside the Apple Home. 

Final Words

Although Apple Homekit is not compatible with many 3rd party smart home devices, you can now integrate it with these devices with the HOOBS Homebridge hub. All you need to do is to follow the ideas mentioned above, and you will be able to integrate your Ring devices with Homekit. Consequently, you will have an easy time controlling these accessories remotely through a click of a button or a voice command as everything will be available on one single platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ring doorbell and how does it work?

Ring doorbell is a security device that allows homeowners to know who is at the door by providing live video feeds and motion detection alerts via a phone app. The device can be installed at the entrance of a home and connected to the internet, allowing homeowners to monitor their homes remotely and receive notifications on their phones.

Can Ring be integrated with Apple Homekit?

Ring devices are not natively compatible with Apple Homekit, but third-party applications like HOOBS (Homebridge Out of the Box) can be used as a bridge to connect the two. HOOBS is a software application that helps to unify all your smart home devices under one simplified control system, including Ring devices and Apple Homekit.

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